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Norway - Trysil. Location & Major Cities. Fast Facts Norway. Capital: Oslo Constitutional monarchy Currency : Norwegian krone (1 = 8 NOK, 1 beer = 10) Prime Minister: Erna Solberg Religion: Evangelican Lutheran Official languages : Norwegian and Sami Population : 5 million - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Norway - Trysil

  • Location & Major Cities

  • Fast Facts NorwayCapital: OsloConstitutional monarchyCurrency: Norwegian krone (1 = 8 NOK, 1 beer = 10)Prime Minister: Erna SolbergReligion: Evangelican LutheranOfficial languages: Norwegian and SamiPopulation: 5 millionEconomy:

  • Fast Facts TrysilOne of Norways 428 municipalities with 6677 inhabitants altogetherConsists of a several small villages the biggest being Innbygda with 2489 inhabitantsNorways biggest ski resortTourism largest source of incomePopular spare time activities are hunting and fishing

  • Places of InterestTrysilfjelletRros Oslo

  • Education

  • What are Norwegians like?Independent Equal rightsAttitude towards managers are informal and on first name basisCommunication is direct, participative and consensus orientatedEmotions are not shown muchLeisure time is important

  • Famous Norwegians - Quiz

    Ylvis - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)

  • A Taste of TrysilWelcome to Trysil

    The Norwegian economy is a prosperous mixed economy, with a private sector, a large state sector, and an extensive social safety net, due to the findings of oil and gas. Norway is the world's second-largest natural gas exporter; and seventh largest oil exporter. Norway opted to stay out of the EU during a referendum in November 1994; nonetheless, as a member of the European Economic Area, it contributes sizably to the EU budget, and thats the reason why we can take part in these Comenius projects. Economy slowed in 2008, but have returned to positive growth now.

    In Trysil we have some economic challenges due to a high number of old people and few new-borns.