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  • 1. OBSERVATION LAB Observing the unobserved

2. STORES VISITED 3. ARCHIES GALLERYBefore entering the store The store draw us in with its beautiful antique items displayed in the showcase. A guard is standing to open the door and collect the bags and other items that customers are carrying. This gives us an idea about the quality of the things present inside the store. The sign lettering is very creative. The first name is written in UPPER CASE whereas the last name is written in the lower case with a beautiful design in between. 4. ARCHIES GALLERYSTORE ENVIRONMENTThe walls of the gallery arewooden framed with lights inall parts of the gallery.There is a silent atmosphereand light smell of freshflowers.Ceiling is around 13 feet highand a lot of space is there towalk freely.Store consists of two Air-conditioners providingsuitable temperature and softmusic adds to life to the store.Cash counter is located on theleft side of the exit gate andbelongings are properlychecked before leaving thestore. 5. ARCHIES GALLERY PERSONNELSalesperson know enoughabout the products in thestore.They are all dressed in thesame color code.For every two customers thereis a one salesperson and theaverage age of the employeesis around 20-25 years.The best quality of theemployees is that they treatcustomers according to theirage and according to theirlikes and dislikes. 6. ARCHIES GALLERYPRODUCTSAs you enter the store the firstthing you I noticed was a bigteddy bear and then aroundhundreds of cards sortedaccording to their prices.There is a central display tablewith antique products.Most expensive products areantique items ranging from15000 to 20000 whereas thecheapest items available arekeychains startingfromRs.50.There is no items on sale inthe store. 7. ARCHIES GALLERY CUSTOMERS The customers are generally seen with children or they are group of students with an average age varying from20-40 years accounting to 60% females. On an average a customer stays for around 15-20 minutes in the store and they are free to touch all the products. Generally, 20% of the customers are found to buy the stuff.IN ALL THIS STORE IS A PERFECT PLACETO BUY GIFTS AND THE QUALITY OFTHE PRODUCTS IS EXCELLENT. 8. LIFESTYLEBefore Entering the storeWell, its a perfect store having allpossible branded clothing for men,women and children.Similar to the store mentionedabove this store also have a guardstanding next to the door and thebelongings of the customers arechecked properly.A uniqueness that adds to thebeauty of the store is the vastentry of the store.You can clearly a lot of peopleroaming inside the store.The tag line of the store YOURSTYLE. YOUR STORE. is also suchthat customers can relate tothemselves. 9. STORE We can find many people roaming around in the store A slow romantic music at a very low volume provides aENVIRONMENT suitable environment to the customers. The salesperson in the store are all dressed in same colorcode(orange shirt and black trousers) , ageing around 25-30 years PERSONNELand attending only customer at a time. For each brand (Levis, Peter England etc.) there is differentsalesman who knows all the qualities of that particular brand. The products are very nicely arranged. Ground floor consists ofclothing for men , first floor for women and third for women witha ceiling height of 15 feet each and the escalators are provided at PRODUCTS two places for the convenience of the customers. As told by the managers the store has clothing of almost 50brands. 10. Most of the customers come with family and few are there just to have a lookat the latest products which have arrived last week. The reasonable prices of the products allow customers to buy the products and the vastness and thenumber of brands available are the key factors for average time spent by acustomer being 30 minutes. 11. MY MART 12. MY MARTA five story building withDue to the cheap rates of thea wonderful display from The environment of theAt every floor there are products the sales are prettyoutside is enough ingood. In fifteen minutes span store is pleasant and 4 salesman present toitself to draw a customer the store-keeper sold 5 quiet.attend the customers.to the store. products worth Rs.9750. The walls are painted The unique feature ofThe customers are evenTo add on, the name of pink having a height of this store is that you can allowed to test the productsthe store is written in about 12-15 feet with get everything of dailyand one year warranty onbold UPPER CASE letters every small and 3 year cash counter located at use. Even my favoriteand with a catchy tag warranty on every big the corner of the store.Crazy Ball was alsoline- Its all about my electronic gadget is provided The store is lightenedavailable.worldwith free service from the such that the light falls 70% percent of the store in the warranty span.This tells us about the even on the tiniest itememployees are girls aged In short, I found the store Ahuge variety of the in the store. around 25-30 years COMPLETE DEPARTMENTALthings present in the STORE.store. 13. RELIANCE FRESH MARTReliance Fresh is a food-product store.The walls are least visible which arepainted white and ceiling is pretty lowin height around 12 feet with threebilling counters just after the entrygate. A security guard stands at thedoor to check the bill during the exit.The only Unique feature about thestore is that it attracts the customersby giving discounts on variousproducts. (eg. Hide and Seek Biscuits issold for Rs 36 in the market and it issold at Rs. 32 here). Moreover peopleget all the eatables and cosmetics inone particular store.Rest the store doesnt have any specialaddition. 14. NIKE This is a shoe brand and manufactures T-Shirts too and due to the best product shown in the display which canbe seen from outside people (mostly teenage) get attracted towards the product.BEFORE ENTERING THE STORE The store is nicely maintained and the unique feature of the store is its display. Two products are kept atsignificant distance and that adds to the already perfect display.STORE The clothes are hanged in the middle of the store so that they can easily be checked out and a changing room is ENVIRONMENTalso provided. Nike products are already known in the market for their quality. The products are available in huge variety and colors and the salesmen try their best to satisfy the needs ofcustomers PRODUCTS AND PERSONNEL The only different thing in the staff of Nike from the other stores is that they dont have a particular dress code. Customers are mostly teens. In the fifteen minutes span 3-4 customers visit the store with 0.75 probability beinga teenager.CUSTOMERS Most of the customers buy the products that are ranging between Rs. 2,000- Rs. 6,000.

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