my favourite season what‘syour favourite season?

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  • My Favourite SeasonWhatsyour favourite season?

  • A1.spring 2.summer 3.fall 4.winter 5.season 6.which 8.swim kites

    10.skate 11.make a snowman 12.plant trees 13.why 14.because 15.sleep

  • Lets chantSpring is green with flowers and songs.Summer is hot and the days are long.Fall is golden and farmers are busy.Winter is white and the year is gone.

  • Lets talk AWhich season do you like best?Fall. Its always sunny and cool.Which season do you like best?Winter .I can play with snow.I dont like winter. Its too cold.

  • B1.Whatsyour favourite season?2. 3.I like 4.

  • Lets talk BWhats your favourite season Sarah?Spring.Why do you like spring?Because I can plant trees.Which season do you like best?Winter. Why do you like winter? Because I can skate.

  • Good to knowWe have summer fall winter and spring But when its fall in China itspring in AustraliaWhen its winter I Beijing its summer is from June to AugustFall is September to November Winter is December to February the next year But in Sydney its spring from September to November Summer is from December to February the next year Fall is from March to May Winter is from june to August If youre planning a trip look at a maop first and remember that it may not be the same season where youre going.

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