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  • 1. New Teacher Orientation Asheboro City Schools August 9-11, 2010 Starting on the Right Foot

2. Welcome to ACS

  • Candybar Test!
  • Directions:Select a candybar.
  • Did you select a:
  • Baby Ruth?
  • Three Musketeers?
  • Butterfinger?
  • Snickers?
  • Herseys?
  • Almond Joy?
  • Clark?
  • What does your candybar choice say tell us about yourpersonality?

3. Handshake Activity

  • 1 . Greet someone in the group with ahandshake.
  • 2. Introduce yourself.
  • 3. Discuss with your partner your expectations for the next three days.
  • 4. At the signal, find another person,and repeat steps 1-3.

4. Parking Lot

  • What are your top three concerns or questions that you hope to have addressed or answered during this orientation?


  • Every day millions of students arrive at American classrooms in search of more than reading and math skills. They are looking for a light in the darkness of their lives, a Good Samaritan who will stop and bandage a burned heart or ego.
  • -Jim Trelease

6. 7. The Effective Teacher

  • The 4 Stages of Teaching
  • Fantasy
  • Survival
  • Mastery
  • Impact

Reference:Ryan, Kevin.The Induction of New Teachers,Fastback 237.Bloomington, IN:Phi DeltaKappa, 1986. 8.

  • The very first day of school is the most important day of the school year WhatEFFECTIVE TEACHERSdo on the very first day will determine the success of the class.
  • Harry Wong, (2009),The First Days of School .

9. The Effective Teacher

  • 1.Is A Good Classroom Manager
  • 2.Designs Lessons To Reach
  • Mastery
  • 3.HasPositive ExpectationsThat
  • Students Will Be Successful

Reference:Good, Thomas L. and Jere Brophy.Looking in Classrooms .Harper-Collins, 1994, pp. 376-377. 10. Creating AClimate For Learning

  • Effective teachers believe that all students can learn and be successful. Effective teachers consciously create a climate in which all students feel included. Effective teachers believe that there is potential in each learner and commit to finding the key that will unlock the potential.
  • Gregory & Chapman. (2007).Differentiated Instructional Strategies: One Size Doesnt Fit All.


  • Closely related to teachers behavior is the development of a classroom climate conducive to good thinkingstudents cannot think well in a harsh, threatening situationTeachers can make their classrooms more thoughtful places by demonstrating in their actions that they welcome originality and differences of opinion.
  • Marzano. (1992). Dimensions of Learning.

12. The Seven Things Students Want to Know on the First Day of School

  • Am I in the right room?
  • Where am I supposed to sit?
  • What are the rules in this classroom?
  • What will I be doing this year?
  • How will I be graded?
  • Who is the teacher as a person?
  • Will you treat me as a human being?
  • (Wong, Harry.(2009). The First Days of School .


  • Group Norms

Table Talk 14. Group Norms

  • Be on time.(Repsonsibility)
  • Turn off pagers or cell phones.(Respect)
  • No sidebar conversations.(Respect, Self-discipline)
  • Listen.(Respect)
  • Honor one anothers strengths and differences.(Honesty, Respect, Self-discipline)
  • Share your ideas.(Citizenship)
  • Give credit for others ideas.(Kindness)
  • Participate.(Courage)


  • Learning from the Past
  • Cooperative Group
  • Activity
  • Directions:
  • 1.Select a Facilitator, Recorder, Reporter, and a Runner.
  • 2. Use the chart paper provided. Divide the paper into two columns:
  • Least Favorite Teacher and Most Favorite Teacher.
  • 3. Think of the very best teacher that you had while you were in school.What qualities did that teacher have that made him/her special.List those qualities in the appropriate column. Repeat these directions for your least favorite teacher.
  • 4. Share!
  • 5. Debrief roles for cooperative learning.

16. BRE AK 17. The Seven ThingsTeachersWant to Know on the First Day of New Teacher Orientation

  • Am I in the right room?
  • Where am I supposed to sit?
  • What are the rules in this classroom?
  • What will I be doing this year?
  • How will I be graded?
  • Who is the teacher as a person?
  • Will you treat me as a human being?


  • Asheboro City Schools Beginning Teacher/Mentor Support Program

Asheboro City Schools 19. Parking Lot

  • What additional thoughts/questions do you have about the Beginning Teacher Support/Induction Program?


  • LUNCH!
  • Thank you
  • Chick-Fil-A !

21. Panel Discussion

  • Ms. Nicholl Hicks Teacher/DLL
  • Ms. Erin Wenger Teacher/DLL
  • Mr. Chris Burian Teacher/LP
  • Ms. Jill Snotherly Teacher/GBT
  • Ms. Kristen Chalifoux Teacher/CWM
  • Ms. Jamie Cope Art/SAMS
  • Ms. Makenzie Lore Teacher/NAMS
  • Ms. Leigh Jones Principal/NAMS
  • Ms. Ann Carol Grant Principal/SAMS
  • Ms. Julie Pack Administrator/BCA
  • Ms. Sherry Ficquette AP/GBT

22. Special Guest

  • Dr. Brad Rice,Director of Support Services
    • Educational Law: What every new teacher needs to know!
    • Deborah Greenblatt legislation
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Bullying
    • Other Hot Topics!

23. Thinking Maps

  • SMART BOARD Activity !

24. Wrap Up!

  • Day 2: Report to your school.
    • 8:00 3:00 pm
  • Day 3: Report to the Central Office Board Room.
      • 8:30 -4:00 pm

25. Reflections/Comments What I am taking away today, What I still hope to get,. 26. That Noble Title Teacher A s you begin this school year, may you remember the fine nuances and the distinguishing essence of that proud wordTeacher . Let you be reminded of the tools you have at your command, because of your talents, your traits, and your trainingand because you chose to become a Teacher. Teacher you are a poet, as you weave with your colorful magic language a passion for your subject. You create a vast and grand mosaic of curiosities to imagine, secrets to unfold, connections only to begin the cycle of learning. Teacher you are a physicist, as you bring magic, logic, reason, and wonder to the properties, changes and interactions of our universe. Teacher you are a maestro, a master of composing as you conduct and orchestrate individuals thoughts and actions from discordant cacophony into harmonic resonance. Teacher you are an architect, as you provide each student a solid foundation, but always with a vision of the magnificent structure that is about to change. Teacher you are a gymnast, as you encourage the contortions and gyrations of thoughts and the flexing and strengthening of ideas. Teacher you are a diplomat and the ambassador of tact and sensitivity, as you facilitate productive, positive interactions among the multiplicity of personalities and cultures, beliefs, and ideals. Teacher you are a philosopher, as your actions and ethics convey meaning and hope to young people who look to you for guidance and example. -Trish Marcuzzo Omaha Public Schools 27. Reflections/Comments What I am taking away today, What I still hope to get,.