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Fabulous Bestiary. From N to Z. Shawna Sweeney Compiler; Designer Sandy Sprague Editor; Presenter Kimberly Yennaco Editor; Presenter Shelby Mackay Researcher, Nyx Paris Beckett Researcher, Ogre William Sheehan Researcher, Phoenix Mike Hughes Researcher, Rakshasa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Fabulous BestiaryFrom N to Z

Fabulous Beasts and Where to Hide Them1Shawna SweeneyCompiler; DesignerSandy SpragueEditor; PresenterKimberly YennacoEditor; PresenterShelby MackayResearcher, NyxParis BeckettResearcher, OgreWilliam SheehanResearcher, Phoenix Mike HughesResearcher, RakshasaLaura SawulskiResearcher, SphinxZach HeddenResearcher, UnicornNyx

NyxNyx was the Greek goddess of Night and one of the first born Protogenoi, or elemental gods. They were the primeval gods of Greek mythology and the basic components of the universe at Creation.Some of the others were Earth, Air, Sea, Sky, Fresh Water, Underworld, Darkness, Night, Light, Day, Procreation and Time.

noxShe produced Light and Day by breeding with DarknessA dark veil of mist surrounded her and she was portrayed as a winged goddess or charioteer with a crown of mist

That time I laid to sleep the brain in Zeus of the aegis and drifted upon him still and soft, but your mind was devising evil, and you raised along the sea the blasts of the racking winds, and on these swept him away to Kos, the strong-founded, with all his friends lost, but Zeus awakened in anger and beat the gods up and down his house, looking beyond all others for me, and would have sunk me out of sight in the sea from the bright sky had not Nyx (Night) who has power over gods and men rescued me. I reached her in my flight, and Zeus let be, though he was angry, in awe of doing anything to swift Nyx' displeasure. (Homer, The Illiad)Hera had asked Hypnos (minor god of sleep) to put Zeus to sleep so she could cause Hercules misfortune. Zeus didnt punish him because Hypnos ran to his mother, Nyx, for help. Ogre

OgreOgre is a French word derived from the Italian orco meaning demon. Used mostly to describe Hungarians, these beasts have an oversized head, lots of hair, a beard, and a muscular body. They had a large appetite and were known for eating humans. For example, Polyphemus, the Cyclops in The Odyssey. It is unknown where the origin of the ogre is because there are myths in many places such as the Netherlands and Spain, which have similar mythological creatures.

Puss in Bootsfamous story of a cat outwitting a shape shifting ogre in order to save the princess

aka-oni A Japanese red ogre who vanquishes demons


PhoenixMythological Fire Bird who is rarely seen and has a beautiful singing voiceFound in many ancient culturesSymbolizes rebirth, renewal, immortality, purity, and distinctivenessResponsible for the phrase Rise from the ashesIt is believed a Phoenix can live for 500 years before it burns itself to ashes, which another phoenix is born from In The Order of the Phoenix, the Phoenixs song is said to, strike fear into the hearts of the impure and courage into those who are pure of heart.

From the body of the parent bird, a young Phoenix issues forth, destined to live as long a life as its predecessor Roman poet, Ovid

My ashes, as the phoenix, may bring forth / A bird that will revenge upon you all. William Shakespeare, 3 Henry VI (1.4.35-8)

RakshasaIts not a vampire. Or is it?

RakshasaMany eastern cultures have words that derive from Rakshasa. It commonly means giant, glutton, or monster.Rakshasas are shape-shifting Hindu demons who haunt cemeteries, disturb sacrifices, harass devout men, animate dead bodies, devour human beings, and vex and afflict mankind in all sorts of ways. They are often associated with magic and are considered illusionists due to their ability to change shape at will.RakshasaThese are huge, fierce-looking , ugly humanoids. Theyre usually black as soot and have two fangs protruding from their mouth like a vampire. They have claw-like nails and are depicted as ravenous cannibals who can smell animal, men or flesh. Some more ferocious ones are shown with flaming red eyes and flaming hair, drinking blood with their palms or from a human skull. According to these stories, they have the power to fly, vanish and increase or decrease their size, and transform into any animal, human or other thing at their will.

