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<ul><li> 1. The mostbeautiful places in Poland</li></ul> <p> 2. Poland in EuropePOLAND is a country in CentralEurope, bordered by Germany tothe west; the Czech Republic andSlovakia to the south;Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania tothe east; and the Baltic Sea andRussia to the north.The total area of Poland is 312,679square kilometres, making it the69th largest country in the worldand the 9th largest in Europe.Poland has a population of over38 million people, which makes itthe 34th most populous country inthe Word.Poland is a member of the EuropeanUnion, NATO, the UnitedNations, the World TradeOrganization, and many others. 3. Warsaw, the capital of PolandLocated in the heart of thecountry, Warsaw is itscultural, commercial, andfinancial centre. Razed to theground by the Germans, the citywas rebuilt after World War IIpractically from scratch.Today Warsaws lively businessdowntown is full of skyscrapersand ambitious plans to buildmore. The catchy skyline is stilldominated by the huge Palace ofCulture and Science a Stalinsgift.Do not miss the beautiful OldTown, the Royal Route, theChopin museum, severalmagnificent palaces and theformer Jewish ghetto. 4. CracowThe former countrys capital is oneof the top tourist attractions inEurope. Most of the city guests arecaptivated by its magicalatmosphere and the splendidarchitecture.In Krakow you can see Mediaevalcathedrals, the Renaissancecastle, Baroque churches, the ArtNouveau theatre and many othermonuments. However old andbeautiful it is, do not think thatKrakow is limited to the monumentsand museums. Thanks to an amazingdensity and variety ofbars, pubs, clubs andrestaurants, Krakow sparkles withlife, especially during warm seasons. 5. GdanskThis cheerful maritime city isimmensely popular with tourists.Situated by the sea, it has agentle climate and beautifulbeaches. A famous seasideresort Sopot is nearby.The exclusive architecture ofthe Old Town, including thelargest brick Gothic church inthe world, is undoubtedly worthexploring.The present image of the citywas created by its complexhistory. Gdansk used to oftenchange hands and in 1980 itwitnessed the birth of theSolidarity movement, whichbrought the end of Communism. 6. WroclawThe capital of Lower Silesia has ahuge Old Town built on severalislands connected by over 100bridges. Apart from its uniquelocation, Wroclaw amazes with aplenitude of Gothic, Baroque andArt Nouveau architecture. Anextremely complicatedhistory, combining culturalinfluences ofGermany, Bohemia, Austria andPoland, left its mark onWroclaws unforgettableatmosphere. 7. ZakopaneZakopane, so-called thewinter capital of Poland, is apopular destination for thoseinterested inhiking, climbing, rafting, paragliding and skiing. Krupowki street is an obviousstart to any visit to Zakopane.It is the heart of the town, fullof vendors, galleries, clothesshops, restaurants, bars andclubs.Sports fans will enjoy a skijumping competition at theGreat Krokiew, a ski jumpingvenue, which due to the successof the Polish jumper AdamMalysz, has seen some of thelargest audiences in the SkiJumping World Cup. 8. Tatra Mountains The highest mountain range inPoland, its rocky peaks coveredwith all-year snow, sharpridges, mysteriousponds, waterfalls and valleys,make this place probably themost spectacular in our country. About 250 km of trails and awide range of slopes wouldsatisfy the most demandinghikers and skiers. A stay inZakopane town at the foot ofthe mountains is recommendedto those who love beautifullandscapes and original folkculture. 9. Masurian Lakes Picturesque land of almost 3,000lakes. For sailingfans, fishermen, hikers, cyclistsand those who seektranquility, the Masuria is thenumber one holiday destination.Apart from the water sports andwandering around, you mayexplore a multitude of historicalplaces. There are severalcastles, the amazing Baroquechurch in Swieta Lipka and theHitlers wartime headquarters inthe nearby forests. 10. Bieszczady MountainsA paradise for romantics, loversof nature and restless drifters.The soft green mountainspeppered with traditionalwooden churches are one of themost secluded areas in Europe.The amazing wildlife andstunning landscapes make it anideal holiday destination. TheBieszczady Mountains are themost beautiful in summer andautumn, whereas during winterthey invite the fans of skiing. 11. Hel PeninsulaDont be fooled by the name noother place could be furtherfrom hell itself. The HelPeninsula, a narrow strip of landin northern Poland, surroundedby the Baltic Sea, is just 34 kmlong, and at some points lessthan 200 m wide.Scenic beaches, where the sandis as soft as silk, run along theshores dotted with prettyresorts along the way. Once apopular getaway forartists, writers, politicians andrich professionals, it has nowbeen taken over by tourists andwater sports lovers. An idealplace to sail, wind surf, becomefamiliar with the old Kashubianculture. 12. Our Hometown, BigorajBigoraj is a town in south-easternPoland with over 27,000inhabitants. It lies on three littlerivers and is surrounded by vastforests full of wild animals, suchas deer, wild boars, hares andothers.Bilgoraj has always been open tothe world already in the 18thcentury sievemakers used totravel as fas ar Hungary andMoldova to sell their products.Nowadays we cooperate with ourpartner cities:Nowolynsk (Ukraine), Bilina (theCzech Republic), Crailsheim(Germany), Kelme (Lithuania) and Stropkov (Slovakia). 13. A paradise for nature lovers andsports freaksThanks to the nearbythick forests Bilgorajresidents have a chanceto pursue sports such asrunning, Nordicwalking, cycling, horse-riding and cross-countryskiing.A number of newly builtsports courts andpitches allow playingteam sports.Every year there is achance to participate invarious amateur sportingevents and rallies.</p>