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OCLC Research: an update. Lorcan Dempsey dempseyl@oclc.org. OCLC Research. Mission Emphasis Perceptions. Metadata management. Interoperability. Management intelligence. Knowledge organization. Systems and interaction design. Content management. Dublin Core. ZING … SRU/SRW. IMS. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • OCLC Research:an updateLorcan Dempsey dempseyl@oclc.org

  • OCLC ResearchMissionEmphasisPerceptions

  • Systems and interaction designInteroperabilityManagement intelligenceMetadata managementKnowledge organizationContent management

  • Systems and interaction designInteroperability

  • Management intelligenceUnder constructionExplore how to support management decisions by making better use of available data.

  • Interlibrary Loan StudyCompare interlibrary loan borrowing patterns within a consortiumBegin with OhioLinkCompare netLibrary holdings to titles borrowed through interlibrary loan

  • Collection AssessmentAnalyze and compare aggregate WorldCat holdings for librariesARLAcademic, non-ARLPublicIdentify titles and their intellectual levels, subjects (using conspectus), and publishers

  • User Behavior StudyIdentify how print book and eBooks are usedFocus group interviewsIndividual interviewsTransaction log analysis

  • Metadata switchUnder constructionExplore a set of services which add value to metadata by leveraging OCLC expertise and cooperative processing model.

  • E-prints UKInstitutionale-printarchivesPersonale-printarchivesOAI-PMHNon-institutionale-printarchives

  • Emerging technologies provide opportunities for new servicesTools and features previously available only in integrated systems can now be provided as 'web services' network accessible application componentsinteroperable building blocks for constructing applicationsself-describing applications that can be discovered and accessed over the web by other applicationsTechnical definitionWeb Services are a suite of protocols that define how requests and responses between software applications should be encoded & transferred over the web

  • Aggregation and fusionOAITheses??Fusion

  • Record enhancement

  • Terminology servicesMethods effective for print, unlikely to be the same techniques used for digital documentsNeed to determine role of knowledge organization (KO) resources in relation to new approaches Authority filesSubject heading systems and thesauriClassification schemes

  • Terminology resources are currently embedded in systems & servicesOCLC ConnexionProvides access to several KO schemes & links among schemes Dewey, LCSH, Name authoritiesAutomated application toolsHarvest & record creationClassificationControl of names, subjects, class numbers

  • Need more flexible, modular knowledge organization servicesFor example, one set of requirements:Automatically check name and subject authorities Automatically supply Dewey Decimal Classification numbers based on subject entries On-demand check of subject and name authorities in non-OCLC record sources Authorities notification service Improve record quality/completeness

  • Knowledge Organization ServicesKOSchemesNameAuthority FilesDDCLCSHClassificationAuto-classNumber verificationCaptionsAssociated TermsUpdates635.951Authority ControlAuto-assignName/Subject validationAssociated ClassesAuthorities notificationRecord EnrichmentClassesSubjectsNamesSummaries

  • OCLC Web Services DemoRare and endangered animals Rare and endangered species

  • Prototypes & Demonstration projects PrototypeLCCN Web Service Demo (previous slide)OCLC & Northwestern UniversityDDC number verification for Cataloger's Toolkit for Voyager ILSeprints-UKOCLC will supply subject descriptions & name authorities as Web services for harvested resources

  • Schema transformation servicesAccept metadata in one schema and return metadata in another schema

  • NamesAccept a name and return Authoritative version of the nameCluster of related names

  • Content managementUnder constructionMake a leading contribution to the economic and engineering issues facing the digital preservation community.

  • Digital preservationOCLC/RLG collaborationMoving from a consensus making phase to an implementation phaseReal economic and engineering issues being addressed

  • EconomicsWhite paper

  • Digital preservation .. engineeringResearch fellowDigital coop

    Web Services are a suite of protocols that define how requests and responses between software applications should be encoded & transferred over the web & how such services should be described and registered for discovery and use

    Point 1

    After 30+ years of work by thousands of catalogers OCLC WC provides bibliographic control for a large percentage of physical material published in English

    Not enough time or money to do the same for the vast amounts of digital documents comingOCLC Connexion provides access to the full edition of Dewey and to the abridged editionResearch staff and DDC editors have made nearly LCSH/DDC 150,000 associations~8,000 intellectually mapped~90,000 statistically mapped

    Associations to the Sears list of subject headings & to LC headings assigned to childrens materials are available in the abridged DDC

    The automated classification tool in CORC uses the DDC knowledge structure and the supplemental terminology referred to above

    Librarians clearly recognize the value in such services, but more flexibility is desiredProvides DDC#s based on LC subject headingSee also Tennant article for a list of additional projects

    The first two projects use Web terminology services to support traditional bibliographic control, while the third may use the classes and subjects assigned in a very different manner. It is possible that classes and subjects assigned may not provide the primary access to the documents but may be used behind the scenes in several ways, e.g., to route documents to subject gateways, to categorize search results,