Ravana and the RamayanaAccording to the Ramayana, a Sanskrit epic, Rakshasas were created from Brahmas foot. Ravanna is a Rakshasa antagonist who kidnaps the protagonists wife, Sita, to avenge his sister Surpanakha, whose nose was cut off by Rama and his brother Lakshmana


The sphinx has the head of a woman, which represents the intellect of women, The body of a lion, symbolizing the strength of a man, The wings of an eagle, which stand for unity; body & mindAnd the serpent-headed tail, which shows that it is tricky & cleverSPHINX APPEARANCE AND Symbolism

Sphinx in Egypt

Sphinx The sphinxs purpose was to inflict pain on ThebesShe was a monster sent by the Gods to consume all who could not solve her riddle.Ancient Egyptians built the Great Sphinx of Giza outside the pyramid of Khafre to scare or trap evil gods hoping to help their Pharaoh reach the afterlife


unicornsThe earliest Accounts of these magical animals dates back to Ancient Greece, about 800 B.C., and Asia, 2700 B.C.They are peaceful creatures who try to avoid contact with humansThey prefer to remain hiddenWhen encountered, they do not harm humansUnicorns can cure illnesses and neutralize poisonLoving purity and innocence, they can be tamed by a virgin

Unicorns are well known for their white coats but some early authors and artists described them as yellowish red or even brownThey usually have ahorse's body, often with cloven hooves like a goat. Sometimes the entire body looks like a goat's. They have a long, white spiraled horn on their forehead. Early Greek naturalists described a shorter, blunter horn colored red, black and white. They also have a goats beard and the tail of a lion, horse, goat or boar Unicorn appearance

A western unicorn tale

Once upon a time, a hunter in the forest saw a brilliant white unicorn in the distance, emerging from a river and gleaming like the moon. Enchanted by the sight, the hunter called together his friends and gave chase. But the unicorn knew that men could never catch him, so he playfully waited for the hunters to draw close before bounding out of view. After a while, the unicorn came to a stop in front of a beautiful young maiden sitting under a tree. She reached out, combed his curling mane and rubbed his horn until he lay his head in her lap. But it was a trap! Looking up at the maiden, the unicorn saw her brown eyes were filled with tears and realized her deceit too latethe dogs and men suddenly seized him and carried him away. Afterward, the maiden remained in the woods, despondent. As she leaned down to wash away her tears in the stream, a movement in the distance caught her eye: she couldn't be sure, but she thought it was the shining horn of a unicorn disappearing into the night.Unicorns in the eastDescribed as a creature of great power and wisdom. Always benevolent, it avoids fighting at all costs Walks so softly it will not crush a blade of grass. Much like its European cousin, the Asian unicorn enjoys its solitude and cannot be captured.Its rare appearances are omens, celebrating a just and wise ruler.According to legend, the Chinese philosopher Confucius was the last person ever to see an Asian unicorn.Called a Kirin in Japan, "giraffe" in modern Japanese

Features of an Asian Unicorn They had a scaly coat, multicolored in blue, black, red, white and yellowA deer's bodyA flesh-covered horn, or sometimes two or even three hornsAnd the tail of an ox

Thousands of years ago, the sage Fu Hsi was sitting by a river when he was splashed with water. Raising his eyes, he saw the unicorn, which the Chinese call the qilin ("chee-lin"), wading carefully through the river. The animal resembled a deer but had shining scales like a dragon. A single horn grew from its forehead. Its back was covered with strange signs and magic symbols. As the qilin walked away, Fu Hsi grabbed a stick and traced the symbols as best he could in the dirt. These drawings were the qilin's gift to China-from them would evolve the characters of the first written language.An Asian TaleWorks Citedhttp://nowpic.com/images_folder/files/2011-01/f74c61d6.jpg http://images.artnet.com/images_US/magazine/features/jen/jen6-21-07-5.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-h2HzKGfnTfE/TZcUeD7nyFI/AAAAAAAABmA/qiuieyTyo48/s1600/UNICORN%2BTOPSELL%2BCLR%2B588.bmp http://www.theoi.com/Bestiary.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogre http://legendaryquest.netfirms.com/Folklore.htm http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Ogre http://www.zastavki.com/pictures/1024x768/2010/Cartoons_Shrek_Forever_After._Shrek_and_Fiona_022712_.jpg http://www.theoi.com/Protogenos/Nyx.html http://www.pantheon.org/articles/n/nyx.htmlhttp://www.empireonline.com/features/50-greatest-animated-characters/default.asp?film=11http://www.unicorns.com/