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Comenius-Epeite. POLAND-LITTLE POLAND PROVINCE- KRAKOW. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • POLAND-LITTLE POLAND PROVINCE- KRAKOWThis project was financed with the support of the European Commission. This publication (communication) engages only its author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which could be made information which is contained there

    Power Point performed by Cristina Gmez, Paula Gonzlez Sergio Gonzlez, Ana Hernndez and Miriam Martnez, students of French (second foreign language). First High School. Pureza de Mara College 46014 Valencia (Spain)

  • POLOGNEPoland is a State of Central Europe. It is bordered by the Baltic sea, Kaliningrad's Russian enclave and Lithuania in the north, Byelorussia and Ukraine in the east, Slovakia and the Czech Republics in the south, and Germany in the west. The capital of Poland is Warsaw and the official language is Polish.The principal river of Poland is the Vstula. The principal cities of Poland are: Warsaw, the capital; Krakow, which is the former capital; Ldz, in the center of the country; Gdansk and Breslavie.

  • RIVER VISTULA The sight of the refuge Zygmuntwka, Gry Sowie.


    It is situated in the south of Poland, next to the Carpathians, near the border with Slovakia.It is bordered in the north by the mountains of the Holy Cross, in the west by the Polish Jura, in the south by Tatra, Beskides and Pieniny.


    Krakow is the capital of Lesser Poland and one of the most important and ancient cities of Poland. It is placed in the margins of the river Vistula.Krakow is considered a very important city worldwide.

  • Poland has a continental climate with a thermal annual extent that is accentuated as you advance eastward, where it can exceed 20 C of difference. In summer there are from 18 to 30 C of everage temperature, whereas in winter this temperature places under 0C. The rains, which range between the 500 and 600 mm a year in the western areas, decrease eastward and increase in the mountains of the south. The warmest region is the Fall Silesia and the Small Poland.

    Des paramtres climatiques de Cracovie MoisEneFebMarAbrMayJunJulAgoSepOctNovDicAnualtemprature maximale inscrite (C)15.721.025.229.633.335.536.136.733.127.721.218.936.7temprature quotidienne maximale (C) quotidienne (C)-2.1- quotidienne minimale (C)-5.3-5.1- minimale inscrite (C)-29.9-29.4-22.9-9.4-


    By plane:

    Airport od Krakow Jean-Paul II: International Airport of Kaowice:It is situated to 11 km from Krakow. Situated to 95 km from the cityIt is the second airport of Poland.

  • By Train:The most important station is Krakw Glwny and separates Plaszw is the second most important. Krakw Gwny

    Krakow is joined by train to all the big cities of Poland , by the intercities, and with European cities with the international trains as Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Kiev. This city is also an important regional railway center. A service of effective shuttle of train that joins the center city to Balice airport.The tramwayKrakw Gwny

  • By car:The north and southern E-77 joins Krakow with Warsaw. The E40 departs from Lviv in Ukraine towards Wroclaw and Katowice up to Dresden in Germany. In the Southwest the Czech Republic is accessible for the E75.

  • By motor-coach:

    Dworzec PKS: Tel: (012) 300 300 120. The bus station is placed opposite to the Krakow Glowny station, next to the downtown.

    PKS: Tel: (012) 449 7500ou 411 7022 Page web:http://www.pks.pl/__________

    Polski-Express: Tel: (022) 844 5555 Page web: http://www.polskiexpress.pl/

  • HOUSINGHotels:

    7 Powisle Street Krakow 31-101 Telephone: +48 (12) 662 10 00 Fax: +48 (12) 662 11 00 krakow@sheraton.com Double room174,24

    Address: ul. Floriaska 35/ ul. w. Marka 20, Stare Miasto, 31-020 Cracovia TEL. +48 1 2 433 71 11 FAX: +48 12 433 71 10 E-MAIL: ------------------------------------------ RECEPCJA@HOTELUNICUS.PL

  • Address: ul. Sw. Tomasza 34, Stare Miasto, 31-023 CracoviaTel: : +48 12 424 26 00Fax: +48 12 424 26 01krakow@campanile.comDOUBLE ROOM: 55,4

    It is placed near the main station of trains of Krakow. All the bedrooms are equipped with TV and free Internet Wi-Fi. They have a private bathroom near a shower. The guests can use also the cyber cafe of the hotel.Aparthotel Station

  • This building is historical on the outside but modern on the inside. The hotel does not have foyer, only a small area of receipt. This hotel is an excellent base for groups and the solitary travelers of limited budget who want to explore Krakow.

