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MyFavouritePlace High School Students in Geneva and Vaud are invited to submit photos for the "My Favourite Place" Exhibition happening in November at the Musée de l'Élysée in Lausanne. More exhibition details will be provided in October. What do you need to do? 1. Take a photo of a place that is special to you... a favourite place. You don't need a fancy camera but try to take a photo that shows what makes this place your favorite. 2. Complete the form below (all fields need to be completed), attach a photo, and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. Only 1 photo per student. 3. Make sure your parents sign a release form or we won't be able to exhibit your photo. (your teacher should have one for you) 4. That's it ... it's that easy! We look forward to receiving your photo and seeing you at the exhibition in November.


  • 1. My Favourite PlacePhotography Exhibit Its all about you!

2. Would you like to see your photoin an exhibition at a world famousphotography museum ? Take a photo of your favouriteplace and I will make it happen! 3. Who can participate? Any high school student inVaud or Geneva Just grab a camera You can use your smartphone, iPad, point andshoot compactcamera, or a DSLR (digitalsingle lens reflex) camera 4. Its Easy! 4 Steps1. Take a picture of your favourite place. (jpeg)2. Tell me why its your favourite and who or what you think about when you are there.3. Fill in the form on-line and attach your photo.4. Get release form signed allowing me to use your photo. Simple! 5. Then it is my turn. I will receive your images electronically and checkthat I have your Release Form I will compile the images into the different themesthat arise Show your images in a special exhibition atMuse de llyse in Lausanne [http://www.elysee.ch/] 6. Muse de llyse 7. Check out the museum 8. A Gala Event This is going to be an exhibition which is open to thepublic I will organize the show and host a reception party You let people know when it is, and bring themalong to see YOUR photo in the exhibit! How cool is that? 9. Did you get that? The museum exhibits the best photographers fromall over the world, and YOU are getting a chanceto be part of an exhibition in this famous venue. Wow indeed!So, let me break it down for you. 10. Step 1 Take a photo of your favourite place. It can be here or there, now or then, inside oroutside In other words - if your favorite place is somewhereyou go every summer (or winter), you can use adigital photo you have taken before. Where do you love to be? 11. Step 2Finish these two sentences: This is my favourite place because . When Im in this place, it makes me think of (who?what?). 12. Step 3 http://suissefavoriteplace.wufoo.com/forms/myfavouriteplace Go to thewebsite Fill in the webform - all fields Attach yourphoto Click Submit 13. Step 4 Now the Release Form is available from yourteacher or from me. [wondas@hotmail.com] Get your parents to sign and mail the release tome. We cant use your photo without a signedrelease form. If there is a person in your photo, and that personis age 16 or younger, you also need their parentspermission to use the photo. 14. Timeline You have this week and the weekendto submit your entry online Send the Release Form to: Wonda SeaboyerWebster UniversityRoute de Collex 151293 BellevueSorry, no entries accepted after October 1st.Looking forward to seeing your photos!