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PINNACLE COUNTRY MUSIC 99 Rosebank Road Avondale Alternate Sundays from 1.30 until 4.30pm Country music, resident band, your vocals, afternoon tea & cakes, bus trips, relaxed & friendly. All correspondence to: Doug Phipps 109A Whitney St. Blockhouse Bay Auckland 0600 Ph: 09 828 4639 The Avondale Spider (Australian Huntsman) April 2017 AUCKLAND Daylight saving ends — clocks go back by 1 hour at 3:00am on 2 April 2017.

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    99 Rosebank Road Avondale

    Alternate Sundays from 1.30 until 4.30pmCountry music, resident band, your vocals,

    afternoon tea & cakes, bus trips,relaxed & friendly.

    All correspondence to:

    Doug Phipps109A Whitney St.Blockhouse BayAuckland 0600

    Ph: 09 828 4639 The Avondale Spider (Australian Huntsman)

    April 2017


    Daylight saving ends clocks go backby 1 hour at 3:00am on 2 April 2017.

  • Gidday, me again with the Aprilnews letter and into the 4th month allready. Club day 5th Mar numbers down abit and short on helpers but thanks tothose who pitched in. Thanks to thechap, (didnt get his name) who pulleddown the tables and put them away andtook gear to the store room. Tks toWirimu who did a great job with chairsand all those who helpedmake a great afternoon again.Thanks go to Red for gettingthe foldback amplifierrepaired. It seems it hadsome rough treatment at sometime, care needed please.News LettersWe receive these from allover the place. Thanks toOtago for theirs after Red andDoreen paid them a visit. I think NLs area great way to keep in touch and seewhats going on in other clubs and incountry music.April Birthdays are shared withEmmylou Harris, Arthur guitar boogieSmith, Don Gibson, Merle Haggard,Carl Smith, Loretta Lynn, GlenCampbell, Willie Nelson and our closefriends Marilyn S, Robin N, Bev Bright,Cyril, Doreen, Leo, and Helen T.There is one more wed like to rememberbut was back in March. Vera Lynn made100 years old...................See later.Dougs Choice Joke.Dad in a hurry in the car with his8 yo son made a turn through a red light. Uh-oh, I just went through a red lightsaid dad. Son pipes up Its ok dad, thepolice car right behind us did exactly thesame.Bus trip to Cambridge on 13th May.Please support this and get your namedown and paid up asap please. We doneed to fill the bus to continue our greatbus trips. Bring a friend if youd like to.

    Other clubs in striking distance pleasecontact Doug, the boss, to arrange yourvisit with us. He will ensure that you aremade welcome and have an enjoyableday of friendship, country music and anice tea break too.

    Match the nick names with thecountry music stars.

    1. Silver Fox, 2. Man in Black3. Tennessee Ploughboy4. The Story Teller 5. Possum6. Coalminers Daughter7. Singing BrakemanAnswers over page.

    Clubs to Visit.Opposite Sundays to us.South Auckland Traditional

    CMC, Metro Theatre, Massey Rd, andWaitemata CMC, Glen EdenCommunity Centre.

    Sorry to hear of the death ofCharles Edward Anderson "Chuck"Berry (October 18, 1926 March 18,2017) He was an American guitarist,singer and songwriter and one of thepioneers of rock n roll.

    Club day 19th March made a slow startlargely due to traffic but seats filled upto our average of over 60 people. Greatto have Rod back looking good after hisrepairs and thanks to Rod and all whobring raffle prizes. They are a big helpbut I dont always get to see who bringsthem. They are very much appreciated.

    Trading tableFlo, with helpers, is doing a great jobwith our trading table and whichsubsidises our bus trips fund.Thank you for the goods you bring infor sale.

  • If you have photos for our albums,seen on the back table please give todoug. Also short CM articles for thenews letter are welcome.

    Ask Dave(plays fiddle) for photorestorations, copies, typing, graphics etc,

    desktop publishing. Ph:

    [email protected]

    Disclaimer. The Pinnacle Club,Doug Phipps, or the organisers of itsmeetings, entertainment and bus trips,will not be held liable in any way forloss, damage to property, or personalinjury whilst attending club functions.Persons causing disruption or displayingbad behaviour will be expected to leaveif asked to do so.

