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Created by GenR Media, the purpose of the New York Patient Portal is to provide residents with easy, seamless access to their medical records.


  • 1. Introduction - GenR Media We are a team of experienced designers, programmers, and project managers with years of digital experience in the healthcare market eager to help solve problems with digital solutions! Project Team: Andrew Stanger - President Over 13 years healthcare experience, specializing in content delivery through digital media Stephen Glicker - Chief Technology Officer Has designed interactive digital solutions for a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies Mattie Nash - Creative Director Graphic design experience in various industries for over 11 years Leigh Cole - Project Director Over 9 years healthcare experience in project management, marketing, editorial development

2. NY Patient Portal Objectives To provide New York residents with easy, seamlessaccess to their medical records and medical history To provide healthcare professionals and facilities aportal to access their patients medical records andmedical history To arm New York residents with complete medicalhistory they can take to multiple healthcareprofessionals and facilities for continuous care 3. NY Patient Portal Log-in Email will be sent toall NY residentsproviding a securelink to log in After clicking on thelink, users will beprompted to changetheir password The new passwordwill now allow theusers access to thesite when needed 4. Consent Management Users can view andmanage allhealthcare facilitiesability to accessmedical records In this prototype,submit button is notactive 5. Audit Access Users can view whohas obtained accessto their medicalrecords Entries in red denoteunauthorized access 6. Medical Profile - General This is a quick profile withgeneral patient informationlisted on the left-hand side Current medications and dosing listed (left) Current allergies, reactions and doctors listed (left) Contact information for current physicians (left) Weekly schedule (top) In this prototype, the MyRecords buttons are not active 7. Medical Profile - My Snapshot This is an easy tounderstand snapshotview of the usersmedical history Shows an outline of abody with pastmedical issues andprocedureshighlighted In this prototype version,the snapshot containsplaceholder data 8. Medical Profile - Appointments Users can easily viewupcoming appointments,scheduled proceduresduring a hospital visit,and pending lab tests Users can track pastappointments andprocedures In this prototype, theShow More... links arenot active 9. Medical Profile - Medical History This feature displays pastailments, social history,and family history In this prototype, theShow More... links arenot active 10. Medical Profile - Lab Results Users can view lab/test results and storepast results In this prototypeversion, the ShowMore... links are notactive 11. Medical Profile - Immunizations Users can easilyview their pastimmunizations toidentify any missingrequiredimmunizations Users can send thisrecord to healthcareprofessionals foranalysis 12. Educational Materials Users can easily viewmaterials aboutsecurity of the siteand their privacyrights In this prototype,placeholder linkshave been used toshow how this pagewill function and whattype of information itwill display 13. Inbox A communicationsystem built into theportal to allow usersto communicate theirmedical history andhealthcare needs tomedicalprofessionals andreceive results andhelpful information In this prototype, theemail is not active 14. Profile Users can appoint anin case ofemergency person togrant proxy accessto their account Users can view whohas granted themproxy access andcan view account byclicking on the name In this prototype, theUpdate button is notactive


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