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  • Angels’ Herald______________________________________________________________________________________

    Lil’ Angels Corner TOKYO 2020: Japan is trying to

    make sure there

    are enough English

    speakers when it

    hosts the Olympics.

    How can LAIS help

    in this struggle?

    (p. 7)


    HERALD Little Angels International School Newsletter


    TECHNOLOGY Reasons why we learn

    robotics in our School

    (p. 8)

    Issue No. 12 Nothing Is Impossible 15 June 2018

    Dance Club p. 5

    LAIS calligraphy club p. 5

    Table tennis club

    p. 8

    LAIS in Ajinomoto stadium: Niko (Y9) and Mayu (Y11) competed fantastically!

    “What I learnt from competing in

    Mitaka’s Running Tournament on the

    5th of May was that with the right

    training and motivation you can

    achieve anything you want!” said

    Nikolas after LAIS first official

    participation in a State competition.

    Our School participated in the 61st

    Mi t ak a C i t y T r ack an d F i e ld

    Championship Competition and the

    results were fantastic: A silver and a

    bronze medal for each of our

    champions! The event was organised

    by Mitaka City Track and Field

    Recording Association and our

    students had to compete with adults

    and semi-professional athletes. Continued on p.3


    Okada Masao Taisei High School Principal

    LAIS Project Day p. 10-11

    Our Champions and Mitaka’s future Champions

    On June 1st, 2018 an interview was

    conducted with the

    Principal of Taisei High

    School, located just

    across Little Angels.

    Taisei High School is

    one of the largest and

    well-equipped High

    Schools in Japan. The

    School includes 38

    classes, 36 different

    types of club activities,

    and an overwhelming

    number of 1,398

    students. Continued on p. 6

  • LIFE IN JAPAN Kieran Veal (Y6)

    LIVING IN JAPAN, my life is very different from living in

    Australia, because the streets are a lot

    narrower. The most different part has

    been going to school. In Australia, we

    don’t have to take a special bag.

    I can remember my brother’s first day

    when he went to school. We had a

    ceremony, where everyone was

    dressed up, but my brother wore

    normal clothes!

    Another different thing was

    translating for my parents. I didn’t

    like to translate. Now I try my best

    translating for them, even though, I

    still don’t like it. When I go to the

    supermarket I try to read the kanji but

    there are a lot that I can’t read. I have

    to ask. The only problem is that when

    Japanese people speak they mumble

    a lot, so I don’t understand, but I try

    my best to listen.

    There are two things that I think are

    so amazing. It is the manners the

    Japanese have. In Australia a lot of

    people have good manners. Living in

    Japan made me wonder why their

    manners are so good. I think in Japan

    people have good and nice hearts

    that’s why they have good manners.

    Then, comes trash: daily, they

    separate plastic and other materials

    and dump it in proper places. I think

    that is extremely convenient for

    everybody. They have a schedule

    too! It tells you when, where, and

    what time the rubbish needs to be

    thrown out. I think that is very useful.

    Japan is a very small country, but it is

    very safe and a nice environment to

    live in. I’m glad I live in Japan!

    Angels’ Herald______________________________________________________________________________page 2



    Parth More (Y5)

    On April, 2018, Year 1 to Year 5 of my school, Little Angels

    International School, went to attend an art competition at the Mitaka

    Fire Station. It was my first time to visit a fire station.

    I was a little nervous about my first experience. We left the school

    at 9:15 a.m. to reach the venue by 9:30 a.m. I was partnered with

    my friend, Rei, from Year 4. We played a lot of games enroute.

    When we reached there, I saw five bright red coloured fire trucks

    and a red and white ambulance. I was a little nervous initially, and

    then I was not, because we learned a lot of new things there.

    We learned that they purchase a new fire truck every year. Then the

    station chief showed us their new fire truck which they had recently

    bought. I am interested in automobiles, you see, so this was all very

    exciting for me.

