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Natural Hair Expo 2011


  • Vol. II

    Central Florida

    *Workshops subject to change*

  • Dr. Adrienne Carthon

    Workshop Title: Haute Couture Styling 201

    Workshop Overview:

    Have you peeped the styling gallery at or on

    facebook? Curious as how to achieve the styles? Then this seminar

    is for you! Especially designed for those with a basic to intermediate

    understanding of natural hair styling for loose hair, the seminar

    focuses on styles for everyday living as well as special occasions that

    can be achieved with moderate effort. Styles covered include creative

    braids and two strands, updos, flat twists, rod sets, knot sets, pin

    curls, and combination styling to achieve various results. The seminar

    also addresses the use of synthetic styling to supplement hair and

    briefly touches on issues from the therapeutic styling course for

    addressing problem issues with growth and balding.

    Workshop Presenter: Dr. Adrienne Carthon, is a veteran natural hair stylist and educator, a Master Twistologist. She is an Assistant Professor of African American Literature and Womens Studies at Morgan State University, and she conducts academic and practical

    seminars on the Black female body and images of beauty. She also

    conducts training on natural hair care and styling, specializing in

    therapeutic styling for baldness and other problem issues. The owner

    of the Entwine- Naturalle Hair Salon in Baltimore, Maryland, Dr. A~

    seeks to redefine the natural hair care industry through education and

    exceptional products for the naturalle-couture fashionista.


  • Phyllis Allen

    Workshop Title: Political & Social side of Natural Hair

    Workshop Overview:

    Good Hair/Bad Hair Does sociality look at natural hair different? Natural hair as a political statement Going against the norm Natural hair in work place Are you your hair? Why go natural?

    Workshop Presenter: Phyllis Allen, is co-owner of PhilRich

    International Locks & Hair Extension in Orlando Fl. PhilRich is a

    natural hair salon and it is also known as the one stop natural hair

    studio. Since PhilRich works have been seen in several hair

    magazines; they have attracted clientele from as far as Europe, Far

    East, and the Caribbean. She also specializes in natural hair, weaves,

    hair extensions, advanced hair replacement, makeup, and is an

    educator and does motivational speaking.


  • Workshop Title: Just As You Are

    Workshop Overview:

    As women, we're constantly bombarded by images and

    expressions of what society deems "beautiful." "But, as natural hair

    divas, we must learn to re-define the standard of beauty in our own

    lives and culture," said Keisa Sharpe, Sharpe explains why,

    regardless of your natural hair type or texture, you are beautiful,


    Workshop Presenter: Keisa Sharpe works as a corporate

    spokesperson by day and natural hair guru at night known as The

    Natural Hair Diva. She graduated from the University of Alabama

    with a degree in broadcast journalism and has nearly 20 years

    experience in the communications industry. Her mission on the

    natural hair journey is simple: to educate, motivate and inspire all

    women to accept their own hair.


    Keisa Sharpe

  • Workshop Title: Young Naturals Hair 101

    Workshop Overview:

    Getting to know your daughters natural hair and scalp Shampooing Your Daughters Natural Hair - Tips and Techniques Proper Detangling Procedures Quick and Easy Styles for your Natural Princess

    Workshop Presenter: Gillian Sylvester, is the founder of Jills Natural Hair Studio and Nails and Naturally You located in Kissimmee, FL where

    Miz Jill has served as the resident master loctician and natural hair

    specialist for more than 14 years. In her workshop series, attendees will

    learn step-by-step techniques for everyday hair care, restoration and

    long-term sustainability of natural hair for youth and adults.


    Gillian Sylvester

  • Workshop Title: Sisterlocks

    Workshop Overview: As Certified Sisterlocks Consultant and

    Natural Hair Care Stylist, it is our intention to provide to the

    community clients and others, the knowledge, skill and ability to

    groom the natural hair without the use of chemicals.

    Our emphasis is on natural and healthy lifestyle living.

    Workshop Presenter: Johnnia Mitchell, has been a co-owner

    of JOHADENI NAPPI, LLC since September 1, 2006, and serves

    as the operations manager. She holds a current NBR license with

    the state of Florida and has 25 years of management experience.

