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Nens is a nursery & Preschool located in 6 of October City has an affiliation with Förskolan flygande mattan – Stockholm – Sweden. The affiliation comes in order that the teachers, students and parents achieve their pre-school educational goals. Enhance teachers’ education capacity with the international comparative understanding of child’s education and knowledge/behavior improvement



    Welcome to Nens Kindergarten in 6 October City, Egypt.

    We are a family run, friendly and homely nursery.

    We realize choosing a nursery is one of the most important decisions for you as a parent.

    We therefore aim to make this a comfortable and worry free experience for both yourself and most importantly your child.

    We pride ourselves on our happy, stimulating, inclusive, comfortable and challenging environment to help our children reach their full potential.

    Please feel free to call at any time to visit the Nursery with your child where you will receive a warm welcome.

    We hope your child will be very happy with us.

    Regards Nursery Manager


    Nens is a nursery & Preschool located in 6 of October City has an affiliation with Frskolan flygande mattan Stockholm Sweden.

    The affiliation comes in order that the teachers, students and parents achieve their pre-school educational goals. Enhance teachers education capacity with the international comparative understanding of childs education and knowledge/behavior improvement.


    Staff working within Nens provides a key worker role for their children. This provides a secure relationship for both the child and their family. Staff is able to form bonds which enable the children to settle happily with a familiar face.

    Key workers will provide a record of your childs day at Nens in their home/nursery book.

    They will also complete a progress report for you twice a year and continually keep a learning journey and profile of your childs development. This information is kept in your childs drawer in our entrance hall, and is available to you at all times.


    Meals: In cooperation with QTS Catering (Fully Licensed and registered Catering Company), we provide healthy and well-balanced meals, which includes breakfast, lunch and snacks. Moreover, we also make sure the children drink sufficient fluids while in our care. With regard to food, we strive to use regional as well as organic products.

    Transportation: Bus transportation is provided for kids (Optional). If your kid is eligible to the ride Nens bus, you will receive information about your childs bus route, times, and stop location from your home kindergarten prior to the first day of Nens.

    Medical Care: The most important thing for any parent is the health of their child. Nens kindergarten provides constant medical observation and weekly health examinations for our children. In the case of any early symptoms a medical nurse can then react immediately, this way we are able to avoid the chance of the children infecting each other.


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    Nens students will be actively engaged in developing mathematical understandings in real and relevant context.


    Students will receive instruction in reading, writing and listening, speaking & viewing.


    Kids will use inquiry to focus on questions about the world around them, including questions related to earth science, physical science and life science.


    Children at Nens become involved in building block structures that extend imaginative play, promote language development, increase mathematical and scientific understanding, and improve their ability to control the environment.


    We keep in this center a big variety of stories for kids to give them a chance to pick any story and try to read it.


    We have this center where children play and act. We change this center every month according to the monthly theme.


    Whats better than investing your kids free time in some art and craft work. At nens we give the kids some simple crafts to make, and also some art and craft project ideas for children to do.


    We have at nens a high level of safety playground where kids can play, run, garden and make an open air fun day with creative ideas.


    Recent research done at the University of California indicates that young children involved in consistent music instruction have a greater ability to grasp concepts that are also essential to the understanding of math and science.


    This activity is important in Nens program, so provision of suitable space for simple cooking projects are part of our plan. Cooking is one of several kinds of activities that can be enhanced by community participation

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    PLAY DOUGH Play dough invites children to engage in meaningful and creative play and offers teachers ways of seeing childrens unique strengths, needs, and interests so as to build a solid foundation for future schooling.

    Nens is providing Quran learning for Muslims by a certified Quran teacher.



    The purpose of the After School Center is to provide a safe, happy, caring and wholesome environment for elementary school age children after the school day has ended. Our basic aims are to increase the general security of your child and to promote his or her personal adjustment while enhancing their social relations with their peers.

    After school activities involve snacks, indoor activities and outdoor play and supervision of homework. To assist them in doing their homework, we ask that if you wish it to be done here, that you sign the appropriate enrollment form. If your child has any special reports, projects or reading, please advise us. In this way we can assist them if needed and are aware of the date that the assignment is due.

    Our teachers and counselors assist the children with their work as well as checking that assignments are completed. Homework is done after snack. When the children have completed their assignments, they are allowed to participate in the various activities that are available to them. These activities allow them to get a lot of exercise and the opportunity to release stored energy after six hours at school.

  • Nens Kindergarten Website

    More than just a kindergarten website

    Our official website is designed not just for presenting the kindergarten; its also designed to create an engagement among Nens, parents and their children. The website includes three main sections beside the other sections which is carefully designed to describe our kindergarten in a comprehensive way to let you feel like you are already in the place. This feeling is because all of the visual material used in the website is copyrighted to Nens kindergarten in order to reflect the real image of the nursery.

    The Three Sections are:

    1- News & Events Where parents always will be aware of our announcements, news, and events.

    2- Parents Blog We decided to create a blog for the parents to post tips, articles, and all important stuff about children that may help them developing their children beside Nens. We at Nens believe that Parents are our partners

    3- My Kid Nens Kindergarten has developed this section to allow all member parents follow up and find out all things about their child/children during his/their staying at the kindergarten such as :

    a. Memorable Photos. b. Medical Reports. c. Weekly Statistics about the child. d. Updated requirements list. e. Advices from Nens. f. Progress Chart.



    The original copy of the childs/ childrens Birth Certificate 4 personal photo of the child (46)

    Copy of the parents/Guardians ID

    Medical History File if available (Recommended)

    Admission application (Filled in at Nens)

    The application form for a childs acceptance should be given by parents or guardian in person.

    After the review of the application you will have an individual meeting where you can discuss details about your childs future life at the kindergarten.

    Reception of the documents is done by the director of Nens kindergarten.


    STARTING TIME: 8.00 AM LEAVING TIME: 4.00 PM Extra hours upon your request

    Other Options

    One Day Visit.

    One Week Visit.

    Weekend Visit.

    After School Visit.

    Kids Occasions Parties.

    For more information Or Call / 01015104409

    Nens kindergarten is able to accept children from the ages of 2 months to 5 years old as long as there are available places. Children can be registered accordingly to their parents or mentors choice and will.


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  • ADDRESS 172, The Sixth Touristic Zone, Motamayez District, 6 of October City

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    Call us anytime from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on 01015104409