btec level 1 & 2 first award in music unit 1: the music industry

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  • BTEC Level 1 & 2 First Award in MUSIC

    Unit 1: The Music Industry

  • What is Unit 1?The two Learning Aims of the Unit are:A: Understand different types of organisations that make up the music industry

    B: Understand job roles in the music industry

    How is this tested?There will be a 60 minute written exam to be taken in May 2016. This is a proper exam taken in full exam conditions.

    To achieve a Level 2 Pass for BTEC Music you MUST pass the exam. You cannot pass the course if you fail the exam.

  • What is an organisation in the MusicIndustry? (Aim A)There are five categories of organisation we will cover. We will also look into how these organisation work with each other, and why.

    Venues and live performanceHealth and safety and security at venuesProduction and PromotionService Companies and AgenciesUnions

  • VenuesWhat is a music venue?-A setting that is able to play live or pre-recorded music.

    Here is a list of possible types of venues for performing music.-Pubs-Town Centres-Clubs-Parks-Civic Centres-Sports Grounds-Restaurants-Schools-Arenas

  • VenuesCan anywhere be a venue?-Yes, within reason.What laws are there surrounding venues and music?-Entertainment licence for larger venues/groups (Live Music Act 2012).-Risk assessments.-Health and Safety Laws.-Noise pollution laws.-PRS licence for copyrighted music .

  • Some important government ActsLive Music Act 2012

    Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988You need to get permission from the copyright holder to perform music in public. A music licence grants you this permission.

    Health and Safety at Work Act 1974Governs the responsibilities of employers to ensure the workplace is safe for numerous circumstances.

  • TASK

    Write a list of the advantages and disadvantages of:-local venues-arenas.

    If you run out of ideas, consider what your answers would be if you lived in a different location, e.g. a small village without easy access to public transport.


    ADVANTAGES of small venueDISADVANTAGES of small venue

    ADVANTAGES of large venueDISADVANTAGES of large venue

  • Health and safetyTASKThree important areas:

    Audience safetyEmployee safetyFire regulations

    How do venues ensure these three areas are correctly addressed? Write a report of your findings.


  • A famous example of a performance incident

  • Another famous example

  • A recent example of a performance incident

  • Another example.Two fans died in a stampede.

    The festival cancelled for two years as of a result.

  • And another.Wolverhampton Civic

  • Another fairly recent example

    This video from the Indianapolis State Fair grandstand stage collapse Aug 13, 2011 is paired with the audio from Indianapolis State Fire emergency radio. -- A stage collapsed during a powerful storm at the Indiana State Fair on Saturday, sending steel scaffolding into the terrified crowd below and killing at least five people among fans awaiting a performance by the country band Sugarland. The collapse came moments after an announcer warned of the advancing storm and gave instructions on what to do in event of an evacuation. Witnesses said a wall of dirt, dust and rain blew up quickly like a dust bowl and a burst of high wind toppled the rigging. People ran amid screams and shouts, desperate to get out of the way. Hundreds of concert-goers rushed afterward amid the chaos to tend to the injured, many with upraised arms seeking to lift heavy beams, lights and other equipment that blew down onto the crowd. Many of the injured were in the VIP section closest to the stage. Emergency crews set up a triage centre in a tunnel below the grandstand at the Indianapolis fairgrounds.About 40 people were injured, including at least one child, WTHR reported. Witnesses reported seeing many people with head and neck injuries and broken bones. Indiana State Police 1st Sgt. Dave Bursten said the number of injured could rise because some people may have taken themselves to hospitals. Bursten said the injuries ranged from cuts and scrapes to "very serious injuries" and that it was a "very likely possibility" that the death toll could also mount. One of the injured was a 7-year-old child, according to television station WTHR. Emergency crews continued to search the fairgrounds early Sunday to ensure there were no other injured concert-goers who might have wandered off after the collapse, Bursten said. Fair officials canceled all activities Sunday. The fair, which runs through Aug. 21, was expected to resume Monday with a service honoring the victims, he said. Bursten said emergency personnel and fair officials were monitoring the weather because a severe storm had been expected to hit the area around 9:15 p.m. But the storm hit shortly before 9 p.m. He said preparations were being made to evacuate the facility but that the "significant gust of wind" struck the stage rigging that holds lights and other equipment before the evacuation plan was activated. "As we all know, weather can change in a very rapid period of time," he said.Concert-goers said the opening act by Sara Bareilles had finished and the crowd was waiting for Sugarland to take the stage. They said an announcer had alerted them that severe weather was possible and gave instructions on what to do if an evacuation was necessary. But the same announcer said concert organizers hoped the show would go on, and many fans stayed put. The wind that toppled the rigging came just minutes after that announcement, fans said. "It was like it was in slow motion," concert-goer Amy Weathers told the Indianapolis Star. "You couldn't believe it was actually happening." Associated Press photographer Darron Cummings was in the audience attending the concert as a fan shortly before the collapse. He said he and his companions sought shelter in a nearby barn after seeing the weather radar. "Then we heard screams. We heard people just come running," Cummings told the AP.Witnesses told WTHR that some of the injured were in a VIP section in front of the stage known as the "Sugar Pit." The witnesses said the dirt, dust, rain and wind came up the main thoroughfare of the fairgrounds just before the collapse.Sugarland tweeted about the incident about an hour after it happened."We are all right. We are praying for our fans, and the people of Indianapolis. We hope you'll join us. They need your strength," the band said.REF:

