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2004 OCLC CJK Update. Hisako Kotaka, Senior Product Manager Product Development Division 800-848-5878 x6480 hisako_kotaka@ oclc.org. Update. CJK Cataloging Users and CJK Database CJK Cataloging Activities New CJK Support in OCLC Connexion Client Post-Pinyin Conversion Cleanup Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • UpdateCJK Cataloging Users and CJK DatabaseCJK Cataloging ActivitiesNew CJK Support in OCLC Connexion Client Post-Pinyin Conversion Cleanup Project Phase 1 (Chairs Report)Phase 2 CJK Web Page ReorganizationCJK Technical Update

  • OCLC CJK Cataloging Users177 CJK institutions users worldwide as of January 2004 CJK direct users: 145CJK indirect users: 63 including contracted services usersCJK 3.11 is working until CJK added to Connexion ClientOCLC CJK users will be guided into the new CJK platformCJK users in 11 countries contributing unique resources Australia, Canada, China, England, France, Hong Kong (China), Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Turkey, United States OCLC FirstSearch will integrate Interlibrary Loan in Summer 2004 for easy WorldCat access and ILL processing

  • OCLC CJK Database in WorldCatAll records with 066 and CJK Lang-coded C - 1,175,637J - 1,284,425K - 213,430O - 15,033--------------------Total 2,688,525 Added 165,293 (since 1/1/03) All records with CJK scripts

    C - 1,051,181J - 1,142,343K - 177,497O - 15,033 --------------------Total 2,386,051 Added 158,034 (since1/1/03)As of January 1, 2004

  • CJK Cataloging Activities WorldCat CJK transactions during January 2004 (a snap shot)755,295 (-13% all commands); 209,108(-13% all searches)Reflecting a tough economic time!Contributed CJK Books exchange during 2003From OCLC to RLIN: 208,857 (2003); 155,377 (2002) +53,480From RLIN to OCLC: 91,196 (2003); 117,971 (2002) 26,775WINE MARC Project: Phase III (OCLC APS Report)One time initial load: 149,115 records Monthly load for current Japanese imprints starts in 2004

  • New CJK Support in Connexion ClientA Windows-based program to support existing CJK features including local file managementTakes the phased development processDisplays CJK script fields above the roman fields as user optionAllows automated headings control against Authority recordsAllows CJK record Export without linked roman fields to meet local needsContains Contact Support and Error Report e-mailingYes labels printing, but no CJK card printing program Many more new features in later phases

  • Post-Pinyin Conversion Cleanup ProjectMotivated by 2003 OCLC CJK Users Group Pinyin ReportPY and WG mixed records were scanned out for review and update PPCCP Phase 1 is on-going with many Input-by institutionsPPCCP Phase 2 work by re-scan of WorldCat for Batchloaded records having no access to OCLC CJK software and for uncovered records by Phase 1 Analyze holdings of scanned records and sort Held-by institutionsVery difficult to find extra time for PPCCP workOCLC and libraries users need your expertise and support. We need your help!

  • PPCCP Minguo variants CleanupNew Pinyin romanization and word division rules in effectMinguo variants are affecting searches and outputsOCLC Quality Controls scanning Authority headings and work out with LC for headings updateMinguo variants in 260 field $c replace in nearly 242,000 recordsZhonghua Minguo will be set for title fieldsWhen AF resolution is done, headings will be updated

  • PPCCP Assumed PY CleanupDiscovered batchloaded records in WG but with 987 field with Assumed PY notes There are 8,115 records in this category. OCLC will convert using the WG to PY conversion softwareWhen encountered, update records into PY version, change 987 $d n to c, and remove $f Assumed pinyinMaster record replace credit is issuedEffective March 1, 2004, entry of 987 is no longer required (see OCLC Quality Control Update) DO NOT DELETE the existing 987 field from records

  • CJK Web Page Re-organizationNew OCLC Home Page implementation was done during 2002 to 2003 fall New images, structures, and contents are to cover the expanded OCLC global enterprises Streamlined and integrated the existing product pages into Products and Services, and CJK is listed in drop-down menu or reached by keyword CJK Dynamic links to all related documentation, forms, Q&A, support services and moreWatch WorldCat grow in every 12 second http://www.oclc.org/worldcat/grow.htm

  • Demo


  • http://www.oclc.org/support/documentation/cjk/

  • Watch WorldCat grow with your contribution

  • CJK Technical UpdateCJK database scan continues to detect invalid EACC scripts use. OCLC will ask the inputting institution to correct errorsUse of parallel record is becoming popular with the non-English language of cataloging code in 040 field. CJK records, however, are facing constraints using the 880 alternate graphic representation field associated with the roman transliteration data field. No hybrid record should be createdSolution: 1) Input master records by complying with the OCLC MARC standards. Perform local editing to meet local needs before exportSolution: 2) Import local version of records to CJK software file. Edit and make it the master record version before update into WorldCat

  • CJK Technical UpdateCJK NACO members who are using CatME or Passport for authority record work should be aware the Save term will expire in 90 days, instead of 180 days. Resave or submit NACO records before they are deleted. CJK users are granted to hold enhance for books regular mode to enhance roman-only member records with CJK scripts. OCLC encourages CJK users to add CJK scripts in routine workflow. Mark For CJK Use in Access & Authorization request form for quick and smooth processing. Member library can lock, edit, and replace non-authenticated serial records (no 042 field present) that have 10 or fewer holdings attached.Use 952 field and submit not only error report but also change request if you cannot replace records.

    OCLC Online Computer Library Center

    ?Regional Service Providers: http://www.oclc.org/contacts/regional/default.htmCustomer Support Department (CSD): http://www.oclc.org/support/default.htm

  • Custom Services2003 update Custom Cataloging (TechPro)Retrospective ConversionPinyin conversionLanguage Sets

  • Custom Cataloging (TechPro)OCLC completed about 40 projects of which all or a significant portion of the titles were East or Southeast Asian. By a large margin, the most commonly requested languages are Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese.Nearly 40% of all cataloging projects processed by OCLCs TechPro staff are non-English language collections. Requests for outsource cataloging for all non-Roman languages have been growing steadily.

  • Retrospective Conversion (RetroCon)OCLC staff completed 7 CJK retrospective conversion projects (paper to MARC)Four projects were large in scope. Libraries in the United States and Australia, including the University of Chicago, Yale and Princeton. Pinyin conversionMajority of large collections converted (over 50)Two projects pending for calendar year 2004

  • OCLC Language Sets all-inclusive collection development packagesOCLC also offers Custom Collections for libraries with more specific collection needs Preselected sets of books and AV materials for children or adults in 12 languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Panjabi, Tamil and Urdu (also Spanish and Russian)Chinese and Vietnamese continue to be the two most popular languages, followed by Korean, Russian, Spanish and Japanese. helped put almost 30,000 Asian language items into circulation in public libraries in 2003.

  • Language SetsSignificant trendsApprox. 75% of our users ordered sets in at least one of the Asian languagesChinese and Vietnamese continue to be the two most popular languages, followed by Korean, Russian, Spanish and Japanese. Orders for South Asian language sets continues to grow steadily. (Offered since Aug. 2002)Orders for all Asian languages have been up over last year.

  • For more informationOCLC web sitehttp://www.oclc.org/customcataloging/http://www.oclc.org/languagesets/Brochures for downloadinghttp://www.oclc.org/services/brochures/Library Services (for price quotes)1-800-848-5878, ext. 6251

  • Language Sets images

    The Web ACAS demo will be available at the Collection Management station. Libraries are invited to log in as guests to see just how much information automated collection analysis could give them to map out the future of their collection.


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