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1. Mensusa- Different Types Mens Pinstripe SuitsPage 1 2. A sharply tailored suit with a subtle blue pinstripe,made from superior quality fabrics for an outstanding finish. Thetwo-button jacket has biased pockets and three-button cuffs, and isdelightfully lined in good fabric, with striped sleeve lining and handstitched finishing. Inside youll find two breast pockets and a ticketpocket. Trousers have a single pleat, classic front pocket, buttonthrough hip pocket, belt loops and simple finish edges.Pinstripe Suit, with varieties such as a business suit, two-piece suit,and three-piece suit or lounge suit consist of a set of matchingclothing consisting of: A coat commonly known as a jacket, a pair oftrousers, optionally, a waistcoat. A two-piece Suit or lounge suit isone misplaced a waistcoat; a three-piece Suit has one.Pinstripe Suit USA gives fresh and sophisticated look with comfortand adaptability. The well-tailored pinstripe suit speaks at thesame level of power as a lions roar. And thats not just a declarationfor gentlemen. Today, pinstripe Suits put out a refined, specializedmessage. Page 2 3. Black Pinstripe Suits: Page 3 4. Shadow Pinstripe Suits:Page 4 5. Gray Pinstripe Suits:Page 5 6. Brown Pinstripe Suits: Page 6 7. Tan Pinstripe Suits: Page 7