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QUERP: BESTIARYCREDITS QUERP created by Shane Garvey Author: Shane Garvey & Jamie Wallis layout & Graphic Design: Jamie Wallis Illustrations: Martin McKenna; Jamie Wallis; DJohannes Wiebel; LW-Designs; Mark William Penny; Ralf Juergen Kraft; Cindi L; Algol; Andreas Meyer ; Jerey Collingwood; Johannes Wiebel; Mark William Penny; pzAxe; Sinisa Botas; So ia Santos; Dark Geometry Studio; Eric Issele ; Anastasiya Igolkina; irakite; Drazen Vukelic; Lukiyanova Natalia / frenta; Paul Fleet and Christian Darkin & Janine Johnstone. All character names and place names in this book are ictional. Any resemblance to actual persons or places is purely coincidental.


QUERP: BESTIARY Published by Greywood Publishing www.greywoodpublishing.com First Edition Print: May 2009 Second Edition Print: July 2009 ISBN: 978-0-9559855-2-2 QUERP: Quick Easy Role Playing is copyright 2009 Crymson Games Text is copyright 2009 Shane Garvey & Jamie Wallis Trade dress, QUERP Logo, Greywood Publishing Logo & cover design are copyright 2009 Greywood Publishing Images are copyright their respective owners. No part of this book may copied or reproduced with prior written permission of the the copyright holders



IntroductionWelcome to the rst QUERP supplement The QUERP BESTIARY. Within this tome you will nd every creature that you will need to stock out your dungeon and wilderness QUERP adventures. If it crawls, bites, spits, ies, breathes re, ghts dirty or can turn you to stone you will nd it in here. Quite simply, this book expands upon and revises the Fantasy Monsters chapter of the QUERP Rulebook. The monsters found within that book are also listed here, though they have been updated and expanded to follow the new monster conventions used for the Bestiary. In these cases, you should use the monsters as presented here rather than in the rulebook.

How to Use This BookAs the cover title suggests, this book is crammed to the hilt with monsters and enemies. The monsters have been alphabetically categorised to help you choose the right monster for your adventure. In addition, at the back of the book you will nd them listed by Native Terrain, Creature Type and Threat Level.

The Monster DescriptionBelow is a breakdown of the monster (we use the term monster as a general description for everything that isnt human... and some things that are!) statistic descriptions. Creature Description Here you will nd a detailed description of what the monster looks like, from what colour it is to its general size and attitude. Stats This stat lists the monsters Fighting, Defence and Health as well as what weapons it uses and damage. Special Rules Any special monster characteristics, including lair details, are found here. Any special rules that apply to the monster can be found here as well.

DisclaimerThis is not a standalone book. This book requires the QUERP, Quick Easy Role Play, Rulebook as published by Greywood Publishing (ISBN: 978-0-9559855-0-8).


wonderful beasts that come in all shapes and sizes. Undead are the reThis will list where you are likely to mains of once living people bought nd the monster and is expanded on back from the afterlife to serve a in more detail later in the book. powerful master. Animals are just that: everyday animals you could Encounter Numbers nd anywhere. This category also This section denotes typical encoun- covers giant animals. ter numbers for this monster. This is just a guide on how many of each Threat Level: A monsters threat level is an indication of how dangermonster you will nd in a given ous a monster is to a group of charencounter; it is not a hard and fast acters. A low threat level means the rule, so you can use more or less if monster should pose no real danger. you wish. A normal threat level means the monster is challenging, but should Treasure be overcome easily enough. A high Typical carried and stashed treasure threat level means the characters will be noted here as: none, sparse, will have to work hard to overcome common, rich, wealthy, lair 1, lair 2 the beast, though they should ultiand lair 3. The treasure is generated mately succeed. A very high threat by the games master (see Appendix). level means it is unlikely the charCreature Type: This section divides acters will succeed unless they are monsters into one of four types: Hu- experienced. An extreme threat level is reserved for the most dangerous manoid, Monster, Undead or Animal. Humanoids are usually human- of monsters, and will likely kill most shaped; they walk upright and have characters unless they are very experienced and have some powerful arms and legs and are also usually equipment to back them up! intelligent. Monsters are weird and Typical Native Climate