  • SOME MEALS OF THE POLISH COOKINGMEATSchabowe: They are breaded and fried pork cutlets.Kielbasa: Smoked or browned sausages of pork meat.Golonka: It is a shoulder of meat of roasted pork.Bigos: It is a stew of fermented cabbage and of meat.

    FISHKarp of the tent in gelatine with grapes. It is a Jewish specialityPstrcg of the trout burned often to the brandyWgorz (Snakelike fish): Fresh, in gelatin or smoked.Makrela (mackerel): Usually smoked


    DESSERTSSernik: cheese cake Faworki: It is a dough with eggs and flour fried in oil with powdered sugarSzarlotka: apple cake

    DRINKS Vodka: National alcoholic drink of Poland.Zubrwka: Typical polish vodka, occurred in the eastern part of the country in the region.

  • Restauracja StarkaPrice Range : 5 - 15 Cooking : Polishul. Jozefa 14, Cracovia 31-000, Polonia Tel.+48 12 430 65 38http://www.starka-restauracja.pl/


  • Restauracja BombonierkaPrice Range: 3 - 20 Cooking: polishRestauration: only at nightBeera Meiselsa 24, Cracovia 30-001, Polonia Tel.609530068http://restauracja-bombonierka.pl/

    Pod Baranem RestauracjaPrice Range: 4 - 19 Cooking : Polishul. Sw. Gertrudy 21, Cracovia 31-049, PoloniaTel.+48 (12) 429 40 22http://www.podbaranem.com/


    Poland is one of the few countries in Europe which offers a variety of landscapes, preserved almost in its natural state and have a wealth of both the plant and animal world.WigierskiThe lakes are the most interesting natural elements of the national park of the lake Wigry, located in the north-eastern Poland. The largest one is lake Wigry. These lakes are communicated through a network of rivers.

    WielkopolskiThe national park of Great Poland, located about 15 km south of Pozna, represents the unspoilt nature of the region of the lakes region of Greater Poland. It meets all the typical elements of the postglacial landscape: the hills,the glacial valeyss,of the lakes. Most of the park is covered with pine forests and wood mixtures. There are also rare species of plants.

  • Swietokrzyski The mountains national Park encompasses the St. Croix mountains Bats (ysogry) whose highest mountain is the ysica to 612 m. In this park you can find the oldest mountains of Poland, because they are composed of rocks dating back to the Paleozoic era.

    Bory Tucholskie The national park of the Tuchola Forest not only protects a small part, but the most interesting of this huge forest (Bory Tucholskie), which extends in a broad alluvial plain. This territory is mainly covered in pine forests shared with the valleys of rivers and deep glacial lakes.

  • MUSEUMS OF CRACOWThe intenational museum of Cracow: It has a lot of different exhibitions, for example the gallery of Polish art of the twentieth century. There are also short exposures, for example Goya. The sleep of reason ... On the artist and his works.Address: Al. 3 Maja Visits time: Sunday (you can see free museums): from 10.00 to 16.00From Tuesday to Saturday - 10,00 to 18,00Monday ClosedPrice:For watching the permanet galleries:Adults: 8 zlotys (2)Students: 3 zlotys (0.75)Families: 13 zlotys - 5 personnes Maximum (3.25)For groups (minimum 15 people normallly): 8 zlotys (2)For students groups (minimum 15 people): 4 zlotys (1)Page web: www.muzeum.krakow.pl

  • Collegium Maius:

    It is the oldest building of the Krakow Academy, the building was built around 1400. The gothic building contains the most significant elements of the University - In this place you can visit the Museum of the Jagiellonian University. Address: r/ Jagielonska 15, Cracovia Tel: 00 48 12 6631521 Visit time: Sundays and holidays: ClosedFrom Monday to Saturday: 10:00 to 14:20Price (permanent exposition)Adults: 12 zlotys (3)Students: 6 zlotys (1,5)Page web: www.uj.edu.pl

  • Le Muse Archologique de Cracovie:It was created in 1850. It is the largest archaeological exhibition of Poland. The more valuable objects in the museum are the following: -Remains of a mammoth bones (dates to 20,000 years before Jesus Christ ) -Collection of terracotta figurines -stone statues. -The sarcophagi of Egyptian mummies.Address: r/ Senacka 3, Cracovie Visit time :Tel: 0048 12 422-71-00, 0048 12 422-7


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