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A little taste of our research, theories and degree programmes at MPP.


  • department of management politics and philosophy

  • Welcome to MPP!If you cant measure it, you cant manage it goes the familar saying. We are not so sure. Here at one of Copenhagen Business Schools largest departments we bridge management with humanities & social sciences in an attempt to develop ideas that will, as the late Steve Jobs put it, put a ding in the universe.

    Our research and teaching is distributed across four research groups:

    Public and Political Management / Management Philosophy / Management Research / Business History.

    We hope that you will enjoy this little taste of our research, theories and degree programmes at MPP, and that you will check our website for further info or contact us personally. We are always open for new partners in our network but mind your head; we have many ideas in the air.

    Pierre Guillet de MonthouxHead of Department /

  • Master of Public Administration University of Essex Hybrid political science Michel Foucault Management in society Discourses LSE Institutionalism Gunther Treubner Management of educational organizations Steering and self-management technologies Suspension of power Undecidability and the playful state Atmospheric management Modern Government coordination Governance reforms Niklas Luhmann BSc in Business Administration and Organisational Communication Paradoxes in Management Janet Newmann Welfare Management Trust-based Management Authenticity Political and Strategic Communication Bielefeld University Public and Political Management The political in business economics Voluntary Management Forms of Practice Governmentality Public-Private Partnerships Network governance Bob Jessop High-tech based regional development policies Sociology of crowds System theory Power and politics Reinhart Koselleck Urban theory Health Management Organisational Decision Making European integration Market creation Mitchell Dean Master in Political Communication and Management Labour market relations and policies University of Westminster Leadership Ethics in Management Campaign Management Change Management Ernesto Laclaus

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship Schumpeter BSc in International Business EngAGE Interrelationship between the public and private sector BHC - Business History Conference Business and politics Douglass North Enterprises during international wars Big Business and European integration Finance and Banking Mark Granovetter BSc in Economics and Business Administration The design and fashion business Marketing and Branding history Modern consumer society Storytelling Harvard Business School Globalization and organizational strategy Culture and Change Max Weber Economic development Strategy development B.Sc. International Business and Politics EBHA - European Business History Association

    Business History Chandler Company and leadership Regulation of markets, businesses and public organizations Interaction of organizational and technical change IT, transport and energy industry in a global world Douglas Holt The uses of history and construction of identity Economic History The Emergence of Industrial Capitalism - Industrial and Institutional Revolution Corporate Response to Crisis Industrial Organization Marketing and Advertising History EGOS -European Group of Organizational Studies Wally Olins Marketing Theory and Critical Marketing Market and Consumer Research BSc in International Business (Globe) Programme Political risk Companies in Danish Foreign Policy MPA

  • Modern work-life Foucault Aesthetic LeadershipManagement of Self-management Money and Value Power and Truth Deleuze Phronesis Talent Management Globalization Theology of Organizations Kant Stress Play and Capitalism Business Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility Critical Management Studies European Philosophical Theories Art and Leadership Nietzsche Philosophy and Phenomenology Philosophy and Leadership Philosophy and Organisations Social analytics Heidegger Public Governance Leadership of the Future

    Management Philosophy Welfare and the welfare society Negotiation and the society of negotiation System theory BSc and MSc in Business Administration and Philosophy (FLK) Ethics and aesthetics in organisations Platon Political Philosophy Strategic HR Bordeau The Forming of Public Opinion Ethical Investment Stakeholder Management Value-based Management Corporate governance Sustainability HR development and user/customer-driven communities Boredom Radical organizational theory Zizek Cynicism and authenticity among self-managing employees Relationship between management technologies and self-management Relationship between contemporary philosophy and management Phenomenology and philosophical hermeneutics Contemporary Forms of Capitalism Ideology and Resistance Pathology and Addiction Postmodernity Hegel

  • Master in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship Creativity Danish Design School Knowledge creation EGOS -European Group of Organizational Studies Knowledge management Harvard Business School Entrepreneurship Art/aesthetics play Design Aalto University Innovation Art-based Shared decision making Collective creation Interdisciplinary Innovation- and entrepreneurship studies Aesthetics and organization studies Deleuze Knowledge- and innovation studies Prusak SEEIT European partnership for innovation and education in sustainable energy Art and leadership studies Decision making history Networks for innovation

    Management Research CIEL Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab Philosophy of Management Kaplan Methodology Experience economy The Workarts Creative Enterprise Design Kotler Rich Inquiry Generative Problem Solving Leadership development and practice Rotterdam School of Management Organizational Alterities Design Management Strategic Management Strategy and Knowledge Strategic Sports Management Taylor Social Entrepreneurship Information Technology Management Bocconi Milan WEC -World Energy Council Swarthmore College Robert Austin AOM - Academy Of Management Master in International Marketing & Management

  • MPP. It might also stand for Marvels, Passion, and Practice. Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy of course produces work of exceptional academic quality. What is interesting about the department, with its employees and its students, is its capacity to make the academic considerations relevant for the world around it by drawing it into its research through practice. What is interesting is the constant ability to marvel at the world and its limits and to challenge them. What is so attractive here is the academic passion and the open interaction among the people who make the department.

    Margrethe Vestager, Minister of Economy and Interior, former Chairman of MPP Advisory Board

  • Department of Management, Politics and PhilosophyCopenhagen Business SchoolPorcelnshaven 18BDK 2000 Frederiksberg

    MPP relationsPhone/ +45 3815 3636Email/ @mppcbsdk