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2. PEOPLE BUY PEOPLE 3. WHAT IS A PERSONAL BRAND? FOR YOU the values and qualities for which you want to stand FOR OTHERS their perception of your promise of value 4. HOW ARE YOU BEING PERCEIVED? 5. THE BRANDING PROCESSOF PRODUCT YOU Starts inside, using tools to help you discover or re-discover what makes you who you are and what you stand for Then moves to the outside delivering superb verbal, non- verbal and visual communication 6. RESULTING IN.. Greater Confidence Greater Impact Greater Success 7. WHY WOULD ANYONE BUY YOUR BRAND? There are three main reasons why people buy you: They believe you are honest They believe you areknowledgeable They believe you have theirbest interests at heart. People will pay at least 9% more for a perception of integrity. Your reputation is paramount. 8. LOSE DOLLARS FOR THE FIRM AND I WILL BE UNDERSTANDING, LOSE REPUTATION AND I WILL BE RUTHLESS. - WARREN BUFFETT 9. Built through focus and expertise 10. A 3D APPROACH TO BUILDING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND Stage 1. DESIGN Stage 2. DEVELOPMENT Stage 3. DELIVERY 11. THE RESULT A PERSONAL BRAND THAT IS ALWAYS BENEFICIAL you have a great promise of value RELEVANT you are considered important AUTHENTIC - your consistent behaviour underlines the brand NOTICEABLE you have a business presence (Reliable, Discreet Professional,Talented, Compelling) DISTINCTIVE you stand for something special A strong personal brand develops your own USP withINTEGRITY and AUTHENTICITY 12. HOW WILL YOU SELL ID-YOUAs in all marketing you need to know how to get your product noticed Package your product well! Make it fit your marketplaces expectations 13. FOR MEN, KEEPING THE MESSAGE CONSISTENT Style, weight, Appropriateness Personal taste Business Environment Climate Lifestyle Power 14. FOR WOMEN, SMART, CONTEMPORARY,PROFESSIONAL Finding your style Budget Appropriateness Dressing UP not down. Understanding colour Business-ready Well-groomed Professional at all times Empowered 15. HAVE FUN, BRING COLOUR INTO YOUR BUSINESS LIVES! 16. IN A NUTSHELL Your executive brand is: Your shop window in the business world Your differentiator Your voice when youre not there Your perceived ability and integrity Your entre to further success The cornerstone of your career 17. Tessa Hood, MD, Changing Gear LimitedSpecialists in Living Brand and 44 1932 868 868/07774 189913 Member of the Institute of Career Guidance Member of the Federation of Image ConsultantsMember of the Association of Professional SpeakersThis is just a small taster of a full programme,Please contact us for more information