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Nuclear Reactions Review. 1.Radioactive materials have unstable A.electrons . C.protons . B.nuclei . D.neutrons. 2.The type of nuclear radiation that can penetrate farthest through matter is called A.radons . C.neutron emission. B.gamma rays. D.X-rays. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Nuclear Reactions Review

Nuclear Reactions Review11.Radioactive materials have unstableA.electrons.C.protons.B.nuclei.D.neutrons.

22.The type of nuclear radiation that can penetrate farthest through matter is calledA.radons.C.neutron emission.B.gamma rays.D.X-rays.

33.Nuclei with too many or too few neutrons areA.never found.C.unnatural.B.unstable.D.stable.

44.The process by which a nucleus splits into two or more smaller fragments, releasing neutrons and energy is called...A.strong nuclear splitC.change reactionB.fusion.D.fission.

55.Fusion occurs when nucleiA.split.C.mutate.B.combine.D.gain energy.66.A fission chain reaction can be slowed by using materials that willA.absorb some of the neutrons.B.convert some of the neutrons to protons.C.increase the rate of the neutron multiplication.D.decrease the amount of available oxygen in the air.

77.You prepare a large screened-in box, inside which you place several dozen mouse traps. You set each trap and on each mouse trap you place a ping pong ball. You then drop another ping pong ball into the box, which sets off one of the mouse traps, which sets off other mouse traps, and so on. You have just demonstratedA.a chain reaction.C.the theory of relativity.B.fusion.D.alpha decay.

88.Background radiation can come fromA.the sun.C.plants.B.water.D.all of the above

99.Our body tissues are normally protected from most background radiation byA.special deflectors in the atmosphere.B.our outer skin.C.staying indoors or in protected areas.D.special molecules within our bodies that fight radiation.

1010.Short-lived isotopes like magnesium-28 that are used in fields such as geology, agriculture, and medicine are calledA.trace elements.C.carbon tracers.B.radioactive tracers.D.alpha-emitting isotopes.

1111.Radioactive tracers are short-livedA.drugs.C.tumors.B.isotopes.D.rays.

1212. To treat certain brain tumors, doctors can use small beams of ____ that are focused to kill only the tumor cells.A.X-raysC.alpha raysB.beta raysD.gamma rays

1313.The use of nuclear reactors to generate electricity isA.decreasing rapidly.C.found in dozens of countries.B.found only in the United States.D.totally safe.

1414.The ideal location for a radioactive-waste storage facility is one that a sparsely populated area.C.far away from ground an area free from earthquakes.D.all of the above

1515.When a fusion reactor for safely generating energy is developed, the element that could meet Earth's energy demands for millions of years isA.oxygen.C.hydrogen.B.nitrogen.D.lithium.

1616.What two elements are involved in nuclear fusion reactions?A.barium and kryptonC.uranium and hydrogenB.uranium and bariumD.hydrogen and helium

1717.Nuclear reactors use __________ to turn large turbines to produce energyD.steam

1818.Our sun is powered by nuclear __________.A.fissionC.wasteB.fusionD.reactors

1919.Which element is the largest source of radiation in the Earth's crust?A.UraniumC.RadonB.KryptonD.Barium

2020.What is the force that binds protons and neutrons together in the nucleus of an atom called?A.gravityC.strong nuclear forceB.magnetic forceD.air force one

2121.What is the name for the process in which light nuclei combine at extremely high temperatures, forming a heavier nucleus and releasing energy?A.alpha contactC.fusionB.fissionD.change reaction

2222.Name one good use of the energy produced in a controlled chain reaction.A.tanningC.electricityB.x-raysD.nuclear waste

2323.During beta decay, a up two protons and two neutrons.B.maintains the same number of protons and neutrons.C.loses a proton and gains a neutron.D.gains a proton and loses a neutron.

2424.In alpha decay, the mass number of the atom before the decayA.equals the sum of the mass numbers of the products.B.does not change after the the same as the atomic number.D.cannot be determined.

2525.Which of the following occurs in the nucleus during alpha decay?A.Two neutrons and two electrons are gained.B.Two protons and two neutrons are gained.C.Two neutrons and two electrons are lost.D.Two protons and two neutrons are lost.

2626.What changes in the nucleus during nuclear decay by gamma rays? contentC.atomic numberB.atomic massD.All of the above



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