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How online presence impacts your offline business? How bookselling market looks in Baltics. Digital marketing helps selling more books and helps bookstors to improve thie offline activities. More information about how digital can help business -


  • 1. Online impact on offline purchase

2. Jnis BirelisWeb analyst at digital marketing agencyhttp://infinitum.lvInfinitum 8Every day deal with questions like: How can I see if my marketing is working? Where I am losing money? What is not working on my page? What is happening in my market? How do I see what customers like? 3. http://infinitum.lvWhy online?Online is easy and private!Online shopping is like reading the news on television.You don't actually have to have your trousers on.33% shop while in pajamas15% shop while influenced by alcohol11% shop while being naked 4. Online shopping TOP example for decades.http://infinitum.lvBooksThanks to Amazon expansion.Do you have local Amazon shop? 5. Consumer behaviour when buying bookshttp://infinitum.lv 6. Online purchase vs. Offline purchase (books)UKGermanyAustriaDenmarkLithuaniaBelgiumhttp://infinitum.lv80%92%77%38%50%62%45%0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%LatviaOnline purchase Offline Purchase 7. UKGermanyAustriaDenmarkLithuaniaBelgiumhttp://infinitum.lv13%20%21%25%22%33%29%15%18%10%9%12%4%10%23%30%25%37%31%51%44%0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%LatviaResearch Offline only No Research before purchase market without online presence 8. UKGermanyAustriaDenmarkLithuaniaBelgiumhttp://infinitum.lv48%25%29%46%25%15%15%0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%LatviaCost of not doing online of not doing Online (customers that are willing to buy offline) 9. How to be present in online environment?9 23.09.2014. 10. Webidentity 11. BlogsReviewsEventsAnotations 12. Rich Contentis improtantfor yourcustomer!http://infinitum8.comHeading1PictureHeading2and for Google also. 13. 14. 15. 16. Social presence Loyalty (Be personalwith client)Use offline as social channel 17. Online AdvertisingLocation based advertising. Cities, Location around yourshop Exclude unwantedlocationsInterests Books ReadingAge group 18. Online Advertising18 23.09.2014. 19. Complex solutions 20. Measure your success 21. 1. Measure online performance 22. 2. Ask customers? (Survey)http://infinitum.lvWhere do you hear about us?Do you plan to visit our offlineshop? 23. 3. Measure your online efforts. 24. 4. Codes, Coupons, discounts, special offershttp://infinitum.lvUse facebook discount:Code:I am from ONLINE 25. 4.1. Automatic tracking.Each client with coupon number from analytics program. 26. 4.1. Automatic tracking. 27. 4.2. Shop visitors and online visits merge together.Offline trackingActiveinternetmarketingOnline tracking 28. 6 Take aways. Online is all about Content and Identity. Use rich content for your activities. Be different and engaging with your client. Capture your loyal clients. Measure your online performance. See how much online is helping offline business.28 23.09.2014. 29. Thank you!Twitter@InfinitumlvFacebookinfinitumlvLinkedInInfinitum-8Jnis Birelisjanis@infinitum.lvSkypebirgelisLinkedInjanisbirgelis

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