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If you ever wanted to play 13th age in the more scandinavian setting, this bestiary is most defenetly your best of friends


  • 13th Age compatible edition



  • BESTIARYcompatible with the 13th age role-playing game

    by ASH LAW

  • midgard bestiary


    Design and Development ASH LAW

    Midgard Icons by Wade Rockett

    Original Midgard Bestiary Monster Design Andre Araujo, Wolfgang Baur, Jobe Bittman, Logan Bonner, Jesse Butler, Matthew Cicci, Tim and Eileen Connors, Adam Daigle, Mike Franke, Michael Furlanetto, Scott Gable, Richard Green, Jim Groves, Marc Hergoth, Andrew Hind, Brandon Hodge, Tracy Hurley, Matt James, Josh Jarman, Clare Jones, Brian Liberge, Nicolas Logue, Jonathan McAnulty, Mike McArtor, Ben McFarland, Richard Pett, Karl Rodriguez, John Steven Schutt, Christina Stiles, Russ Taylor, Mike Welham, and Dan Voyce

    Interior Artists Darren Calvert, Blanca Martinez de Rituerto, Jason Engle, Cory Trego-Erdner, Rick Hershey, Michael Jaecks, James Keegan, Pat Loboyko, Chris McFann, Jeff McFarland, Aaron Miller, Hugo Solis, Allison Theus

    Layout Chris Huth

    Editor Wade Rockett

    Publisher Wolfgang Baur

    Special thanks to Carrie Rasmussen-Law, Martin Law, and ASHs gaming group: Crystal, Daniel, Em, and Guy.

    Compatibility with the 13th Age Roleplaying Game requires the 13th Age Roleplaying Game from Fire Opal Media and Pelgrane Press. See 13thAge.com for more information on the 13th Age Roleplaying Game. Fire Opal Media

    does not guarantee compatibility, and does not endorse this product.

    13th Age and the 13th Age Roleplaying Game Compatibility Logo are registered trademarks of Fire Opal Media and are used under the 13th Age Roleplaying Game Compatibility License. See 13thAge.com for more information on

    the compatibility license.

    Kobold Press and Midgard are trademarks of Open Design, LLC. 2013 Open Design LLC. All rights reserved. www.KoboldPress.com

    Open Game Content: The Open content in this publication includes the new monster and player character race abilities. All other material is Product Identity, especially place names, character names, locations, story elements,

    and fiction. No other portion of this work may be reproduced in any form without permission.


  • 13th age edition


    Introductionit was a dark and stormy night when i met the wizard in the tavern...

    The wizard was Wolfgang Baur and the tavern was the AFK tavern in Washington State. And while I didnt fight any dragons on my drive up Interstate 5, it was dark and stormy as we gathered to celebrate the launch of the Midgard Campaign Setting. I had just submitted my first published-in-print article to what would turn out to be the last published-in-print issue of Kobold Quarterly magazine, and I decided to push my luck:

    Hey, this Midgard Bestiary. You could convert it to work with 13th Ages ARCHMAGE Engine.

    Who would undertake such a quest?I could do it, Wolfgang.Well okay then. Do it.

    And so it was decided. Equipped with the sword of spellcheck and the mighty hammer of infinite cups of tea, I started my epic quest. The results are before you.

    Ive picked 100 of my favorite Midgard creatures for you to play with; some I picked because they are iconic, some because they made me shudder in dread, and some because they are just plain weird, unique, or awesome. (Im a sucker for living constructs.)

    Ive also added some monster-related story hooks, and other cool extra bits that round them out. Most entries have at least one magic item listedusually something you can loot from a body, trade with an NPC for, or simply make from a monsters corpse. These are for GMs who are feeling generous. Not every NPC is going to have a magic item to loot, or a suitable bone to craft a wizards pipe out of.

    If you decide that a creature does have a magic item, let the NPC use it in a fight or at the very least give the NPC an extra d4, d6, or d8 damage on a hit.

    Most fun of all for me was writing the lists of things that each creature might have on itthe contents of a gnomes pouch or just what sort of staff a Minotaur is carrying or what the goblin has in that flithy sack. Most of these items are not treasure (though you might get lucky), but are there to add flavor and spark your imagination. Just close your eyes and point at the page. What is in the gearforgeds diary? Where did the goblin get the star-charts and trumpet, and what is she going to do with

    them? Why does the owl harpy carry seventeen silk scarves?Finally, youll find thirteen icons from the Midgard Campaign Setting by Wade Rockett. Player

    characters relationships with these powerful NPCs will provide resources they can draw

    on during playand draw them into a web of alliances, rivalries and schemes.

    Slay! Loot! Explore! Run away! Negotiate! Trade! Try to survive!

    Meet interesting new beings and roll initiative.

