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Midterm Exam Review :. Jeopardy Game. Please select a Team by picking the category that matches your birthday. January-March April-June July-September October-December. Team Scores. Team MVP. Participant Scores. Ecology. Structure of an Atom. Pictures. The Periodic Table. Oceans/ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Second Semester Review Jeopardy

Midterm Exam Review:Jeopardy Game1What element does the Bohr model represent and how do you know?Structure of an Atom$100The element is lithium because it has 3 electronsThe element is lithium because it has 3 protonsThe element is beryllium because it has 4 neutronsThe element is nitrogen because it has an atomic mass of 7

7How many valence electrons does the atom have? Structure of an Atom$4002467

10$300$400$500$100$200$300$400$500$100$200$300$400$500$100$200$300$400$500$100$200$300$400$500$100Structure of an AtomThe PeriodicTableOceans/ WeatherSeasons/Moon PhasesEcologyTeam ScoresParticipant Scores$100$200$300$400$500Pictures$200Team MVP3Atoms of elements in a group on the Periodic Table have similar chemical properties. This similarity is most closely related to the atoms ___ The Periodic Table $200Atomic numbersNumber of energy levelsAtomic massesNumber of valence electrons13Based on its position in the periodic table, the element Fluorine would be expected to have how many valence electrons? The Periodic Table$1004567


Calcium has properties most similar to which of these elements?The Periodic Table$300Beryllium (Be)Potassium (K)Carbon (C)Neon (Ne)14Which of the following elements is a nonmetal?The Periodic Table $400 Zinc (Zn)Silicon (Si)Nitrogen (N)Sodium (Na)15How is the west coast of Australia affected by surface currents?Oceans/Weather$100Warmer because the surface current comes from the warm equatorCooler because the surface current comes from the cool equatorWarmer because the surface current comes from the warm PolesCooler because the surface current comes from the cool Poles

17Sea breezes blow from the ocean toward the shore because ___Oceans/Weather$300The sun heats up the water more quickly than the landThe sun heats up the land more quickly than the waterOcean currents cause the wind to blow toward shoreBreezes are created as Earth rotates on its axis19According to the map, where are thunderstorms most likely to occur?Oceans/Weather$500In Seattle, because a cold front has moved throughIn Chicago, because a cold front is approachingIn Boston, because a cold front is to the west of the cityIn San Diego, because it is on the edge of a warm front

21Which element has 2 energy shells?The Periodic Table$500Fluorine (F)Calcium (Ca)Helium (He)Potassium (K)16Day and night are caused by ____Seasons/Moon Phases$200Earths revolution around the sunEarths rotation on its axisEclipses The tilt of Earths axis23The diagram shows the orbit of the moon around Earth. Between which two points will a person on Earth see a waning crescent moon?Seasons/Moon Phases$400Q and RR and S S and T T and Q

25How do the oceans affect the global climate?Oceans/Weather$2000The ocean keeps the planets temperature cooler than it would otherwise beThe ocean keeps the planets overall temperature moderate, not too hot and not too coldThe ocean keeps the atmospheres winds faster than they would otherwise beThe ocean keeps the atmospheres winds slower than they would otherwise be18Ticks are frequently found on animals such as deer. The ticks burrow into the skin and suck blood from the animal. The relationship between the tick and the deer is an example of ___ Ecology$100Predation because the deer is the predator and the tick is its preyMutualism because both the deer and the tick benefit, and neither organism is harmed Commensalism because the tick removes blood from the deer but does not harm the deer Parasitism because the tick is a parasite, which harms its host, the deer27A population of mice, some with light-colored fur and some with dark-colored fur, is introduced into a field with dark soil. A few generations later, the majority of the mice have dark-colored fur. Which of the following best explains this change?Ecology$300Light-colored mice can run faster Dark-colored mice have fewer offspringLight-colored mice have changed color over generationsDark-colored mice are better able to hide from their predators29Why do hurricanes typically form off the coast of Africa?Oceans/Weather $400The water temperature is coldThe winds are stronger near africaThere is a narrow channel between two large island chainsThe water temperature is warm 20Please select a Team by picking the category that matches your birthday.


2Participant ScoresBack to the BoardPointsParticipantPointsParticipant6The Northern Hemisphere would most likely experience direct rays and longer amounts of daylight at position ____Seasons/Moon Phases$100ABCD

22If there is a full moon tonight, what moon phase will we see two weeks from now?Seasons/Moon Phases$300New moonFull moonLast quarterFirst quarter24The diagram above shows the orbit of the Moon around Earth. At which two points will higher than normal tides occur? Seasons/Moon Phases$500T and QR and SS and TQ and R

26Artificial reefs, such as old ships placed in the ocean by humans, affect the ecosystems of the ocean. How can these artificial reefs alter the ecosystem?Ecology$200Artificial reefs provide more oxygen to organismsArtificial reefs provide a new habitat for organismsArtificial reefs provide less protection to small fishArtificial reefs provide additional locations to drill for oil28Which of the following statements best describes a producer/consumer relationships?Ecology$400Insects are producers, shadow bass are consumersRainbow trout are producers, cyprinids are consumersZooplankton are producers, algae are consumersAlgae are producers, stone roller fish are consumers

30Which of the following is a biotic factor that a fish and frog may compete for?Ecology$500SunInsectWaterAlligator31Team ScoresBack to the BoardPointsTeamPointsTeam5Which organisms in the food web shown above compete for the same food source in this environment?Pictures$100Grasshoppers and snakeHawks and frogsFrogs and snakesDecomposers and grasses

32Where would the particle that is used to identify an atom be found? Pictures$200WXYZ

33Which city will experience a cold front next? Pictures$300ChicagoBuffaloUticaDetroit

34Where are the metalloids located on the periodic table?Pictures$400White areaGrey AreaGrey with boxes

357Which type of front is shown on the weather map? Pictures$500Cold front moving southCold front moving northWarm front moving southWarm front moving north

36Which model represents the most reactive atom?Structure of an Atom$200ABCD

ABCD8Team MVPBack to the BoardPointsTeamParticipant