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  • Neighbourhood Guides Roncesvalles Neighbourhood Guide
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan2 The Basics The SchoolsThe HomesThe Shops The CommuteThe Map Next Page Roncesvalles Village Affectionately known by locals as Roncy Roncesvalles Ave is the backbone of this intimate yet bustling neighbourhood. Currently one of the finalists in Canadas Top Neighbourhoods Contest, Roncesvalles Village boasts a vibrant, family oriented, cozy personality. Replete with boutiques, cafes, restaurants, grocers, bakeries, butchers, library, schools and movie theatre etc. you can stroll thru the neighbourhood and find every daily need/want within blocks of your home. And many local businesses are conducted with an eye for environmentally responsible products and services a refreshing, culturally relevant atmosphere - Alternative Grounds Caf, Statis Preserves, Mari ClaRo Sustainable Designs, to name a few. Some of Toronto Lifes top 400 Restaurants call Roncesvalles home Bar Salumi, Barque Smokehouse (voted #2 in the city for Best BBQ and #1 for Best Brunch!), Brads, Cowbell (voted $4 in the city for Best House Made Pickles) and Lardon. There are many other fabulous restaurants as well Domani, Fat Cat Wine Bar, Butlers Pantry etc. Roncesvalles is chock full of great eats. With fresh produce stores and a local Sobeys - grocery shopping is a pleasure, especially when you can stop at one of the local bakeries for a fresh loaf of bread and a florist for a posy for the table. That is if you dont stop to see a movie instead. The Revue Cinema is Canadas oldest, unchanged move theatre. It plays current features and oldies alike and is a cherished amenity in this community. And the necessities are equally close. Roncesvalles Village has access to three Public and two Catholic elementary schools, and two Public and two Catholic secondary schools. Daycares abound and some are even located within the schools themselves.
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan3 The Basics The SchoolsThe HomesThe Shops The CommuteThe Map Next Page Many faiths are represented with local, well established churches including Catholic, United and Baptist. St Joes Hospital has been providing healthcare to Torontonians for over 100 years. It has an excellent, separate Paediatric ER, a walk in clinic and has been recently updated. There are health food stores, holistic centres, and Yoga and Pilates studios, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, RMTs, optometrists, pharmacistsall with offices on Roncesvalles Ave. And for our four legged family members, there are several veterinary clinics and pet daycares with pet supplies. Two legged and four legged creatures alike will enjoy being this close to High Park, where strolling Torontos largest park is pure luxury just like everything else in Roncy, it is literally a few minutes walk from Roncesvalles Ave. And on those days when work calls there is no better connected commuters hub than Roncy. One of Torontos oldest streetcar depots, you cant get further than two blocks without hitting a major artery of some sort. Subway, streetcar and highway routes are all connected to this area. Roncesvalles Villages history is equally varied and is forever linked with High Park as most of the land west of Roncesvalles was previously owned by the Howard Family. To the East, Colonel Walter O'Hara owned most of the land, living on West Lodge estate. The Colonel named Roncesvalles after one of his famous/favourite battles - in the Roncesvalles gorge where he fought during the Battle of the Pyrenees in 1813. The trend continued and there are other nods to his family members throughout the village Marion St. (named for his wife), and Constance St. (named for his daughter). Fermanagh St. is the county of his birth in Ireland. Come and explore these streets and more for yourself Roncesvalles Village is a wonderful place to visitbut an even better place to live!
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan4 The BasicsThe SchoolsThe HomesThe Shops The Commute The Map Next Page Main Street Church School Hospital *this would be designed properly by Bridget or a Graphic Designer.
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan5 The Basics The Schools The HomesThe Shops The Commute The Map Next Page
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan6 The Basics The Schools The Homes The Shops The CommuteThe Map Next Page Strolling is the name of the game for Roncy shoppers. Boutiques with local flair and socially conscientious product are abundant. Most stores are locally owned and operated. Mari ClaRo has been celebrated in the New York Times for its line of sustainable design clothing and accessories. Scout is an independent gift shop specializing in handmade and Canadian designers. Fresh Collective is a Designer Run Boutique featuring Canadian designers and clothing. And the food shops feature the same attention to detail - lovely bakeries such as 7th Sister Bakery and Mabels Bakery were both listed in Torontos Top 250 food shops by Toronto Life magazine. 7th Sister is known for its traditional German pastries and homemade energy bars, Nova Scotia oat cakes and other goodies. Mabels features cakes, cupcakes, squares etc. made from local ingredients wherever possible and the menu includes everything from homemade cinnamon buns (on Saturdays and Sundays) to vegan or gluten free cakes and cupcakes. The Chocolateria on Roncy is famous for its chocolate dipped potato chip and homemade ice cream. For a list of all the local shops, please click here
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan7 The Basics The Schools The Homes The Food The CommuteThe Map Next Page Roncesvalles Village is a foodies dream. From lovely Polish bakeries to Starbucks to Alternative Grounds, there is literally a caf for every taste. Some of Toronto Lifes Top Restaurants in the city are located here, including Barques Smokehouse voted number 2 in the city for best barbeque and number 1 in the city for best brunch! There are numerous cozy, boutique style restaurants and bistros such as Domani, Fat Cat Wine Bar, Lardon, Butlers Pantry and Cowbell just to name a few. Local pubs satisfy a craving for a burger and beer and many fabulous pizza joints, ice cream shops and breakfast nooks answer any other meal request. For a full list of local restaurants, click here
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan8 The Basics The Schools The Homes The Fun The CommuteThe Map Next Page If youre not busy shopping or dining as part of your entertainment regime on Roncesvalles, you can always find something else to do. If you fancy a movie, The Revue theatre plays a wonderful selection of movies both old and new, and functions also as a community hub. Having recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, this cherished Roncy icon is sure to please. For a list of currently playing movies, click here. A tried and true music joint is Hughs Room. Toronto Life once called it a Canadian version of Austin City Limits and has seen many Grammy and Juno winners grace its stage. A favourite place for many artists, Hughs room is a sure bet for a great night of music. Click here for a list of upcoming artists.Click here for a list of upcoming artists. Roncy is also home to North Americas largest Polish festival, usually in early fall which runs the length of Roncesvalles avenue for a weekend. As well as fabulous food and some of North Americas finest Polka bands, there are dance troupes, cultural groups and even the Royal Regiment of Canada military band, stationed down at Fort York. For the festivals full schedule, click here. click here There is also the Roncy Rocks! Festival which is an annual day long celebration of art, music and culture with art installations, seven different art zones, kids craft activities and more. Visit Roncy Rocks! for more informationRoncy Rocks!
