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Intro to Paleolithic Age


<ul><li> 1. Paleolithic Life</li></ul> <p> 2. Paleo lithic Old Stone 3. Paleolithic Old Stone Age 4. Learning to use tools 5. Converting stone into long lasting tools 6. From Cave Man to Village Man 7. From mere stone to applying some laws of physics 8. Applied science is technology The Paleolithic focused primarily on developing technologies for using stone to improve human abilities and advance the quality of human life. 9. The technology of shaping stone implements applies principles of physics related to the structure of certain rocks and how they react to carefully directed force. Early human science was a matter of trial and error in discovering how an unknown principle of science applied in a specific instance.Thus, technology came long before anything we would call science. 10. Stone technology moved humans out of the caves and into the villages. Stone tools made possible cutting andshaping pieces of wood.Wood added to a sharp point equals a spear and later an arrow.Carved wood bent by a leather string created the bow to which a modified spear was added as the arrow. Stone, wood, reeds, and animal hides were used to create shelter.The first stone houses were built during the Paleolithic times. 11. Paleolithic people were artists of high quality A cave painting was more than decorating theold cave walls to avoid that dreary look .Paintings were expressions of belief and how thesepeople viewed live. What is this a painting of? 12. 13. 14. What might be the relationship between cave art and writing? We know that writing started out as pictures used to representwords. 15. Skara Brae House Here are the remains of a Paleolithic house called the Skara Brae House.These homes were built to last.People did not always live in them all year round.And they were abandon when people moved on to other locations following their food sources. Why do you think this home is near the body of water you see in the picture? 16. 17. How do we know about life inPaleolithic times? 18. One group of anthropologists are called archeologists. Archeologists study human artifacts. Artifacts areanything made or used by man. What were people doing in thiscave?Thats the question archeologists are trying to answer.By digging and locating as many artifacts as they can, the archeologists hope to piecetogether what life was like for those living in the cave. 19. All you see and many other items we might find areartifacts.Artifacts are thestory of our life we leave behind when we are long dead and gone. 20. We use the artifact that remain to try and recreate something that could not survive, the society of a given time.Society is how we live together. Are there dangers of making serious mistakes in using artifacts toreconstruct long gone societies? 21. What are these people doing? Do you know what these people are doing?What do you think someone from2000 years in the future mightthink these people are doing?Would they get it right? These people are using special glasses to watch one of the very first 3D movies. 22. You be the archeologist This is a series of pictures taken on January first on the main street of Philadelphia, PA. 23. You are an archeologist from the 23 century.You have been given this series of digital pictures from the 21st century.They were taken 1 January 2009 on Broad Street, the main north/south street in the center of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in theUnited States. Explain what these people are doing?What would the pictures tell us about life in Philadelphia at that time? </p>