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A FEW WORDS FROM JOSHUAHaving a powerful and consistent personal brand puts you one step closer to landing your dream job. Some job seekers still think in terms of the old job market paradigm. The old paradigm said most companies post to job boards, had full-time recruiters who carefully selected candidates and expected employees to stay for at least five years.

The realities of the new job market have shifted the job seekers paradigm on its head. Now, most jobs never even see the light of a public posting. Many companies have laid off corporate recruiters leaving hiring up to the line manager, who doesnt even get paid for that task. And candidates are not expected to stay in any one job for more than two years. The only thing consistent from job to job in your career is You. Your brand is going to stay with you until you retire. Oh, it will change and adapt. But You will still be recognizable. If anything is important for your job search, then personal branding is the most critical and most overlooked step. By reading and following the suggestions in this book, you have already differentiated yourself from the other 299 people applying to your dream job.



Best of luck to you! Regards,

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Monday was another busy day for Rebecca. Her company, Widgets Inc., was growing quickly, and she was given the task of screening candidates for the new project management position. When they gave her a pile of 50 rsums, they said, Send us four qualified prospects, well do the rest. She sighed and thought, Are you serious? and began skimming rsums and making piles. Most of the rsums landed in the no pile. They were poorly formatted, or the language didnt seem to apply to the open position.


Some rsums landed in the maybe pile. These were rsums that seemed to fit the requirements, but just seemed.wellnot quite right. Once she was done with her big stack, she wanted to make sure her recommendations were good. So she took the five names in the yes pile and Googled them.

Finally, a trickle of rsums landed in the yes pile. These rsums caught her eye, they were easy to read and something just felt right about them.



Sams name came up, and his Facebook profile showed him beer bonging through a long pipe at what seemed to be a college toga party. Next. Next.

Jennas name came up and her personal blog appeared. She seemed to be an armature photographer and had written many articles on how she wished she could just quit her corporate job and photograph full-time.

So Rebecca emailed her to schedule a phone call. Lily responded promptly and made the call on time. Pass. We may not even be aware of it. Most people dont know it exists. Corporate execs call it image. But today, most people refer to the way we are perceived as personal branding. And nothing about your appearance or behavior is insignificant when it comes to your brand. by JOSHUA WALDMAN

Finally, Lilys name came up and her LinkedIn profile had the same exact message as her rsum. There was a link to her Twitter account, and the topics she tweeted about recently showed a passionate and bright project manager.


The oldest brand in the business world is the red triangle of Bass Ale, which is about 300 years old. Though there is nothing unique or particularly fascinating about a red triangle, however, people associate a unique and reliable beer drinking experience when they see it, with images of a comfortable and dimly lit British pub. The question for most job seekers to ask is, what emotions or associations come up when people think about you? How do the colors on your business card hurt or help my image? If youre late to a call, how does that effect your brand? You might not have a red triangle with 300 years of brand association. But you do have a name and a face, neither of which you can change, at least not too often or on a small budget. Twenty years ago, airlines called customers passengers. Career centers called customers clients. Our society has been commercialized. We tend to see things in terms of business. Buying and selling. And personal image, character, even personality are now seen in terms of branding. Just like Crest Toothpaste is a brand, so is your name.

So welcome to the age of the personal brand, where those who manage their brands win and those who deny they have a brand simply have a bad-looking brand. Where inconsistencies in how you are perceived leave you in the proverbial maybe pile. And loyalties begin and end with the individual, not the collective. by JOSHUA WALDMAN


In 1997, Tom Peters wrote an article called "Brand You" for Fast Company, where he said these famous words. He said, "You don't belong to any company for life, and your chief affiliation isn't to any particular function. You're not defined by your job title, and you're not confined by your job description." With the average time in the company being about two years, and with the freely available tools of the Internet, personal branding these days is just a given. You have to do it and it's inescapable because by ignoring it, your brand is ignorance. We are no longer entitled to a job nor can we sit on our hands and blame the economy for not having one. And we are expected to be just as picky about who we work for, as employers are picky about who work for them. Branding yourself is the only way to create a contiguous message beyond the confines of a single employer throughout the lifetime of your career.

Remember, not doing anything is a choice, so let's make a proactive choice and define what our brand is. Because leaving it up to Google or Facebook to sell yourself for the next job, that might not be the best strategy. So you have a common name like James Smith. Or, you haven't done anything online and you don't think they can find anything about you? Think again.



If we really think about the job situation for what it is, then several important key facts become clear. First, right now, there is a lot of competition. For each job, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that 600 people are competing for it.

Dont Be a Commodity, Be a Personality

Second, with limited jobs and high competition, some very qualified people are willing to accept lower-paying jobs. This, in effect, trickles down from the Harvard MBAs to the rest of us.

Finally, we realize that companies are cheap when it comes to who they employ. They want to hire the cheapest person possible, and seem to be willing to sacrifice certain qualifications to get them. If youve studied economics, you see a commodity situation. Essentially the same product, oversaturated market, or the lowest price possible.

So here we are. Looking for a job with 599 other people applying to the same position. Many of these people are more experienced, educated or qualified than us. They are willing to take less pay to alleviate their financial troubles. Sound familiar? The job seeking winners are people who take the discussion, and perception, away from just skills, qualifications or education, and bring it to the realm of personality. Your personality is the ONLY thing that no one else can compete with. by JOSHUA WALDMAN


And this fact alone makes the case for creating and building a strong brand.

In this book, we will give you practical, step-by-step, tools you can use right away so that you can begin to understand your personal brand, and communicate it effectively. Just like with Lily and Rebecca in the story, the more consistent you can be, the better. And to be consistent, you need to be authentic.

Think about it, if your car was on empty, needing gas, and there were two gas stations across the street from each other, same price for gaswhich one do you choose?



Joshua Waldman is founder of Career Enlightenment LLC, a highly sought out blog and career consulting agency based out of Portland, OR. His blog, Career Enlightenment, has been featured on top career websites such as Brazen Careerist and and is frequently used as a resource for the Wall Street Journals Career Blog. Joshuas expertise in internet marketing, business consulting, and job seeking was developed through years of both corporate- and solo-business experience. As an MBA consultant and entrepreneur, he teaches technology and marketing skills that help businesses grow and job seekers get noticed.


He actively contributes to and provides webinars and trainings for job seekers and College Career Counselors around the country as a way of helping the HR world understand and embrace the new dynamics fueling recruiting, online networking and hiring practices.



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