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p6, sp1, tgaw, timetable


<p>SubjectsTimeLocation</p> <p>MondayTrampoliningFitness/ Table Tennis</p> <p>Boys Rugby</p> <p>Recreational sportPublic Services (daily)Library3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pmSPHDSField</p> <p>SPH</p> <p>P2</p> <p>LRC</p> <p>TuesdayNetballBoys footballTudor Singers</p> <p>Library</p> <p>Art workshops</p> <p>Bookworms (Foundation only)</p> <p>Press gang (Foundation only)</p> <p>GCSE Maths booster (year 11 higher only)</p> <p>GCSE Geography revision (year 10/11)GCSE R.E (year 8)</p> <p>3-4pm3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-3.45pm</p> <p>3-3.45pm</p> <p>3-3.45pm</p> <p>SPHFieldR108LRC</p> <p>L005P101P101P107</p> <p>L008L010</p> <p>WednesdayWednesday (cont)Running Club Basket BallGirls Rugby</p> <p>DanceFoundation Fun (Foundation only)</p> <p>Girls FootballHairdressing ClubTudor Scratch BandNumber CrunchersScience ClubLibrary</p> <p>Art catch up (year 10)</p> <p>Health and Social catch up</p> <p>Graphics Club (year 10)GCSE Maths: A level Booster GCSE Geography (year 9a1/9a2)</p> <p>3.15 4.30pm3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm3-4pm3-4pm3-4pm3-4pm3-4pm3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4.30pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pmSPHSPH</p> <p>Field</p> <p>DS</p> <p>FieldFieldHair SalonR108</p> <p>B109B005LRC</p> <p>L005</p> <p>L104</p> <p>L15</p> <p>P107L009</p> <p>ThursdayFutsalGirls FootballWheelchair basketballArt Club</p> <p>Drama Club</p> <p>Tudor Tunes</p> <p>Magic Numbers (Foundation only)</p> <p>Extra English (Foundation only)Library</p> <p>Debating society</p> <p>Art catch up (year 11)</p> <p>GCSE Maths: Booster (10y1 only)</p> <p>GCSE Science BTEC Science </p> <p>Graphics Workshop (year 11)GCSE geography revision (year 10 and 11)</p> <p>Health and Social catch up</p> <p>3-4pm3-4pm3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm3-4pm3-5pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>SPHFieldSPH</p> <p>L005R115R108</p> <p>P101P101LRC</p> <p>P111L005</p> <p>P107B005B005B1113-4pm</p> <p>L104</p> <p>FridayDodgeball (year 7-10)Fitness/ Table TennisLibrary</p> <p>Business BrainGCSE Maths booster (10x2 only)GCSE History Revision (Year 10/11)</p> <p>Health and Social catch up3-4pm3-4pm3-3.30pm</p> <p>3-4pm</p> <p>3-4pm3-3.45pm</p> <p>3-4pmSPHDSLRC</p> <p>B102P107L010L104</p> <p>TGAW: Period 6 Timetable </p>