    Male seniorcitizens only


    Stetson Club - Karen Davy BandFri 14 Apr 2017, 8:00pm11:30pmDairy Flat Community Hall,6 Postman Road, Dairy Flat, Auck,Ticket Information:Adult: $10.00 (with plate): $7.50Member: $7.50. Karen Davy is a multiaward winning singer/songwriter -Impersonator and recording artist. Sheappeared on the 'Stars in Their Eyes' TVshow as 'Dolly"(Parton) and has alsotoured and performed around NZ, in theU.S.A. A high profile entertainer.

  • BrainsAn alien walked into a shop and toldthe owner that he came from Mars andwanted to buy a brain for research.''How much is this one?'' he asked.''That one is a monkey brain, and it's$20,'' the owner explained.''How much is that one?'' the alienasked."That one is a female brain, and it's$100,'' the owner replied.''And how much is that one?'' the alienasked.''That one is a male's brain and it is$500'' the owner explained.''Why so expensive?'' the alien asked.The owner answered,''Well, they arehardly ever used!''

    Talking of brains. Brains of olderpeople are a bit slower because theyknow so much.People do not decline mentally withage, it just takes them longer to recallfacts simply because they have moreinformation in their brains. It is logicalisnt it. The bigger any store is thelonger it takes to find stuff.

    Heh Doug, would I lie to you?

    As of 2016, she had won 27 GrammyAwards from 42 nominations, tyingher with Quincy Jones as the mostawarded living recipient, second onlyto classical conductor Georg Solti,who holds the record for most winswith 31. She is the most awardedsinger and the most awarded femaleartist in Grammy history. At the timeof her first, the 1991 GrammyAwards, she was the second-youngestwinner (currently tied as the ninth-youngest). The high profile 59thAnnual Grammy Awards ceremonywas held on February 12, 2017.Maren Morris' breakout single "MyChurch" won Best Country Solo.

    Alison Maria Krauss(born July 23, 1971) is an Americanbluegrass-country singer andmusician. She entered the musicindustry at an early age, winninglocal contests by the age of ten andrecording for the first time atfourteen.

    Great duo, Ata and Wirimu.

  • KIWI ROAST2057 Great North Road, Avondale.

    Phone orders: 09 828 4883Roast meals complete with

    gravy/sauces, whole/half/quarterchickens.

    Roast rolls, sandwiches from $6and not forgetting FISH &

    CHIPS.VERY good pricing and value.

    Check it out.

    One picture shows a man and his sonwalking to their car. The other pictureshows him driving off.I spoke to him and told him not to besurprised if his car got towed away if heparks there again.The only notice on the ground is not thebest. A prominent notice board with ameaningful warning at the road entrancewould likely be effective for most people.They would then have no excuse. Theoffenders are of course visitors to theSunday market and there are many of themevery Sunday. Our members drive frommany distant locations and it is frustratingfor any of us to have nowhere to park whenit is paid for.Some of us have heavy equipment to carry,amplifiers and instruments.

    Kind regardsDavid WardleyFor Doug Phipps(Pinnacle CMC manager)

    To the Venue Hire Team Principal. (sent)

    Please note theattached picturesof the car park.The time takenwas 13.15hrs onthe Sunday wehire the hall.(1230 to1700hrs) Only afew of the carsbelonged to ourclub members.

    Yep, that grumpy old fiddlers been at itagain. I dont like complaining but wewould like the parking spot we pay for.

    At time of writing the reply says thereare a few channels we need to go down toget there..... I am sure there are!!

    Hello George!Photogenic tosay the least.Everything hasa beginningand an end.

    Making yourself comfortable at teatime is smart thinking. A table fortwo and cushioned seats as well.

    Answers to nick names.1. Charlie Rich, 2. Johnny Cash3. Eddie Arnold, 4. Tom T Hall5. George Jones, 6. Loretta Lynn7. Jimmy Rodgers.Jimmy Rodgers (September 8, 1897 May 26, 1933) was also known as theBlue Yodeler.

