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  • One fine day all the doors are opened for you and the entire world becomes your golf course. You clearly define your goal and now you are free to choose the way. How quickly will you reach desire? It depends on you. Will it be a "short game" or a "full round"? Sometimes it is enough to make the one only step and you've already achieved this. Maybe it is better to think about this well and to make a series of hits? Your outfit, designed in noble tones, creates an aristocratic image. For the perfect outfit, you chose blazer or sweater created in pastel tones, combined with polo shirts in navy blue, white and purple colors and flavored with colorful pants in red, blue or green shades. This restrained and noble, but fresh outfit reflects your world view, world view of young and successful man. There is no doubt that this hole will be yours. Just play the ball as it lies, play the course as you find it, and if you cannot do either, do what is fair. Go place your tee!

  • CREDITS: Photographer and Post - Production: Elton Varela - Styling: Dyane Van Den Broek (Indulge YS Fashion) Production: Lcio Nunes Make Up Hair Stylist: Florncia Pereira Model: Andr Costa (Wilhelmina Model, JUSTINPRESS) Photo Assistants: Miguel Barros, Wilson Paiva, Elio Castelo Translation By: Eva Tornado (Kisses fron Europe) Special Thanks: Hotel Meli// Golf Aldeia dos Capuchos//


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