    Then we learned an important thing - how to use a fire extinguisher:

    Step 1-remove the knob

    Step 2- remove the hose

    Final step-Press the handle down for the foam to come out.

    Then two teachers tried it – Mrs. Shibata and Mrs. Aparna. The

    chief chooses a kid too, every year. This year they chose Aoi to try

    out the fire extinguisher.

    Then we started to draw. I was amazed when I saw a fire fighter

    wearing a very thick coat on a very hot day. This was a fire proof

    coat, which they use during the emergencies and rescue missions.

    I learned a lot of things that day. That day was the best in my life.

    Angels’ Herald_____________________________________________________________________________page 11

    Dinosaur from recycled material - ES

    Devil Island - ES

    Map of Spain - ES Earth’s layers - ES

    Japanese UNESCO sites - ES Crafts – Ruby Angels

    Faces - JKG Geomorphology Diorama –HS

  • Angels’ Herald______________________________________________________________________________page 4 Angels’ Herald______________________________________________________________________________page 9


    Asahi Takeda (Y6)

    This year’s Y5 and Y6 went to India from 27th January to 7th February. Our school, Little Angels International

    School organizes this trip every two years. The purpose of this trip is to learn about a different country, their

    lifestyle, culture, and history.

    We started the trip on January 27th. Our flight to Delhi, India took eight hours. We traveled by bus to our hotel,

    - Hilton Garden Inn. There were ten of us- eight children and two teachers. The children were Rena, Io,

    Miho, Watoh, Tetsuhiko, Rino, Mira and me. We were

    accompanied by Ms. Sanku and Ms. Deepa.

    In Delhi, we visited the Qutub Minar. The design of the

    monument was beautiful. Our guide, Mr. Hussain told us

    interesting facts about it like who built it, why and how long it

    takes to climb up. I was surprised that it was all made by hand.

    Our stay at Pathways World School, Aravali was very good. The

    students were very friendly. My buddy, Padmaja, was very

    helpful and kind.

    I really, really liked the musical performance at the Kingdom of

    Dreams. The name of the show was “Zangoora”. I was surprised

    that the performance was so good and wondered how they

    practiced for it.

    While I didn’t like my own presentation about Japan we made

    at Pathways School, as I was so nervous about making a

    mistake, but strangely the others liked our presentation.

    After three days at the school, we went to Jaipur. We stayed at

    the hotel Radisson Blu, Jaipur.

    We rode elephants at the Amber Fort. The fort was very

    high. I wanted to ride again. We also visited City Palace,

    Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, and Jewelry Factory. I

    really liked the Jewelry Factory. I bought some Jewelry

    for my mother and me. Everything was so beautiful!

    In Ranthambhor, we had an afternoon Safari. We

    couldn’t see a tiger in the afternoon, but we saw lots of

    other animals. We saw a few tiger cubs during our

    morning Safari. We also watched a magic show at

    Vivanta Hotel, where we had stayed in Ranthambhor.

    In Agra I was interested in local shops. They were so

    different from what we have in Japan! We stayed at

    DoubleTree Hilton hotel in Agra.

    Taj Mahal was beautiful. I’d seen it in pictures, but I was

    very very happy to see it with my own eyes.

    On the last day in India we watched a movie,

    “Paddington 2”. I really wanted to watch it so I was

    happy. We also attended a birthday party with Ms.

    Deepa’s family. It was fun!

    On our flight back to Japan, I thought the trip to India was good. I learned lots of new things in India. In

    order to learn more, I wanted to go on such a trip again, maybe with my family next time.

    CAPOEIRA Miho Hatanaka (Y6)

    Capoeira is a Brazilian dance style martial arts with music and rhythm. There are many moves like dance

    steps. The beginners start with learning Ginga, which is a basic capoeira walking step. There are instruments

    used for music in capoeira. Some of these are:

    Berimbau - A musical bow with strings. A long stick is used for playing the mu