  • And finally, a horrific performance tragedyOn February 20, 2003, one-hundred people lost their lives and 230 were injured in one of the deadliest nightclub fires in U.S. history. The fire was caused by pyrotechnics that were set off as the band 'Great White' began playing its opening song. The illegal indoor use of outside fireworks, led to the igniting of highly flammable soundproofing foam in the walls of the stage. Within 30 seconds of the fire starting, the entire stage was engulfed.

    Please be aware that the link below to a you tube video show real footage of this incident and is very distressing to watch.

  • TASKComplete the table below to describe how each of these incidents may have been prevented:

    EVENTPREVENTATIVE MEASURESRiot at Funs n Roses concert

    Death of fan at Lamb of God gig

    Ceiling collapse at The Apollo Theatre

    Death of two fans in stampede at Donnington Music Festival

    Slipknots Sid Wilson breaks fans leg in crowd surfing stunt

    Fire at The Station nightclub during a Great White gig in the U.S.A

  • TASKCreate risk assessments of our performance venues within Swindon Academy: -The School Hall-The Live Lounge

    There are two stages to this task -Research Task -Site Visits


  • RISK ASSESSMENT-The Live Lounge

  • Organisations in the Music Industry (List one)Venues and live performance- small and medium local venues (spaces that range from pubs to clubs and small theatres that host music regularly or as part of mixed arts performances)- large multi-use spaces (arenas, sports venues, outdoor spaces that host touring productions linked to TV programmes, rock and pop acts, stand-up comedy, site-specific theatre, circuses, festivals)Production and promotion- recording companies (major and independent)- music publishing (major companies, self-publishing)- promoters (concert, club, festival)- broadcasting (TV, radio, internet)- marketing and distribution (online, high street stores, social media)

  • Service companies and agencies- royalty collection agencies (PRS for Music, MCPS, PPL licensing)- artists representation (management, public relations, agents, stylists)- hire companies (hire of sound and lighting equipment, rehearsal and studio space)- transport companies (to transport equipment and materials for touring)Unions- the Musicians Union (MU) (union for musicians, composers, instrumental teachers)- Equity (union for actors, dancers and other performers)- Broadcast Entertainment Cinematograph Theatre Union (BECTU) (union for those working in production and/or technical roles.)

    Organisations in the Music Industry (List two)

  • TASK

    Create a list of different organisations from list one. The list should contain: -Organisation names -Website address

    Then give a brief description of each organisation (what do they do?)


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