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<ul><li> 1. MY FAVOURITE TOWNNEW YORK</li></ul> <p> 2. NEW YORK LOCATION ON MAP 3. THESE ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT MONUMENTS 4. THIS IS THE TYPICAL TAXIS 5. CENTRAL PARK This park is the most famous park located in Manhattan New York. 6. WALL STREETWall Street is located in Manhattan. On WallStreet This Stock Exchange(Dow Jones). 7. MADISON SQUARE GARDEN INSIDE OUTSIDEMadison Square Garden is the biggest sportingstadium in New York. It has 5 floors and a capacityof over 20,000 people. The stadium also heldconcerts 8. GRAND CENTRAL STATION outsideinsideOpened in 1817, took about 10 years to build. Morethan 100,000 people use this station daily. If yougoing are to New York to go see her. 9. TIME SQUAREIs located on the crossroads 42 where they crossSeventh Avenue and Broadway. Is really striking,full of illuminated posters, theaters, musicals,shops and places of restoration(restaurants). 10. CENTRAL PARK ZOOThis zoo was opened in1860 as a wildlifereserve, the first zoo inNew York over timehave acquired otheranimals. Is located inthe district of going toNew York Manhattan.If you go to New Yorkdo not hesitate to visit. 11. New York is a very nice totourist site that you can visit. Apart I information I have given some sites on, but there aremany more sites. HOPE YOU HAVE LIKED!!!! =) 12. THIS IS ALL!! BYE,BYE =D</p>