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  • h Self-motivated, individual with great leadership skills, organizational and supervisory skills, key values of integrity, honesty, appreciation, teamwork, growth and results-orientation with an eye toward continuous improvement

    h Respected leader with interpersonal skills. Interact well with individuals from diverse cultures and all professional levels. Teach, train, mentor, motivate and evaluate personnel to achieve the highest quality standards.

    h Lead special projects and provide strategic insight into operations. Effectively manage and prioritize multiple responsibilities. Ensure adherence to policies and procedures to achieve objectives in safety, quality, production, and cost.

    h Personnel Supervision h Saftey Driven h Computer Skilled

    h Team Building Skills h Problem Resolution h Hydraulics

    h Mechanical Maintenance h Organization Skilled h Welding

    h Electrical diagnosis h Commutation h Strategic Planning

    h Meeting Dead lines h Multiple job management h Rigging

    h Construction h Auto and Diesel Technology h English/Spanish

    h Tetra- Gulf Of Mexico-Well stub Removal h Caldive- Bay of Campeche Mexico-Pipeline Trenching & burial

    h URS - Ohio River-Riverbed Clearance h Caldive- Bay of Campeche Mexico-Pipeline Crossing & Transitions

    h Epic Divers- Gulf Of Mexico-Pipeline Trenching & Lowering

    h Subsea 7- Bay of Campeche Mexico-Pipeline Trenching

    h Ocean Deepwater- Coatzacoalcos, Mexico Pipeline Trenching

    h Wildwell - Gulf of Mexico-Wellhead Excavation

    h Cal-dive- Gulf of Mexico-Wellhead Excavation

  • h Team player h Sets standard for professional conduct

    h Consistently sound judgment h A master at training and developing personnel

    h Highest degree of loyalty, integrity and competence

    h Superior physical stamina and mental toughness

    h Instills skill, spirit to achieve and a winning attitude

    h Possess diverse skill set: smart, hands-on, tough

    h Meticulous attention to detail h Prolific problem-solver

    h Obtains maximum results in personnels performance

    h Accomplishes assigned tasks with superb results

    h Makes safety decisions in best interest of personnel while maximizing training efforts.

    h Bellaire High School h UTI Houston / Associates Degree Automotive Technology

    h Leadership Training W/ X-Subsea

    h Hydraulic Courses W/ X-Subsea