Nostalgia and Sport Facilities

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Nostalgia and Sport Facilities. Nostalgia. Resource to secure and maintain competitive advantage Difficult to manage Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, Lambeau Stadium Actively promote facility as a tourist destination. Structures Within the Building. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Nostalgia and Sport Facilities

Nostalgia and Sport FacilitiesNostalgiaResource to secure and maintain competitive advantageDifficult to manageFenway Park, Wrigley Field, Lambeau StadiumActively promote facility as a tourist destinationStructures Within the BuildingMythologize the past through promotion of past heroic achievements Hall of FameMuseumMonumentsStatuesProduced videosForm a relationship with young prospective members of fan nationAmerican Sports FacilityIcon of past, present and future greatnessCapitalize on heritage and related emotionsStructuresFeaturesArchitectural and aesthetic characteristicsHigh definition video scoreboardNatural grassInteractive ExperiencesPromotes children and adults to visit the facilityInteractive experiences build a symbolic connection and increases spectator commitment

The Olympic FlameOpening Ceremonies

Olympic StadiumTrack Meet Configuration

2012 Flame ControversySymbolism of the FlameRepresents the theft of fire from ZeusServes as a rallying point for what the games are aboutTogetherness, the Olympic spiritOlympic flame moved inside stadium to allow for venue reconfiguringCauldron turned offDismantled & movedTorch re-lit after the moveAn example of how London Organizers are out of touch with regular peoplethe flame is not a tourist attraction Ideally you want to have as many people as possible see itOlympic Games TicketingLondon Organizing CommitteeCorporation and sponsors got the majority of tickets and are not showing upReal fans were left out events were sold outTo fill empty seatsTickets given to students & military personnelTicket holders are given upgrades to better, vacant seatsAllowing for re-sale

Olympic Tickets and RevenuesEstimated total revenue = $7BTicket revenue = 5% - 7% of total revenueTickets folded into the $2.5B received from corporate sponsorsClose to 1000 scalping investigations being conducted


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