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan9 The Basics The Schools The Homes The Parks The CommuteThe Map Next Page Roncesvalles Village is blessed with many lovely parks and parquettes, not the least in which is Torontos fabulous High Park. High Park was given to the city of Toronto by the Howard Family in 1873. Since then Torontonians and visitors to our fabulous city have enjoyed the park and all it has to offer. At a mere 5-10 minute walk from Roncesvalles Ave., it is a wonderful place to spend any afternoon. There is a childrens zoo, playgrounds, Grenadier Pond, an off leash dog area and gardens to wander through. Rinks in winter and pools in summer make for year round enjoyment. Grenadier Caf is a great place to grab a bite after a walk and also features a farmers market. The High Park Nature Centre runs walks through the park and if youre too tired, you can always take the Trackless Train on a 30 minute tour. For a complete list of events and programs at High Park, please click here The other well loved park in Roncesvalles Village is Sorauren Park. Although much smaller in stature than High Park, Sorauren Park has many great events and facilities as well. The Sorauren Park Fieldhouse is a 2000 sq ft facility built for community events and used to be the former offices of the Canada Linseed Oil company. Music, art, yoga lots of fun to be had here. Sorauren Park is also home to a Farmers Market on Monday afternoons and evenings which actually runs all year round, moving to the Fieldhouse in winter. The park also has great sports facilities with baseball diamonds, soccer fields, tennis courts and a jogging path. There is an off leash area for our furry friends as well. The annual Jack O Lantern parade is enchanting. For a complete list of events and programs at Sorauren Park, please click here.please click here
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan10 The Basics The Schools The HomesThe Shops The CommuteThe Map Next Page
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan11 Next Page Fern Ave Jr & Sr PS EQAO 2011 Garden Ave Jr PS EQAO 2011 Western T & CS EQAO 2011 Parkdale CI EQAO 2011 EQAO Results for Roncesvalles Schools Howard Park Jr & Sr PS EQAO 2011
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan12 The Basics The Schools The Homes The Libraries The CommuteThe Map Next Page The Runnymede library has a unique history in that the building itself was moved from its first location, on Welland Ave. to its second location at the southwest corner of Willard and Montye Avenues. In 1928, the Toronto City Council provided $100 000 to purchase the libraries current site, and the new library opened in 1930. This branch has lots of amenities including an Art Exhibit Space, seating for 66 patrons, WiFi, computers with zoom software, 14 computer work stations and a meeting room for 60 with projector. The library also has a large multilingual childrens collection and a medium French and German collection for adults. Runnymede TPL Branch: 2178 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6S 1M8 416-393-7697 *Sunday hours subject to season and other factors Monday: 9:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Tuesday: 9:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Wednesday: 9:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Sunday: 1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. For this branchs website, click here
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan13 The Basics The Schools The Homes The Daycares The CommuteThe Map Next Page There are many varieties of daycares for little tykes all over Roncesvalles Village. Several are located directly on school grounds: Ferncliff Daycare, located on site at Fern Public School; and Sunnyside Garden Daycare, located on site at Garden Avenue Public School. Several of the churches also have daycare facilities and there are also Montessori facilities in the area as well. Just a bit of basic searching, reveals approximately 12 daycares within a 1 km radius of Roncesvalles Village. For a broader list, visit:
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan14 The Basics The Schools The Homes The Doctors The CommuteThe Map Next Page There are many medical services in the Roncy neighbourhood. Studded with Dentists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, RMTs, Physiotherapists, Psychologists there really isnt a single ailment you cant get treated here. For a more complete list of these types of services, please click here. click here When urgent care is required, St Josephs Hospital in only minutes away and as one of Torontos oldest and most well respected hospitals, it does provide peace of mind. There is an excellent, self-contained, paediatric ER staffed exclusively by paediatricians as well as a Just for Kids Walk In clinic. For Just for Kids clinic hours, click here For us adults, there are several Walk In Clinics located in Roncesvalles Village. For a list of those clinics and contact info as well as hours, click here
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  • Neighbourhood GuideConfidential; Proprietary, Rachel Ryan15 The Basics The Schools The Homes The Faith The CommuteThe Map Next Page Many faiths are represented in Roncy here are the larger parishes, all of whom are integral parts of the Roncy community. The Annunciation Of The Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Cathedral is located at Sorauren Avenue and Galley Avenue. For information on services, click here Emmanuel - Howard Park United Church is located at Wright Avenue, operates a mission and a daycare. For information on services, click here High Park Baptist Church, is located at Hewitt Avenue. For information on services, click here St. Casimir's Roman Catholic Church at Garden Avenue, offers Polish masses on Sundays. For more information on services, click here St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church, at Westminster Avenue, offers Latin masses on Sundays. For information on services, click here One of Torontos oldest mosques in Toronto is located in Roncesvalles village as well. For more information on The Jami Mosque, located at 56 Boustead Ave., please click here