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Barnardos retail engagement campaign proposalPresentation by Taiye Aro MCIM, BA

Campaign concept: Make Goods HappyAll goods must have a purpose Transform lives.

The campaign was inspired by the film Toy Story. The lead character Woody became unhappy when a new toy (Buzz light year) was bought for his owner Andy.

Woody felt neglected and abandoned because he no longer had a purpose - he was no longer a happy toy.

Andy is now older in Toy Story 3 and doesnt need his toys despite the positive feelings he had. However, he touches the life of another by donating his toys so she can have the same positive feelings he did and the toys reclaim their purpose.


Call to action- changing what it means to donateMake Goods Happy. Transform Lives. Donate to Barnardos.#makegoodshappy

The Make Goods Happy campaign has a simple aim, to encourage people to transform the lives of others by donating their once cherished goods to Barnardos.


Campaign plan engage those who are listeningCampaign endorsementApproach celebrities/MPs to support campaign by donating their unwanted items to Barnardos and sharing it on networks such as:


Primarily a social campaign, uses key influencers within target demographic groups will help kick start this unique trend in donating unwanted items to Barnardos.

Due to their influence on social media suggested figures include Russell Brand, Rita Ora, Piers Morgan, Stephen Fry, and One Direction. 4


Ed Sheerans Twitter post gives a strong indication of the potential for the #makegoodshappy campaign. Read full complete article here - 5

Encourage the others to follow suit


Heres an examples of how people can share their own donations as part of campaign. People can use social media to gives their goods a back story. Other methods would be by creating vines.


Comms activities: Video


Create an in depth interview with a celebrity reminisce about a fond memory about an unwanted item but is happy to donate for others to benefit.

series of photos of people and celebrities handing over clothing to Barnardo's stores (Obtain permission from Columbia to use "Happy" by Pharrell Williams as part of campaign)


Comms activities: Campaign websiteDedicated portal

Web content

VideoSocial media widgetBlogs/case studiesBarnardos store locator


Comms activities: PR and media

AdvertorialPress release #makegoodshappy

The use of advertorial would be budget dependant. Press release will work well providing there are good case studies to support it.9

Comms activities: Print/internal awarenessBarnardos storesPostersLeaflets e.g. schools packBusiness cardsStaff/volunteersIntranetStaff emailStaff newsletter articles


An internal campaign will be important to inform staff of such campaign. 10

Campaign evaluation Social mediaUse to curate publics response and conversations. Monitor Barnardos Facebook page likes and shares.#makegoodshappy video likes/share.Monitor changes in number of followers to social media channels during launch.

DigitalUse analytical software such as Google analytics to measure web traffic.Number of likes/shares to Barnardos micro-site.


Campaign evaluation cont. PR & MediaMentions in publications/blogs.Monitor enquiries from journalists.

AwardsInstitute of promotional marketing awards 2016 (Category: Not For Profit, Charities and Public Sector).Marketing society awards (Category: Not-for-profit marketing).



Thank you. #makegoodshappy