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    People are unhappy where they are

    They want help to move away from where they are


    They want others to make them happy

    Happiness comes from inside, not from other people


    The land of milk and honey does not exist

    Immigrants find fault with everything in their adopted country


    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

    When you are unhappy you dont notice the positive aspects of your situation


    Every situation has two sides We can focus on the downside and

    find evidence that we are right We can search for the upside of

    the situation it is there


    Develop a hobby that you can make money from

    Recognize how you cope with your current situation rather than look for a solution from someone else


    Resolve your emotional stuff Make space for happiness Find the exact opposite of your

    unhappiness it is there


    When you find the happiness in your current situation, a chemical reaction takes place in your body

    You will change permanently for the better


    Thank You