btec level 3 subsidiary diploma in music unit 39: the sound and music industry

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  • BTEC LEVEL 3 SUBSIDIARY DIPLOMA in MUSIC UNIT 39: The Sound and Music Industry
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  • Helps with major business decisions, assists with the creative process, promotes an artist's career, assembles & heads the artist's professional team, etc. Union Representative Promoter Agent Manager
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  • The person involved almost exclusively in booking live personal appearances A&R Producer Promoter Agent
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  • A&R, Sales, Marketing, Promotion, Product Management, New Media, Finance, Business Affairs/Legal Venue Record Studio Union Record Company
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  • Networks that move records from manufacturing plants into the stores Record Company Retail Manufacturing Distribution
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  • Record companies and recording artists, as well as the writers and publishers, all make money based on the sale of recordings, as well as through later playing and reuse of their work. Earnings Salary Fees Royalties
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  • Bringing the creative product into a tangible form (i.e. CD) by maximizing the creative process and taking care of all necessary administration (booking studio time, staying on budget, etc.). Manager Agent Promoter Producer
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  • A form of property ownership for certain types of artistic & creative works. Publishing Fees Royalties Copyright
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  • Encourage new material, produce demo recordings and printed music (scores), manage all associated copyright and royalty licensing/PRS requirements. Union Representative Agent Promoter Publisher
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  • Grants permissions to work with, study, improve upon, reinterpret, re-record copyright material (e.g. recording someone elses song). Example: NOW! CD PPL PRS MCPS
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  • A musician who contributes to a recording or a live performance but is not actually a full time member of the band. Band Musician Full-time Musician Orchestra Musician Session Musician
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  • Agencies that collect royalties on behalf of songwriters when a song they have written is performed PPL MCPS PRS
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  • Who prepares & transfers audio from one raw format to a desired mater format and refines the sound quality Producer Sound Engineer Recording Engineer Mastering Engineer
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  • Organisation founded & funded by organisations that serves as their voice Organised group of workers to pursue policies that are favourable for the workers MU Equity BECTU (Union) Broadcasting & film Musicians Union Trade Body (Association) Union (Union) Actors, dancers, backstage, choreographers, directors Link the definition to the correct answer
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  • Trade body for those involved in the PRODUCTION of recorded music (producers, engineers) Trade body for those involved in the AUDIO industry (audio engineer, recording studio) Trade body for those who supply LIGHTING and SOUND technologies They lobby (put pressure) the government for policies that will protect their industry Will represent a performer in case of a dispute over a contract or unfair dismissal Union PLASA MPG APRS Trade Body Continued
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  • What are the two major sources of income for a music publisher?
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  • Which department of the record label works to get an artist's song played on radio?
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  • A company with major networks that move physical records from manufacturing plants into the store
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  • Who collects royalties for the writer/composer?
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  • What is the main advantage to signing a record deal with a major label?
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  • Which department of the record label handles advertising, publicity, and album- cover artwork?
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  • Who collects royalties for the recording artist?
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  • What is the benefit of self-producing?
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  • How do music artists make money?
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  • Who pays for the PPL and PRS for Music?
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  • List 3 things Marketing do
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  • List 3 things Production do
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  • List 1 thing Distribution does
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  • List examples of New Media
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  • Sales are in the area of
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  • Describe Major Recording Companies
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  • Describe Independent Recording Companies
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  • Oversee the recording of an artist Choose the music & organise rehearsals Choose suitable microphones Carry/ transport equipment to event Fix broken string Instrumental support Sound Engineer Producer Musical Director Roadie Link Description to Person
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  • Organise tour dates & shows Check Health & Safety Schedule times in studio Publicise a concert Gather prices for advertisements Marketing Studio Management Artistic Management Venue Management Promoter More
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  • Scouting for new talent Complete the audio mastering Create sequencer & apps Sells CDs Self-employed musician Freelance Software Engineer A&R Mastering Engineer Retail And more
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