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lettuce My favourite vegetables


  • My favourite fruit

  • lettuceMy favourite vegetables

  • bread

    a slice of breadbread slices

  • butterput some butter on the bread

  • turkeyturkey slices

  • relishput some relish on the turkey

  • a sandwichsandwiches

  • Make my sandwichWhich things do we need ?A: In my sandwich,I like Do you like in your sandwich? B: Yes,I do.A: Do you like?B: No,I dont.A: In your,what ingredients do you need?B: .eggsbreadbutterlettuce


  • butter

    B: .In my sandwich, I like _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________A: Do you like lettuce in your sandwich?B: Yes,I doA: Do you like tomatoes?B: No,I dontA: In your sandwich,what ingredients do you need?B:

  • How do we make a sandwich?First,put some butter on a slice of bread.How much butter do we need?Two teaspoonsNext, cut up eggs slices,and tomatoes .How many eggs and tomatoes?Two eggs and one tomatoNext ,put eggs slices,and tomato slices on it. Then,put a piece of lettuce.Finally,put another slice of bread on top .

    Amount Ingredient two teaspoons butter two eggs a piece lettuce one tomato

  • How do you make your sandwich?

    Pair workA: lets make a turkey sandwich.B: Ok.But how do you make it ?A: First, B:How many/muchdo we need?A: Next, B: How many/muchA: NextB: .A: ThenB: .A: ...Finally

    Amount Ingredient two teaspoons butter two tomatoes a piece lettuce four slices turkey slices

  • bread butter

  • A slice of breadtomatoesonionTurkey slicesrelishlettuce2bListen again and write the ingredients in the order you hear them. another slice of bread


  • Lets make a sandwich.Ok .ok ,ok How do you make a sandwich?First, first, first,Put some butter on the bread.Next ,next, next,put the lettuce on it.Then ,then, then,Put some turkey slices on it. Finally, finally, finally,Put another slice of bread.

  • 1---first next .then finallyeg: First, put the butter on a slice of bread. Next cut up an onion and a tomato. Add these to the sandwich. Then, put some lettuce and the chicken slices on the sandwich. Finally, put another slice of bread on top. 2.How many how much How many;how mucheg: How many tomatoes do you need?How much milk do you like /

  • 1. Fill in the following recipe with the words from the box. turkey finally relish tomato next put Heres a recipe for a great turkey sandwichFirst butter on two slices of bread. cut up one . Put the tomato on the bread .Then , add two slice of . . Put two teaspoons of on the turkey.putNexttomatoturkey

    Finallyrelish 2. Fill in the blanks with how many /how much. How many _____ _____ apples are there on the table?How much _____ _____ water would you like ?

  • . How do you make your favourite sandwich? Please describe it for us.onioneggsbutterbreadtomatolettucebeefturkeyfishrelishfruit saladpotatofirst next.then ..finally..