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A proposal that enables Philippine Municipalities to comply with RA 9003 requirement for composting through a rapid, microbe assisted composting process.


<p>SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS FOR PHILIPPINE MUNICIPALITIESPRESENTED BY</p> <p>AGRICULTURAL INOCULANTS CORP</p> <p>Despite the promotion of waste segregation and collection at source, in particular the zero waste movement, adoption has been at a very slow pace due to lack of government support*. The simplicity of RA 9003s prescription reduce, reuse, recycle at the local level awaits serious implementation.*Executive Summary for RA 9003.</p> <p>Lack the technical resources. Need to encourage responsible private sector participation Need to rationalize expenditures with system components. Lack of accountability for funds spent on solid waste management.</p> <p>Recommended solutions are expensive. Municipal budgetary constraints. Lack of know-how and expertise Lack of support from the national government</p> <p>Recyclable plastics can be re- processed and reused. Biodegradable farm and market waste can be processed into organic fertilizers. Other waste materials, such as metal can be sold to scrap to recyclers.</p> <p>Enact an ordinance that would prohibit the burning of farm waste will greatly reduce carbon emission into the atmosphere and slow down global warming. Convert biodegradable waste that naturally emit methane, such as animal waste and food scrap, into organic fertilizer.</p> <p>Technology transfer scheme in the production of biodegradable farm and market waste using rapid composting activators into quality organic fertilizers . AIC shall: 1. Undertake preparatory activities for the establishment of the Project, to include organizational and pre-operating activities. 2. Provide the technology and formulations for organic fertilizer production. 3. Provide the rapid composting activators. 4. Provide the training for the manufacturing of the organic fertilizers.</p> <p>Covered shed with concrete flooring and water source. Chopper / shredder Weighing scales, 1 tabletop and 1 platform type Square head shovels Portable sieve Water hose</p> <p>A</p> <p>Qty</p> <p>Unit</p> <p>Total</p> <p>Unit Cost</p> <p>INGREDIENTS (kgs)1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10</p> <p>% 50 45 5</p> <p>(kgs) 600 540 60 1</p> <p>Cost(P) Free * 1* 0.25* 253 25* 10* 2* 10*</p> <p>Cost 0 540 15 253 625 200 40 200 2046</p> <p>Bag 0 27 0.75 12.65 25 10 2 10 87.40</p> <p>Biodegradable Waste Chicken Manure Carbonized Rice Hull Inoculants (Kg) Labor Gas &amp; Oil (Shredding) Utilities ( Water) Sack (recycled) Total weight Production cost per bag</p> <p>1200</p> <p>Average commercial organic fertilizer cost P250.00 *Fill in actual cost to get your cost of production</p> <p>BAR links up with private sector to establish bio-fertilizer production facilities in the regions By Rita T. de la CruzPhotos by Anthony A. Constantino Biofertilizer production facilities will be established in 16 Regional Integrated Agricultural Research Centers (RIARCs) of the Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Units (DARFUs). This was stipulated in a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed recently by Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) and the Agro-Forestry Crop Systems Inc. (AFCSI), a private entity.The MOA was signed in line with Executive Order (EO) promoting and developing organic agriculture in the Philippines. The 18 pilot experimental sites where the biofertilizer production facilities will be tested are: Baguio City (CAR), La Union (RFU I), Isabela (RFU II), Tarlac City (RFU III), Lipa City, Batangas, and Quezon Province (RFU IV-A), Camarines Sur and Camarines Norte (RFU V), Iloilo (RFU VI), Cebu City (RFU VII), Leyte (RFU VIII), Zamboanga del Sur (RFU IX), Bukidnon (RFU X), Cotabato City (ARMM), Davao City (RFU XI), Kidapawan City (RFU XII), and Agusan del Sur .</p> <p>BAR Director Nicomedes BARDirector Nicomedes P.</p> <p>Eleazar (left) and AFCSI P. Eleazar (left) and AFCSI President Rene T. Naguiat President Rene T. Naguiat (right) sign the Memorandum (right) sign the of Agreement. Memorandum of Agreement.</p> <p>LGU ORGANIC FERTILIZER MANUFACTURING Projected Financial Summary</p> <p>Implementation Project Cost: Economic Benefits / Indicators Bio-fertilizer Manufacturing Site Employment generated Microbial inoculants Cost of microbial inoculants Training and capability building Bio-fertilizer produced per month Total bio-fertilizer produced (12 months) Estimated production cost 1 bag bio-fertilizer Average market price of 1 bag bio-fertilizer Market price less manufacturing cost Total bio-fertilizer value produced at market price Total bio-fertilizer value produced at cost Income derived from project Total hectares fertilized (10 bags / ha.) Project total biodegradable waste recycled</p> <p>LGU P49,950.00</p> <p>1 2</p> <p>5 6 7</p> <p>9 10 11 11 12 1 14 15</p> <p>1 4 150 kg rapid composting inoculants P 7,950.00 10,000.00 (Luzon) 250 bags +/- 000 bags P 7.40 P250.00 P164.27 P750,000.00 P257,190.00 P492,810.00 150 Ha. 1 0,000 tons</p> <p>Lipa City, Batangas</p> <p>Kidapawan City, Cotobato</p> <p>Candelaria, Quezon</p> <p>Pili, Camarines Sur</p> <p>Manufacturing and testing of bio-fertilizers have been conducted on these sites</p> <p>AGRICULTURAL INOCULANTS CORPORATIONMICROBES AT WORK CONTACT NUMBERS: 02-215-99-71 0917-81-362-43 email:</p>