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  • NEW Music Video Idea

  • During Music Video coursework planning, as my drag queen concept was on such a grand scale, there were various elements that were holding me back. These included the availability of my videos location (Propaganda nightclub) and the reliability of my drag performers. As I result of this, I realised I wanted to completely change my track and idea, although genre still remaining the same, to a concept more suitable and appropriate for me. I found the following track:Echoes- Silhouettes

    And set about creating a new concept.

  • My old research still stood. I still wanted my visuals to be unusual and unique. For inspiration, I looked back at the band In This Moments videos, gaining many ideas/inspiration for their work. For example:

  • I knew I wanted blood (make-up) and literal body parts within my video. (animal hearts, of which I would get from the butchers).I desired to have bold/strong make-up also upon my protagonist- similar to that shown on the female performer above. With my performer stood before a backdrop, like above. Using snoot lighting to higher the contrast and definition of my performer.I perhaps would also dress my performer in a childlike dress/costume to boost the obscurity of the videoThese faceless mask, I like the idea of also

  • Also within my video, I wish to include a church graveyard/abandoned housing with my protagonist within; giving an haunting feel. For example:

    Delta Rae- Dance in the GraveyardsKelly Clarkson- Behind Those Hazel Eyes

  • Costume ideasId like my performer to wear a white gown/nightie of some sort which adds to the creepiness of the track:

    I want my visuals to be extremely eerie, therefore my performer wearing a white gown within a graveyard/uncomfortable surroundings is similar to the clich horror film character type. For example: