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Themes we heard during SXSW 2013



2. THE TIME FOR EXPONENTIAL GROWTH IS UPON USTECH INNOVATION = INDEFINITE growth = 0 to 1 Technology, is about exponential growth: going from 0 to 1: a typewriter to a word processorGLOBALIZATION = DEFINITE growth =1 to n Globalization, is about incremental growth: finding things that work, copying them, and growing by percentiles take 1 typewriter and repeat to make 100. SOURCES/ REFERENCES Peter Thiel (@peterthiel), Founders Fund. This is from their manifesto: 3. (BIG) DATA IS THE NEW CURRENCYBEHAVIORREVENUESOURCES/REFERENCES Dennis Crowley, FourSquare CEO (@dens) Amy Webb - author of hilarious book (believe it or not) - Big Data: a Love Story (@webmedia) Sarah Epps, Forrester Analyst (@srepps) 4. WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY IS HERE TO STAYSOURCES/REFERENCES Cindy Gallop, MakeLoveNotPorn - Sarah Epps, Forrester Analyst (@srepps) 5. GET TO KNOW THE INTERNET OF THINGS: STOP MAKING THINGS FOR THE INTERNET, START MAKING THINGS OUT OF THE INTERNETFOCUSED FUNCTION DEVICES: Small & nimble: just try to do one thing well Think: The Smart Home filled with smart lamps, heating, locks, stereos, cameras etc that all work in concertTHE BIG BOYS: BIG COMPANIES + OPERATING SYSTEMS TVs, computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets - increasingly forming clans/ ecosystemsDATA ONLY Worker bees (WIFI) Production bees (barcodes) Interactive bees (data sensors) Only really useful in swarmsSOURCES/ REFERENCES Scott Jenson (@scottjenson) - blog post where he talks about bears, bats and bees: Ben Malbon of Google Creative Labs fame also talks about this (@malbonnington) 6. CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE: SOMETIMES 10X IS EASIER THEN 10%WHEN YOURE WORKING TO MAKE THINGS 10% BETTER, YOU INEVITABLY FOCUS ON THE EXISTING TOOLS AND ASSUMPTIONS, AND ON BUILDING ON TOP OF AN EXISTING SOLUTION THAT MANY PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY SPENT A LOT OF TIME THINKING ABOUT. BUT WHEN YOU AIM FOR A 10X GAIN, YOU LEAN INSTEAD ON BRAVERY AND CREATIVITY THE KIND THAT, LITERALLY AND METAPHORICALLY, CAN PUT A MAN ON THE MOON. ASTRO TELLER, CAPTAIN OF MOONSHOTS, GOOGLE XSOURCES/ REFERENCES Peter Thiel (@peterthiel) he has done a tonne - with HBS to name but a few Astro Teller - Google X/standford fame (@astroteller) 7. WE CHOSE TO GO TO THE MOON, John F. Kennedy said, NOT BECAUSE IT WAS EASY BUT BECAUSE IT WAS HARD. SUDDENLY EVERYONE FROM SCHOOL CHILDREN TO THE LARGEST INSTITUTIONS IN THE COUNTRY WERE RALLYING BEHIND THE MISSION.Astro Teller talks to Wired: 8. WE WANTED FLYING CARS, INSTEAD WE GOT 140 CHARACTERS: WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICAN INNOVATION? Peter ThielSOLVE BIG THE BIGGER THE PROBLEM YOU SOLVE, THE MORE INTERESTED THE WORLD BECOMES IN IT, AND THE MORE AMAZING THE REWARDSOURCES/REFERENCES Peter Thiel (@peterthiel), Founders Fund. This is from their manifesto: Astro Teller - Google X/standford fame (@astroteller) blog 9. ITS ALL ABOUT THE LONG GAME100 YEAR STARSHIP 10. THERE IS NO OLDIDEAS OF THE PAST ARE JUST AS RELEVANT TODAY AS THEY WERE BACK THEN. 11. THE ROLE OF BRANDS AT SXSWREBIRTH OF THE EXPERIENTIAL WITH THEMED PARTIES FROM THE LIKES OF NAT GEO, JWT, AND TUMBLR; FULL ON ACTIVATIONS FROM THE LIKES OF VICELAND; RESTAURANTS LIKE THOSE FROM GIGYA GRILL, FOODTRUCKS FROM HIGHLIGHT; A PLAYGROUND FROM GOOGLE AND THE GRUMPY CAT ACTIVATION FROM MASHABLE; BRANDS WERE CREATING UNIQUE EXPERIENCES THAT WERE INVITING, EXCITING AND MEMORABLE. 12. HOW BRANDS CAN CREATE SPACE IN WHICH TO GROW70% NOW PRODUCT LAUNCHES & PORTFOLIO SUPPORT20% NEW PRODUCT INNOVATIONS THAT ARE GAINING TRACTION 10% NEXT BRAND DREAMSSOURCES/REFERENCES: COCA-COLA