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NEED FOR SPEED Priscella Lopez Anthropology 102 Dr. Leanna Wolfe March 5,2014

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1. NEED FOR SPEED Priscella Lopez Anthropology 102 Dr. Leanna Wolfe March 5,2014 2. Strive The streets are empty at night. This gives street racers the opportunity to express their urge for excitement in a dangerous way and show off what their ride has to offer. 3. A wide variety of people meet up with their group of friends before they start to race.F i r s t M e e tThe ninety-nine cent store on Woodman and Chase is a known place where people who race meet up, as well as the Carl's Jr. in San Fernando. 4. It is cars like these, with advanced engines and motors that are engaged in the races. There are many car racers that spend thousands on their car making it better and efficient. Racing helps to show others how fast their car goes, and also shows off the style of each car. This type of culture encourages other racers to have a badass car. 5. This place was a known area where they used to race in North Hills on Strathern and Haskell street. This place is very secluded where factory workers work at night. Due to the car racing activities they hardly race because of the people who complain to the authorities. 6. Second meetAfter they meet at either the 99 cent store or Carls Jr. they meet up at Wal-Mart in Porter Ranch and discuss what is going to happen next. Having meeting after hours is part of their routine in the car racing lifestyle. 7. People gather around behind Wal-Mart and start to compete in what is called donut competitions against other cars. While the crowd watches, people get the adrenaline rush to join in and be part of the action. They end up awarding whoever impresses the crowd the most. The majority of these racers are men. 8. Payment People bet on who is going to win the race. Racers sometimes pay up to $1,000 dollars to compete. 9. Between one to two in the morning they begin to line up in an area where no cars are shown. Lining up one car to another, they start their engine and take off. Who ever ends up winning gets the money. This culture is based on a competitions between car racers. 10. The after math of racing The effect of car racing is illegal. And because of the illegal racing, people get stopped by police and sometimes get arrested. There can be time served or fines that need to be paid. 11. Living in the fast lane Some of the effects of racing can lead to serious accidents but because they are dedicated to racing they still end up racing again. This is part of their lifestyle that they enjoying doing.