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<ol><li> 1. nickchubbindustrial design portfolio 07930 856 096 @nick_chubb 20, W13 0TF </li><li> 2. SUMMARY 3+ years consumer product design experience for globally distributed brands. Selected by Develop3D as one of the Top 5 New Designers in the UK. 1st Class Masters Degree in Product Design from Sheffield Hallam University. Very good knowledge of injection moulding. Professionally trained in SolidWorks. QUALIFICATIONS Sheffield Hallam University 2008-2012 The Hayfield Sixth Form 2006-2008 MDes Product Design (1st Class Hons) 4 A Levels incl. Product Design Shortlisted to exhibit at New Designers 2012 and Creative Spark Exhibition in Sheffield. Runner-Up and Certificate of Merit: 02 Future Mobile Communications Design Comp. Seating concept featured on Trendhunter, worlds leading blog for cutting edge ideas. Several live projects with companies including P&amp;G, 02 and Evolution Power Tools. Successfully completed SolidWorks 5-Day Essentials Course through Cadtek. KEY SKILLS Brief, Research &amp; Concept Understanding and interpreting a brief correctly. Creating design briefs for external businesses. Generating ideas and thinking laterally, whilst staying on point. Market/ user/trend research, conducting focus groups, hall tests and getting to the route of a problem. Sketching, marker rendering, digital sketching and Photoshop rendering. An appreciation of who exactly the product is for, what exactly it should do and how the product ultimately reflects what the brand is trying to achieve. Listening to the ideas of others and presenting concept proposals through powerful, concise presentations. Design Development Understanding and implementing a brands visual DNA. Developing form. Working out usability requirements and testing these through building prototypes and user trialling. Material knowledge. Plastics. Fabrics. Colour ranges. Finishes. Injection moulding knowledge. A sound understanding of how things work and how they fit together. High competence in SolidWorks solid modelling. Basic use of SolidWorks surface modelling. Rendering. Creating unambiguous product specifications. Software &amp; Other Skills SolidWorks, KeyShot, Photoview 360, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, MakerBot Desktop, Wacom Tablets, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, iMovie, WordPress. Mac &amp; PC. Product Photography, Photo Editing, Brand Identities, Packaging, Character Illustration, Copywriting, WordPress Web Design. Currently learning Mandarin. EXPERIENCE Product Designer, Lifemarque 12/2013 - Present Designing outdoor, travel and nursery products from concept to production for Lifesystems, Lifeventure and award-winning nursery brand, LittleLife. Working on plastic injection moulded products, structural packaging and soft goods. As lead designer for Lifeventure and Lifesystems, I am responsible for everything from research and concept to usability, visualisations, design development and CAD. Communicating with suppliers through detailed and unambiguous spec packs. Attending international trade shows and visting factories in the Far East. Junior Product Designer, Mamas &amp; Papas 10/2012 - 7/2013 Designing pushchairs, highchairs, toys, user interfaces for electronic baby swings and other premium nursery products for the global market. All stages of the design process from market and user research, concept generation and form development/styling, to solving technical issues, defining the usability requirements, building prototypes and presenting to the board of directors. Furniture Design Intern, Daniel Schofield Studio 8/2012 - 10/2012 Development, styling, 3D visuals and technical drawings for various furniture pieces to be launched at LDF 2012. One piece, Shifty, received a New Design Britain Award. Product/Packaging Design Intern, The Source UK 7/2012 - 8/2012 New concepts, rendered visuals and building mock-ups for homeware/cookware projects and packaging designs. Clients including Homebase and Taylors Eye Witness. Design/Marketing Intern, Rocket Powered Design 11/2010 - 7/2011 Research and concept generation for a number of unique, human-centred projects set by the MD. Also worked on graphic design, branding, copywriting and web usability. REFERENCES Keiran Perkins, NPD Manager David Kidd, Design Director Mamas &amp; Papas Ltd, HD5 0RH The Source UK Ltd, DE45 1GT 01484 438 2000 01629 815 600 INTERESTS ICE HOCKEY FILM SELF IMPROVEMENT TABLETENNIS MANDARIN CARD MAGIC WORLDTRAVEL </li><li> 3. Armadillo Flip </li><li> 4. iCandy Strawberry Babyjogger City Versa Babystyle Oyster Mamas &amp; Papas Armadillo Flip ? Mamas &amp; Papas Armadillo Forward &amp; Rear Facing THE TASK Design a lightweight, forward and rear-facing pushchair with a compact fold in both directions, that encompasses the newly defined visual brand DNA. Market analysis suggests the solution would have significant competitive advantage. Compact Fold In One Direction Compact Fold In Both Directions Lightweight Research Concept Generation Usability Form/Styling Photoshop Visuals Prototypes User Testing Technical Problems Presentations PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES </li><li> 5. EXTRA PADDING AT HEAD/SHOULDERS SLOTS FOR HARNESS ADJUSTMENT FEMALE POPPER INTEGRATED INTO MOULD FOR SOFT GOODS ATTACHMENT RELEASE LEVER ON HANDLE LEG BASE </li><li> 6. armadillo flip </li><li> 7. GIVING BIRTH. WHY ARE WE DOING IT ALL WRONG WHEN CHIMPS ARE DOING IT RIGHT? WINNER DEVELOP3D TOP 5 NEW DESIGNERS New Designers Exhibition, London 2012 </li><li> 8. Giving birth laying flat on your back is clearly harmful and needs to be eradicated UPRIGHT BIRTH POSITIONS SUCH AS KNEELING AND SQUATTING (LIKE CHIMPS) HAVE BEEN MEDICALLY PROVEN TO BENEFIT MOTHER AND BABY. PROBLEM? WE HARDLY USE THEM. </li><li> 9. FRAME ENCAPSULATED IN SONIC-WELDED ABS SHELL DOMED LUGS HOLD CUSHION IN PLACE CUSHION FORMED BY REACTION INJECTION MOULDING STOOL FOR MIDWIFE </li><li> 10. ADJUSTABLE BACKREST NON-SLIP HANDLE GRIPS RETRACTABLE CASTORSREMOVABLE CUSHIONS PULL-OUT STOOL </li><li> 11. COLLAR TO ATTACH STRAP PIVOTING SPOUT. PUSH DOWN TO REVEAL DE-BOSSED BRANDING ON FRONT CAP. PAD PRINT ON BODY LIFESYSTEMS WATER FILTRATION BOTTLE </li><li> 12. SIDE ACTION IN MOULD TO CREATE TAB ON CLASP LIFESYSTEMS BRANDING DE-BOSSED &amp; POLISHED. REST OF BOX MATTE LIFESYSTEMS WATER PURIFICATION TAB BOX Lifesystems were producing two hard cases for many years. One for chlorine, another for chlorine dioxide. The cases were bulky and unnecessarily complex. My re-design is now in production, liked for its modern appearance and ability to cater for both tablet types - reducingthecapitalexpenditureontoolingandallowingthecompany to buy much larger volumes with one order, also reducing unit cost. </li><li> 13. CHLORINE DIOXIDE </li><li> 14. ELASTICATED LASHINGS FOR EXTRA STORAGE ADJUSTABLE BACKSYSTEM </li><li> 15. ADJUSTABLE BACK SYSTEM UNIQUE LITTLELIFE ANCHOR POINTGOOD STORAGE WITH STRETCH POCKET ON SIDES AND ZIP COMPARTMENT ON BACK </li><li> 16. COUNCIL MAINTENANCE WORKERS PLANT THOUSANDS OF BULBS IN PUBLIC SPACES ACROSS THE COUNTRY. WHY DO THEY USE THE SAME BULB PLANTER AS MY DAD? </li><li> 17. RUBBER OVERMOULDED HANDLE CHARGING PORT ON BACK </li><li> 18. FEATURED TRENDHUNTER 2012 | Featured Concept 2012 CAN PUBLIC SEATING BE MORE ENGAGING? CAN IT ADAPT OR CHANGE TO SUIT THE NEEDS OF BOTH INVIDUALS AND GROUPS? </li><li> 19. USE SOLAR ENERGY TO GENERATE HEAT ON A COLD DAY AND SPRAY MIST WHEN HOT ENCOURAGE SHARING SPACE WITH WIFI USERS BUILD THEIR OWN ARRANGEMENT DEPENDING ON THEIR NEEDS MULTI-USE. UPRIGHT = CHAIR LAY FLAT = WORK POD ORBIT SEAT PODS TO ARRANGE IN DIFFERENT COMBINATIONS </li><li> 20. Six pods move around an inner or outer ring and can each rotate individually, creating a framework that allows for many different arrangements. Spin the pods to adjust the height. Holes in base prevent water collecting. Screw-stop mech means the pods cant be screwed all the way off when spinning to adjust height. </li><li> 21. VISUAL CONFLICT / INCOHESIVE RANGE I believe the current footwear offering by Under Armour doesnt reflect the clean, uncluttered visual DNA that the brand champions in its apparel range. I set out to conceptualise a shoe that does. </li><li> 22. DAB RADIOS. WHY DO SO MANY HAVE THE SCREEN AND CONTROLS FACING DIRECTLY FORWARDS WHEN WE ALL PUT THEM ON A SURFACE BELOW OUR EYELINE? </li><li> 23. FRONT PANEL PROJECTS UPWARDS TO USER CONTROLS ON TOP FOR BETTER ACCESS </li><li> 24. slant </li><li> 25. WINNER Shifty Daniel Schofield Studio NEW DESIGN BRITAIN AWARD 2013 New Design Britain Awards 2013 </li><li> 26. nickchubb 07930 856 096 @nick_chubb 20, W13 0TF </li></ol>