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  • 1.POLAND

2. Poland Location: Middle East Europe Bordering: Germany to the West, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the South, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania to the East and in the North there is Baltic Sea . Population of Poland: ~ 38,7 million Capital City: Warsaw Government: Republic 3. Eagle Polish emblemPolish FlagPolish currency - Zloty 1 EUR ~ 4,19 PLN 4. FROM SEA TO MOUNTAINS 5. BALTIC SEAAMBER 6. MOUNTAINS 7. MOST POPULAR FOODGOBKI - Stuffed Cabbage RollsBIGOS - brined cabbage with a variety of meats including smoked sausage and a handful of mushroomsPIEROGIES - Stuffed with potatoes and cottage cheese, serve with cream 8. SCHABOWY - Pork ChopKROKIETY - Pancakes stuffed with sauerkraut and mushrooms, fried, usually serve with beetroot soup.Potato pancakesOSCYPEK - cooked, smoked cheese 9. POLISH WILDLIFE European BisonWhite Tailed EagleWhite Stork 10. European BeaverEuropean LynxWild Boar 11. LARGEST CITIESWarsaw CracowWroclaw