    Johnnia became a Sisterlocks Consultant in November, 1997, and is an R- certified SisterlocksTM Consultant, so she is

    qualified to teach clients to retighten and thus, maintain their hair.


    Johnnia Mitchell

  • Natiyah Michelle

    Workshop Title: The "Wombman's Dance of Life"

    Workshop Overview:"The wombman's dance of life" workshop is a feminine dance that celebrates and explores the divine feminine within. It is through what Natiyah Michelle calls Goddess expression, which is an expression of the archetypes of mythological Goddesses. Goddess cultures throughout ancient times and present times used mythology to explain the human experience, our potentials, where we have been and where we are going. In Essence Goddess expression is an expression of the many layers of you! In this workshop different archetypes will be discussed and how they play out in everyday life and at the latter portion of the workshop those archetypes will be explored in movement and dance! So come prepared in comfortable clothing that you can move in, a positive and open attitude, and an appreciation for yourself as an expression of the divine feminine force that is in everything! Go to for more info and sign up for the free workshop!

    Workshop Presenter: Natiyah Michelle holds a B.S. degree in alternative medicine and is pursuing a masters degree in transpersonal psychology. She is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. She looks forward to becoming a dance therapist and holistic health educator in the near future traveling the world sharing the gift of dance as a healing modality!


  • Workshop Title: A Holistic Approach to Healthy Hair

    Workshop Overview: Taking a holistic approach to balancing life

    through healing the mind, body and soul which effects the hair as well

    as the skin and outer appearance. 3 key areas of focus:

    1.Nutrition and Your Hair


    3. Detoxing

    Workshop Presenter: Dr. Nancy J. Williams, Visionary/CEO of The

    Healing Home, specializes in Holistic Healing, Holistic Ministry and is

    an accomplished Holistic Detox Expert focusing on the mind, body

    and soul. Dr. Williams adamantly, states, I am on a mission to heal the world and from my years of experience, I know that

    most diseases can be eliminated if we clean-up our toxic lives.

    Website: www.

    Dr. Nancy J. Williams

  • Robin Groover

    Workshop Title: Ceramic Fusion Silky Smooth

    Workshop Overview:

    Does your natural hair texture have a smooth, silky finish when you wear it straight?The first step for creating silky smooth hair is to make sure its healthy.Healthy, silky smooth hair is achieved by Ceramic Fusion styling, a step by step chemical-free technique utilizing an ionic blower dryer and ceramic tools.

    Silky Smooth hair1. Body2. Moisture3. Shine

    Workshop Presenter: For Robin D. Groover, whose fascination with

    beautiful hair dates back to childhood, turning her passion into a

    thriving business was a no brainer. A 1989 graduate of Savannah

    Technical College, she wanted a career in the hair care business. In

    1998, this visionary began exploring styling alternatives for a time-

    efficient services model without compromising the health of the hair. In

    1992, Too Groovy Hair Productions opened its doors in Savannah,

    Georgia. Ten years later, a partnership with an Atlanta investment

    group helped launch of Too Groovy, Inc.


  • Workshop Title: Loving your Hair with Natural Care

    Workshop Overview:

    Knowledge of High End vs. Low End Products

    Hair care maintenance the natural way

    Demos of various natural hair styles and updo's

    We are what we eat and that includes our hair...

    Understanding of what type of hair you are working with "What's on your Head?

    Q&A: What Should I Do With This Hair

    Workshop Presenter: Felicia Leatherwood, celebrity stylist has

    Worked with such clients as Jill Scott, Sanaa Lathan, Will Smith,

    Terrence Howard, to name a few, and has work appeared in People

    magazine, Essence, and InStyle, as well as in film and television,

    Felicias reputation is as solid as they come.


    Felicia Leatherwood

  • Todra Payne

    Workshop Title: The Healthy Beauty Manifesto: Take Charge of Your Image & Your Health

    Workshop Overview:

    Looking great and doing whats best for your body dont have t