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7.3 Nuclear Reactions. By: HULK And Bruce Banner. Nuclear Fission. Generate power from nuclear fission Split heavy nucleus into 2 lighter nuclei , subatomic particles and energy Large amount of energy released which generate electrical power in nuclear reactor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


7.2 Half-Lives

7.3 Nuclear ReactionsBy: HULKAnd Bruce Banner

1Nuclear Fission

Generate power from nuclear fissionSplit heavy nucleus into 2 lighter nuclei, subatomic particles and energyLarge amount of energy released which generate electrical power in nuclear reactorNo more coal and natural gasProduce radioactive waste that must be stored safely for long time or more Bruce Banners become HULK2Nuclear Reactions

In nuclear reactions, the nuclei of atoms changeProtons, neutrons, electrons or gamma rays can be released (stay away from gamma rays)Unlike chemical reactions, in nuclear reactions, mass can be converted into energySmall changes in mass result in large changes in energy (E = mc2 where c = the speed of light)Induced Nuclear Reactions

Nuclear reactions dont only happen naturally through radioactive decayWhen HULK SMASH nucleus with alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays or neutrons HULK induce nuclear reactionSubatomic Particle Symbols

Rules for Writing Nuclear Equations

Nuclear Fission of Uranium-235

Chain Reactions

Uranium-235 fission release 3 neutrons which can go start other fission reactions which release more neutrons to start more reactions and so on.This process where one reaction starts next, called chain reactionChain reactions in nuclear reactor must be controlled (like Bruce Banner anger) or risk of releasing radiation or explosionsEnrico Fermi used cadmium rods to absorb neutrons in first reactor and control chain reactionCANDU Reactors

CANDU stands for CANadian Deuterium UraniumDeuterium is an isotope of hydrogen with a proton and neutron in nucleusCANDU reactors use uranium fission to create heat which boils water, generating steam which turns turbines to produce electricity

Hazardous Wastes

CANDU reactor fuel is bundles of rods with uranium pelletsEach used for 15 monthsUsed ones very radioactiveStored in water pools for 10 yearsThen transferred to shielded storage containers so scientists dont become like HULKNuclear Fusion

Fusion vs. Fission

Light nuclei SMASH to form heavy nucleusRelease lots of energy if created nucleus as light or lighter than ironProducts not radioactive a ICannot yet be used to generate electrical powerUse in nuclear weapons if enough heat and pressure from fission reaction a I a I a

Heavy nuclei split apart a I aReleases lots of energy if the parent is heavier than ironDaughter isotopes are often radioactiveUsed to generate electrical powerUsed in nuclear weapons itself or to generate the heat and pressure for a fusion reactionVideohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU6y1XIADdg



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