  • Vera Lynn celebrated her 100th birthdayon 20 March 2017.Dame Vera Margaret Lynn CH DBE OStJne Welch; born 20 March 1917, known as"the Forces' Sweetheart", English singer,songwriter and actress. Her recordings andperformances were enormously popularduring the Second World War when shetoured Egypt, India, and Burma as part ofENSA, giving outdoor concerts for thetroops.Best remembered for songs "We'll MeetAgain", "The White Cliffs of Dover", "ANightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" and"There'll Always Be an England". Sheremained popular after the war, appearingon radio and TV in the UK and the US andrecording such hits as "Auf Wiederseh'nSweetheart" and her UK Number one single"My Son, My Son". Her last single, "I LoveThis Land", was released to mark the end ofthe Falklands War. In 2009, at age 92, shebecame the oldest living artist to top the UKAlbums Chart, with We'll Meet Again: TheVery Best of Vera Lynn.

    Dame Vera Margaret LynnCH DBE OStJShe has devoted much time and energy tocharity work connected with ex-servicemen, disabled children, and breastcancer. She is held in great affection byveterans of the Second World War to thisday and in 2000 was named the Britonwho best exemplified the spirit of the20th century.

    The photo was taken in 1962.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Not known especially as a countrymusic artiste there will be manyamongst us who remember Vera and thepopular songs she sang and made famousduring the war.

    Theres the top half of bluegrass fanGeorge with Doug the boss. Below areBrownie, Lekay, Les and Marilyn. Thatsa nice sounding accordion Les.

    Birthday Girl

  • Pinnacle newsletters may be seen online at

    Those Family Photo AlbumsMost families have albums. Familiesinvariably split up and go their seperateways when children leave home toexpand the family even more. Albumsare bulky, cannot realistically be whollyreplicated and are often not looked at.The modern answer is to have all thephotos digitised and stored on a DVD.A DVD will hold thousands of highresolution pictures. They can be viewedon your TV as a slide show, can beprinted probably better than the original,can be made available on a web site,and all the family can have their owncopy. No, its not quite the same but itdoes tick a lot of boxes and you may getused to the idea.Yep, it brings tears....over 2000 pics.

    It became the signature song of the exiledMexicans. The song was recorded in 1906 bySeor Francisco. A guitar instrumental wasrecorded by Chet Atkins in 1955. The songhas also been recorded by Caterina Valente(1959), Nat King Cole (1962), PlcidoDomingo (1984), Flaco Jimnez (1992,instrumental), and Caetano Veloso (1994).Felice & Boudleaux Bryant wrote lyrics inEnglish, as "She Wears My Ring", whichwas first recorded by Jimmy Sweeney (alsoknown as Jimmy Bell) in 1960 with notablecover versions by Roy Orbison (1962), RayPrice and Solomon King (both 1968), andElvis Presley (1973).

    The song figures prominently in the 1969film The Wild Bunch, directed by SamPeckinpah and scored by Jerry Fielding. Thelocal people serenade the bandit protagonistswith it as they leave Angel's Mexicanvillage.

    The song, recorded by 13-year-old Heintje,became a German number-one hit in August1968 (title: Du sollst nicht weinen, "Thoushalt not cry"). In June 1970, the 9-year-oldNorwegian singer Anita Hegerland became afamed child singer with a recording inSwedish (Mitt sommarlov, "My summerbreak") that topped the Swedish chartSvensktoppen for seven weeks as well as theNorwegian singles chart for three weeks.

    There are many country songs stolen fromthe distant past, renamed, reclaimed, wordschanged and then sung by our top artists.The complications of copyright would fillthis newsletter. In New Zealand, copyright inliterary, dramatic, musical and artistic workslasts for the life of the author plus fifty yearsfrom the end of the year in which the authordies.Other types of copyright material havedifferent periods of protection.

    La golondrina(Spanish: "The Swallow") written in1862 by Mexican physician NarcisoSerradell Sevilla (1843-1910), who atthe time was exiled to France due to theFrench intervention in Mexico. TheSpanish lyrics uses the image of amigrating swallow to evoke sentimentsof longing for the homeland.

    If you do have it done sort the printsinto years or holidays, weddings orcategories appropriate to the familyevent. Give it some thought first.


    print these newsletters.Catherine St, Henderson

    09 836 3893. Great value.

    Venue Hire Advice.We are working with our community facilities team tomake it clearer to the public that they are not to park

    in the car park unless they are using the venue.If you feel there are cars parked there and they are notusing the hall please call the below number. This is anumber for the towing company that cover that hall

    and they will remove the vehicles.Amalgamated 09 360 1845.