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Sydney’s leading fashion tailor is located in the heart of the CBD’s shopping district in the charming Dymocks Building. Since 2010, we've paved the path for Sydney men to get suited up in style with our full service tailored mens suits, shirts and coats. Our showroom is full of suit samples and thousands of fabric swatches making it easy for you to get your creative juices flowing and design a look that is uniquely you.We offer a remarkably personal shopping experience for the uncompromising gent, and specialise in individually hand crafted, garments for business, weddings, formal and casual events. We have personally styled and tailored mens suits for thousands of happy customers, and you too can experience the same red carpet treatment. Book in for a personalised fitting and one-on-one styling session and have your uniquely tailored garments conveniently ready for fitting within a few short weeks.More inspiration @ www.montagio.com.au


  • L O O K B O O K

    M O N T A G I O . C O M . A U

  • A B O U T U S

  • So what can we tell you about ourselves?

    Lets see

    We could start by saying that we make the finest suits and shirts from hand-picked cloths sourced from all over the world.

    Or we could say we are all about providing the ultimate in customer experience and satisfaction.

    We might even mention that each tailor made garment is custom designed, precisely made-to-measure and is guaranteed to fit you perfectly.

    And we could continue to toot our own horn for a few more lines. But we wont bore you with all that.

    Our mission, our vision, our ethos, our code what we are really about, is making sure that you look damn good.

    So relax. Have a drink. And wear that confident smirk - knowing that youre going to look damn good in your next Montagio suit or shirt, tailor made just for you.


  • SHOULDERS Lightly padded & expertly cut to follow your natural contours - so no more Star Trek shoulders.

    TAILORED FIT (WAIST) Tapered to enhance your sexy silhouette

    SLEEVE LENGTH Less is more.

    Cut correctly to not cover your hands

    & show just a bit of shirt cuff

    TROUSER LENGTH Youve got to stop

    somewhere. Length tailored perfectly

    to give you just the slightest break

    JACKET LENGTH We all know length matters. Get your jacket cut to the right length for your unique body shape & height



    CUSTOM STYLED Select the fabric, colour,

    lapel size & shape, number of buttons, pocket design

    & many other features to personalise your suit


    Top heavy? Tailor made means you can get

    different sized jackets & trousers to fit your upper

    & lower body perfectly

    L O O K D A M N G O O DI N A S U I T

    H O W T O


  • TAILORED FIT (WAIST) Dont pay for excess baggage. Travel light with a streamlined fit

    SPLIT YOKE Were not cracking eggs. A split yoke on the back helps your shirt conform to the natural contour of your shoulders

    COLLAR SIZE Tree trunk or twig?

    Finally have a collar tailored to the right

    size for your neck


    The right sized holster to fit your guns


    Cut to the right size to fit over your watch

    & rest comfortably on those powerful

    man hands

    TROUSER RISE Cut perfectly to look

    good with still enough room to breath

    SLEEVE LENGTH Orangutan arms? No problems. Sleeves cut to finish at the right length for you

    CUFF SIZE (TROUSER) Whether youre bigfoot or twinkletoes, get your trouser cuffs shaped for your shoe size

    CUSTOM STYLED Select fabric, colour, collar

    style, cuff style & other features to personalise

    your shirt


    L O O K D A M N G O O DI N A S H I R T

    H O W T O

  • B U S I N E S S S U I T S

    T A I L O R M A D E

  • Every impression counts. Especially the first one.

    Like it or not, those around you judge you based on how you look.

    So be confident knowing youll look damn good in a custom tailored business suit by Montagio quite purposely styled for your success,

    and perfectly fitted to impress.

    Corporate and group deals available.

    Following is a small selection of our designs.

    Almost any look or style is possible.

    Always perfectly fitted.


  • B U S I N E S S S U I T S

    Make a statement at work with this solid mid-blue wool suit, with its streamlined slim 2 width notch lapel & angled flap pockets. A patterned tie & tan shoes re-

    ally bring out the colour.

    The herringbone weave adds character to this mid-grey wool suit. Peak lapels & angled pockets add to that character to give a subtle but stealthily different



  • B U S I N E S S S U I T S

    Nothing says business like a navy-blue pinstripe suit. The perfect suit for more conservative workplaces, it doesnt of-fend with its standard 3 width notch

    lapel & straight flap pockets.

    Exude irreverence & confidence with a sly nod to the underbelly in this mid-grey wool suit with a bold light-grey

    pinstripe. The look is streamlined with a peak lapel & angled pockets.


