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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>The full suit worn with a tailored business shirt and a good tie and pocket square combination is a powerful look for the boardroom or even an interview. It screams authority and asserts a certain man on a mission air that is hard not to get taken in by. Its both elegant and masculine and with the right shoes and accessories, is a killer business look. </p> <p>Our second look lets you leave the suit jacket at home and wear just the pants and waistcoat. You might feel underdressed but trust us, this is a great look for any occasion that calls for smart casual attire. An expertly tailored waistcoat hugs the body and creates the illusion of a slimmer waistline. And when everyone else is following the herd with their open collar shirt and chinos, youll be turning heads in your sleek vest. </p> <p>The third look, the waistcoat, like the suit jacket, is a hugely versatile addition to your wardrobe and to keep it for formal occasions alone is a wasted opportunity. A pair of jeans, a casual shirt, a tie, and waistcoat buttoned up will add some serious style points to your scorecard. Its a perfect upgrade to an otherwise ordinary outfit and is ideal for date nights in particular. We all know the ladies love a well-dressed man but a full three-piece suit for a movie night is probably a bit much. </p>