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Midterm Exam : Review. Skimming & Scanning. When we skim a text , we : 1. Look at the pictures 2. Read the title 3. Read the first sentence of each paragraph 4. Read the last sentence of each paragraph We skim the text : a) Before reading the text b) after reading it - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Midterm Exam:Review

Skimming & Scanning

When we skim a text, we:

1. Look at the pictures2. Read the title3. Read the first sentence of each paragraph4. Read the last sentence of each paragraph

We skim the text:a) Before reading the text b) after reading it c) while reading it

When we scan a text, we look for:

1. Names or2. Numbers or3. Dates or4. Places or5. Times or6. Key words

We scan the text:a) Before reading the text b) after reading it c) while reading it

4We skim and scan a text in order to

Make hypotheses about the text we are going to read.

Making Hypotheses

Make hypotheses means

To make guesses.Hypotheses are expectations or predictions that the reader forms about the text.

We can make hypotheses about

The main idea, the type of content the text will cover, the type of language the writer will use, and the attitude of the writer.

* Watch the following music video of the song Just by Radiohead. What happened to that man? What did he say at the end, do you think? Make a hypothesis or hypotheses.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_qMagfZtv8

Imagine we have already scanned an article. We scanned for names, numbers and dates.Whats the article about? Make a hypothesis.

Names: Numbers: Dates:

Iron Man $175.3mRobert Downey Junior $207.4m 2013Gwyneth Paltrow $504.8mShane BlackLos Angeles Times9My hypothesis:

I think the article is about how much money has made the sequel of the film Iron Man in the theatres in The United States.

Why do I think this?First of all, I think it is about the movie and not the comic because in the article we found the names of the main actors (Robert and Gwyneth) and the director (Shane Black). Second, I think its about the sequel because we know the first film was released in 2012, and the date we scanned was 2013.Finally, I think this is what happenning in the United States theatres because it says Los Angeles Times, so probably all this information appeared in that newspaper.

* Look at the picture, read the title and first sentence of an article. Whats the aricle about? Make a hypothesis. What information do you expect to read in the article?How many birds are killed by windows?

Spring has arrived in the northern hemisphere, the sun is shining, the birds are migrating back from warmer climes.

Source: BBC News online

My hypothesis:

I think the article is about the quantity of birds that strike against buildings windows and die as a result of it in countries of the northern hemisphere.Probably I am going to read about:- Places where this often happens. Figures (percentages/numbers) of birds killed by windows recently. Institutions that have made some reserach on this subject. The reason why these birds die and not survive. Most common types of birds that are killed by windows.MakingInferences

Making inferences means:

reading between the linesTo figure out what the writer did NOT explain or state directly in the text.Inferences are conclusions a reader draws about the unsaid based on what is actually said.

Making inferences help us

improve our comprehension skills.

According to this cartoon, what inferences can we make about the British?Anthropology

Anthropology is the scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the physical, social, and cultural development of human beings. Anthropologists usually go to other places to study the people that live there. When they do, they do not make value judgments. Instead, anthropologists keep their personal beliefs out of their work, and report only on what they observe while viewing another culture.

Which of these things WOULD an anthropologist be likely to say?

a. In my opinion, this culture eats very strange foods.b. If you ask me, all cultures should be studied to learn about them.c. From my point of view, African cultures are the best anywhere.d. I suppose someone should teach these people about forks and spoons.e. The people here are so stupid that they dont believe in God.

Well done! and