  • B U S I N E S S S U I T S

    Waistcoats can really make a statement. This light-grey 3-piece wool suit with

    an edgy slim notch lapel & slim angled pockets is a paradox of modern yet


    This dark navy 3-piece wool suit has a subtle texture of self-patterned lines

    running through it. The standard notch lapel & straight pocket make it a safe bet for any conservative work place.


  • B U S I N E S S S U I T S

    The window-pane pattern makes this charcoal suit more interesting. Pair with some dark brown boots & dark brown belt to create an appropriately business

    yet laid back look.

    The light grey birds-eye pattern fabric compliments the aloofness of the deeper cut one button jacket with patch pockets.

    Ideal for less conservative workplaces, where creativity is rewarded.


  • B U S I N E S S S U I T S

    This electric blue sharkskin fabric has a subtle gloss, and is a fashion forward

    take on the modern mans business suit. The slim notch lapel & slim angled pockets enhance the sleek modern look.

    The peak lapel & angled pockets create a streamlined silhouette for this textured charcoal suit. Pick stitching around the lapel & pocket flaps add subtle detail

    to complete the look.


  • A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is

    to men

  • S H I R T S

    T A I L O R M A D E

  • What separates an average shirt from an exceptional one?

    Its the rare trifecta of neck size, sleeve length and fit that few ever achieve. The right colour and fabric are vital too, but thats not a problem

    when you get your next shirt tailor made by Montagio.

    With our vast array of hand-picked fabrics, youll find exactly what you want expertly fitted and styled for business, formal, or more casual affairs.

    Following is a small selection of our designs.

    Almost any look or style is possible.

    Always perfectly fitted.


  • B U S I N E S S S H I R T S

    The texture adds character, but still plain enough to wear a patterned tie on.

    Colour: Sky Blue Pattern: Textured Collar: Spread Cuffs: Adjustable 2-Button

    Everyone needs a crisp white shirt its the perfect blank canvas.

    Colour: White Pattern: Solid Collar: Spread Cuffs: French

    Pink is most womens favourite colour, thats why Women love Men in pink. Colour: Pink Pattern: Herringbone

    Collar: Spread Cuffs: French

    Blue herringbone another classic business staple.

    Colour: Blue Pattern: Narrow Herringbone Collar: Cutaway Cuffs: French


  • B U S I N E S S S H I R T S

    Great to wear under a solid suit & a solid or subtle pattern tie.

    Colour: Blue & white Pattern: Stripe Collar: Cutaway Cuffs: French

    The informal button-down collar can be applied to a business shirt.

    Colour: Sky Pattern: Herringbone Collar: Button-down

    Cuffs: Adjustable 2-Button

    A spin on pinstriped banker shirts. Colour: Mauve, contrast white collar

    & cuffs Pattern: Herringbone Collar: Spread Cuffs: Adjustable 2-Button

    The business shirt with a casual spin, for a laid back look.

    Colour: Pink & white Pattern: Gingham check

    Collar: Spread Cuffs: French


  • B U S I N E S S S H I R T S

    Can double up as a business shirt or smart casual.

    Colour: Navy Pattern: Gingham Collar: Button-down Cuffs: Adjustable 2-Button

    When the occasion isnt too formal, but you still want to impress.

    Colour: Camel, Navy Pattern: Multi-Check Collar: Button-down

    Cuffs: Adjustable 2-Button

    Can also be worn without a tie & sleeves rolled up on summer days.

    Colour: Sky, Yellow Pattern: Multi-Check Collar: Button-down Cuffs: Adjustable 2-Button


  • When in doubt wear a suit

  • W E D D I N G S &

    F O R M A L

    T A I L O R M A D E

  • 21

    No doubt she will look amazing. But why should your bride be the only one?

    Its your big day too.

    Sorry, no rent-a-suits here.

    While others shy away, you can be the man of the moment. Go all out. Be her Knight in Shining Armour, her James Bond, her Romeo.

    Sweep her off her feet in an ultra-sharp wedding suit or tuxedo, custom designed and precisely tailor made just for you by Montagio.

    Groomsmen deals available.

    Following is a small selection of our designs.

    Almost any look or style is possible.

    Always perfectly fitted.

  • W E D D I N G S & F O R M A L

    The quintessential classic black tux defined by black satin covering on the

    peak lapel, buttons & breast pocket, with black satin trim on the lower


    A variation of the classic tux with dark navy fabric & dark navy satin trims

    for when you dont want to look black tie.


  • W E D D I N G S & F O R M A L

    For when you dont want to be too loud, this dark navy tux has black satin trim

    around the edge of the notch lapel & trim across the top edges of the breast

    pocket & lower pockets.

    Nothing says formal like a