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My Cultural Heritage Project. Alexander Dean USll P-8. Trinidad &Tobago. "Keeping the Promise: Unity, Strength, Leadership". Writtenanddistributedby non-otherthan. Table of contents. Wordles Family Tree Oral History Interview Environment Politics Economics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>My Cultural Heritage ProjectAlexander DeanUSll P-8Trinidad &amp;Tobago</p></li><li><p>"Keeping the Promise:Unity, Strength, Leadership"</p></li><li><p>Writtenanddistributedbynon-otherthan</p></li><li><p>Table of contentsWordlesFamily TreeOral HistoryInterviewEnvironmentPoliticsEconomicsSocity and CultureFamily TreePolitical CartoonAdvertisement</p></li><li><p>Wordle </p><p>Problem downloading file at Home I use my computer my sisters and my aunt and they all didnt work.</p></li><li><p>wordle</p></li><li><p>Family TreeMother: 2 sisters,and 2 brothersFather: 2 sisters, and a brother</p></li><li><p>Oral HistoryQuestions:What was it like living inTrinidad?What do you think will happen toTrinidaddue tocurrenteconomical changesthroughoutthe world?What are some of the difrences in the job choices you had as compared to ones in th US.Answers: Life was simple, I lived in a cul-da-sac and when you came come from school you would meet up with neighborsyour age. Trinidadis a small island and ispartiallyself-sufficient, the outside world may have an impact but thedegreeof impact will not be tosignification There were no job choies i had left when i was 17 and graduating from high school was extremely competitive.</p></li><li><p>InterviewDescriptionName : Adrian Dean</p><p>Born :NovemberThird,1970 at Port of Spain General</p><p>Hometown : Tunapuna</p><p>Occupation : Police officer</p></li><li><p>What's in the news.</p></li><li><p>EnvironmentTrinidad is an island with mountians suronding its borders. Trinidad and Tobago isin the southern Caribbeanbetween theCaribbeanSeaand the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast ofVenezuela. Ithousesabout 2,500 species of vascular plants,about 50 species of freshwater fish 400500 marine fish species, 30 amphibian species, about 90 reptiles,469Species of bird, and 98mammal speices.The country covers an area 5,128 squarekilometers</p></li><li><p>Environment</p><p>Trinidadis home to one of everyfew breading grounds of theLeather-backturtle.Due toTrinidad'soil industry it has becomeimperativethat they have created severalconversationalgroups topreserveitsnaturalbeauty. Such as The Trinidad Conservation Project, and otherCaribbeangovernmentsandorganizations.</p></li><li><p>PoliticsThe Red Houseis the seat ofParliamentin the Republic. Itwas destroyed in the 1903waterriotand was rebuilt in the year 1907.TrinidadandTobagouses itgovernmentto regulate and use funds for the better of it self tomaintainstability,even threwcrises.Capital: Port of SpainTrinidad and Tobago is a republic with a two-party system and a bicameral parliamentary system based on the Westminster system. The head of state of Trinidad and Tobago is the President. The head of the government is the Prime Minister. The President is elected by an Electoral College consisting of the full membership of both houses of Parliment. The Prime Minester is elected from the results of a general election which happens every five years.</p></li><li><p>Politics</p><p>The country gained its independence in 1962 from the UK.Prime Minister:Kamla Persad-BissessarPresident:George Maxwell Richards</p><p>AdditionalLink:,</p></li><li><p>Society and CultureDestination port of spain trinidad is host to its Carnivalcelebration, a island wide event.Containingmassivefloats andextravagantcostumes.With the steel panorchestra.A parade in which anyone can participate in.Festivals: Carnival,ChristmasDiwali,Emancipation Day,Hosay Festival,Independence Day,Phagwa,We Beat Festival</p></li><li><p>Fun FactsHome of theSteel-pan.Birthplace of Nicki MinajHome ofCalypsoPitch Lake, on the island of Trinidad, is the world's largest natural reservoir of asphalt.Food FlicksCulture andSocietyLime'n theTrinidadianequivalentto a siesta. It was derived from way back when there was no bug-spay and would rub lime on their skin to repel bugs. </p><p>Food is a very important part of the trini-culture as seen in videos.Music: Soca, Chutney, Rapso, Parang, Pichakaree, Steelpan</p></li><li><p>EconomicsTrinidad was once known for its vastfieldsof sugarcane but over time the land could no longer bare it it had to turn to a new source of income,hence the use of its oil.The island of Tobago use used for mostlytourismand Winter houses of mainlyEuropeans.World GNP: 94ThInflation rate: 4.2%Unemployment: 13%Exchangerate: $6.14 TT to $1 US</p><p>Forfurtherimformation visit: To:Imports From:</p></li><li><p>EconomicsTrinidad and Tobago has earned a reputation as an excellent investment site for international businesses and has one of the highest growth rates and per capital incomes in Latin America. The countries economic growth averaged around 8% within the past 5 years. </p></li><li><p>"What Else Can Jamaica Sell to Trinidad and Tobago?- A Look at the Trini-Invasion and the Sale of AirJamaica"Political CartoonJamaica'sdebt hascausedit to make some adjustments, such as sell its airliners to Trinidad andTobago. SomeJamaicansdont see this as a good thing so they have created this cartoon.</p></li><li><p>Trinidad &amp; Tobago Just AVacation, But Forever In Your Heart</p><p>Trinidad &amp; Tobago Timeless</p></li></ul>