MUSIC TECHNOLOGY BTEC DIPLOMA LEVEL 3 Wales ?· The BTEC Music Technology course o˜ers students the…

Download MUSIC TECHNOLOGY BTEC DIPLOMA LEVEL 3 Wales ?· The BTEC Music Technology course o˜ers students the…

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<ul><li><p>Wales High School | Sixth-Form</p><p>MED</p><p>IA STU</p><p>DIES</p><p>MUSIC TECHNOLOGY</p><p>MU</p><p>SIC TECHN</p><p>OLO</p><p>GY</p><p>Course Entry RequirementsAn ability to play an instrument is desirable but not essential, along with a basic knowledge of </p><p>keyboard skills and music theory would be an advantage. </p><p>Course Breakdown - Lower Sixth - Level 3 Certicate (30 Credit)Unit 25 Music Production Techniques Set up and operation of audio recording equipment, </p><p>develop multi track recording techniques, sound manipulation within a mix.</p><p>Unit 32 Sequencing Systems and Techniques Develop musical ideas using MIDI technology and </p><p>audio manipulation.</p><p>Unit 35 Sound Creation and Manipulation Produce/edit sounds through the use of Synthesisers </p><p>and Samplers. </p><p>Course OverviewThe BTEC Music Technology course oers students the chance to gain practical experience within </p><p>studio recording, music production and live sound. Using industry standard facilities students will </p><p>produce musical products, run live sound events and develop their knowledge of the operation of a </p><p>wide range of Music Technology devises, in preparation for working in the industry today. </p><p>Where can this lead?This vocational nature of the course will enable students to enter the music industry with hands on </p><p>practical experience of industry standard equipment and techniques within the live sound and studio </p><p>arenas. Students will also have the opportunity to extend the course into a second year taking the </p><p>award from 30 to 60 credits, equivalent to 1 A Level.</p><p>BTEC DIPLOMA LEVEL 3</p><p>Course Breakdown - Upper Sixth - Level 3 Diploma (60 Credit)Unit 29 Live Sound Techniques Knowledge and handling of live sound systems, practical </p><p>application of live sound systems, establish live sound mixes. </p><p>Unit 9 Delivering a Musical Product Take on a variety of roles within the music recording and </p><p>production area, eectively mix and master multi-track recording products. </p><p>Unit 43 - Specialist Subject Investigation Plan and carry out a student led research product. </p><p>Additional InformationThe course oered runs for one year with students gaining a Level 3 Certicate in Music Technology </p><p>Production (30 Credits), equivalent to 1 AS Level. If students extend the course into 2 years students </p><p>will gain a Level 3 Diploma in Music Technology Production (60 Credits), equivalent to 1 A Level. </p><p>(Continued Over)</p></li><li><p>Wales High School | Sixth-Form</p><p>MED</p><p>IA STU</p><p>DIES</p><p>MUSIC TECHNOLOGY</p><p>MU</p><p>SIC TECHN</p><p>OLO</p><p>GY</p><p>AssessmentThe course is mainly assignment based with assessments taking place throughout the program. Most </p><p>units will involve assignment writing and practical application. A nal exam will be undertaken at the </p><p>end of the course. </p><p>BTEC DIPLOMA LEVEL 3</p><p>For further information, please cotact - Mr Wright |</p><p>Music Technology P1Music Technology P2</p></li></ul>


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