    In short: have fun!- ASH

  • midgard bestiary


    alseid 6Alseid Warrior level 3 troop [beast] 7Alseid Ovate level 4 caster [beast] 7Alseid Prince level 4 leader [beast] 7

    arbonesse exiles 8Arbonesse Exiled Mage level 5 caster [humanoid] 9Arbonesse Exiled Spellblade level 6 caster [humanoid] 9Arbonesse Exiled Theurge level 7 caster [humanoid] 10Arbonesse Emissary level 7 archer [humanoid] 10

    bone crab 11Bone Crab level 1 mook [beast] 11

    carrion beetle 12Carrion Beetle level 5 troop [beast] 12

    See also: Darakhul, Derro Fetal Savant, Goblins, Roachlings

    clockwork creatures 13Clockwork Beetle level 1 troop [construct] 13Clockwork Scullion level 1 leader [construct] 14Clockwork Watchmen level 1 troop [construct] 14Clockwork Hound level 1 troop [construct] 14Clockwork Huntsman level 2 spoiler [construct] 14Clockwork Myrmidon level 2 troop [construct] 15Clockwork Weaver level 3 mook [construct] 15

    darakhul 16Darakhul Citizen level 3 mook [undead] 17Iron Ghoul double strength level 4 wrecker [undead] 17Necrophagus Savant double strength level 6 leader [undead] 17Bonepowder Ghoul double strength level 8 spoiler [undead] 18

    deadly mosses 19Cavelight Moss level 3 troop [plant] 20Mindrot Moss level 7 wrecker [plant] 20Mindrot Thrall level 7 troop [plant] 20

    death swarm 21Death Moth Swarm level 7 swarm [beast] 22Death Butterfly Swarm level 7 swarm [beast] 22

    derro fetal savant 23Derro Savant Shrieker level 3 spoiler [abomination] 24Derro Fetal Savant level 10 spoiler [abomination] 24

    devils 25Ink Devil level 2 troop [demon] 26Clockwork Devil large level 3 troop [demon/construct] 26Gilded Devil level 3 spoiler [demon] 27Automata Devil (Castigas) large level 6 troop [construct/demon] 28

    See also: Gnomes of Niemheim.

    dogmole 29Dogmole large level 2 troop [beast] 29Dogmole Juggernaut triple strength level 3 wrecker [beast] 30

    See also: Ironcrag Dwarves, Derro Fetal Savant

    drake 31Alehouse Drake level 1 spoiler [dragon] 31Crag Drake level 4 troop [dragon] 32Gear Drake level 3 troop [dragon] 33Pact Drake level 5 troop [dragon] 34Steam Drake level 6 troop [dragon] 35

    fellforged 37Fellforged level 5 spoiler [construct/undead] 37Deathshade Wisp level 7 troop [undead] 38

    ghost boar of the ringwood 39Ghost Boar of the Ringwood double strength level 5 troop [beast] 39

    ghost riders of marena 40Ghost Knight of Marena Large level 5 troop [undead] 40Ghostrider Templar Large level 7 troop [undead] 41

    See also: Darakhul

    gnomes of niemheim 42Niemheim Puck level 2 caster [humanoid] 43Niemheim Enchanter level 3 caster [humanoid] 43Firegeist level 1 mook [aberration] 44Niemheim Choirmaster level 3 caster [humanoid] 44

    See also: Devils

    goblin shark 45Goblin Shark level 2 troop [humanoid] 45Goblin Shark Shaman level 2 caster [humanoid] 45

    goblins of the wasted west 46Ghost Goblin Horror level 2 troop [undead] 47Dust Digger Watchman level 2 archer [humanoid] 48Bonewraith Spirit Caller level 2 caster [humanoid] 48

    golems 49Eye Golem large level 8 spoiler [construct] 50Glass Golem large level 8 troop [construct] 50Steam Golem large level 11 wrecker [construct] 51

    horakh 52Horakh level 5 spoiler [beast] 52

    ice maiden 53Ice Maiden level 5 caster [humanoid] 53

    imperial ghast centurion 54Imperial Ghast Centurion double strength level 5 troop [undead] 54

    ironcrag dwarves 55Dwarf Berserker double strength level 4 wrecker [humanoid] 55Dwarf Shieldbearer level 4 mook [humanoid] 56Free Canton Mercenary level 4 mook [humanoid] 56Free Canton Siegebreaker level 5 troop [humanoid] 56Ironcrag Marauder double strength level 6 wrecker [humanoid] 56

    isonade 57Isonade huge level 10 wrecker [beast] 58

    100 MONSTERS (With magic items, story hooks, and things in their pocketses.)

  • 13th age edition


    kobold ghetto guard 59Kobold Ghetto Guard level 0 troop [humanoid] 60Dire Weasel large level 2 wrecker [beast] 60Kobold Guard Owl Rider level 0 archer [humanoid] 61Giant Owl level 1 troop [beast] 61Kobold Ghetto Guard Sergeant level 1 troop [humanoid] 61

    lich hound 62Lich Hound level 3 troop [undead] 63Spectral Wolf level 4 troop [undead] 63

    mages of allain 64Bemmean Wizard level 7 caster [humanoid] 65Invisible Sand Devil level 5 troop [demon] 66Warmage of Tintager level 6 caster [humanoid] 66Maillon Alchemist level 6 caster [humanoid] 67

    merrow 68Merrow level 4 archer [humanoid] 69Merrow Slaughter Priest level 5 caster [humanoid]69

    mharoti dragonkin 70Mharoti Dragonkin Guard level 4 troop [humanoid] 71Mharoti Dragonkin Emissary level 5 caster [humanoid] 71Mharoti Dragonkin Sentinel level 8 troop [humanoid] 72Mharoti Dragonkin Elemental Scion level 9 caster [humanoid] 72

    minotaur 73Kyprion Deckclearer level 3 troop [humanoid] 74Minotaur Librarian level 3 troop [humanoid] 74Minotaur Bodyguard level 4 troop [humanoid] 74

    owl harpy 75Owl Harpy double strength le