AngelSometimes referred to as the Warriors of Heaven, angels are , g divine beings in the service of the gods of good. They only rarely appear upon arely the world, and only orld, in times of the greates est need. Some priests ed. and other spiritual ther men and women can nd occasionally sumonally mon an angel to their n bidding, but this ng, happens very rarely ns and is only accomplished by the d most devout students of the faith. Angels appear s as pale or e golden n skinned ed humans. They are very beautiful beings and ry radiate an aura of holy light. e A set of feathery wings, usually white or golden, grow hite from their backs, allowing heir them to glide with race through the skies. When they enter battle, they wield swords imbued with holy power.

Stats: Fighting 9, Defence 17, Health 95, Damage 2-12 (2 dice) Special Rules: The holy blade of an angel causes g great damage to ung demons. An dead creatures and de undead creature or demon hit sword by an angels swo suers double damage. (Di Summon Angel (D culty 20): Priests can learn this spending 1 exspell by spend point. perience point Successfully casting it allows the summon Priest to summ one angel to do hi bidding his minutes for ve minut of game summons time. If the su an happens for a unworthe thy reason, th angel on will turn o the summoner. Typical Ty Native N Climate: C Angels are An not usually found on the Ancient World. When they are, it could be anywhere. 1-3 Encounter Numbers: 1- (1 dice divided by 2) Treasure: Sparse Creature Type: Monster Threat Level: Extreme


AssassinThese cruel, evil, heartless individuals are nothing short of hired killers. Their whole existence revolves around nding a decent contract, hunting down and killing the victim then returning to collect their pay. Most of these assassins started their life as orphans or abused children driven to hate by their unfortunate upbringing. By their early teens they will have been collected by a guild and taught their new trade. Most assassins guilds charge their apprentices a standard fee of 40% of any money earned to cover board, lodgings and expenses until the age of 19. Once the apprentice reaches this age they are evicted from the guild and sent on their way. Every now and again, an assassin will become too good at their job and simply live to kill. They fall in love the adrenalin rush gained from hunting a scared victim through a secluded alley or the sheer exhilaration of watching the life drain from their unsuspecting prey. Stats: Fighting 8, Defence 12 (plus armour), Health 15, Damage by weapon Special Rules: The assassin can deal a deadly blow in combat. If the assassin causes maximum damage

in combat, the victim must make a Strength roll (Diculty 12) or die immediately. Typical Native Climate: Any Encounter Nu ou te Numbers: 1 s: Treasure: Rich or asure: Wealthy althy Creature Type: ature Humanoid manoid Threat Level: eat Very High y


BanditBandit is a generic term for outlaw, brigand, thief, cutpurse or thug. These unscrupulous people normally hang around in gangs of four or ve under the rule of a gang leader or boss. Bandits can be found just about anywhere: grave robbing old dungeons, hiding out in camps in the forest waiting to attack unsuspecting passersby and in towns or cities (normally in organised guilds). The authorities are always trying to quell these groups, though usually without much success. Stats: Fighting 3, Defence 10 (plus armour), Health 4, Damage by weapon Special Rules: None Typical Native Climate: Any Encounter Numbers: 1- 6 (1 dice) Treasure: Sparse Creature Type: Humanoid Threat Level: Normal


BansheeBanshees are creatures from the spirit world who appear to foretell the deaths of mortal creatures. They appear as either a young woman, an elderly matron or a ragged old hag dressed in tattered white or grey clothing. They are often unkempt, though can sometimes appear as a beautiful girl. Encountering a banshee is a bad sign, for they only appear when someone is about to die. They sing mournful songs of death, which can cause anyone hearing it to begin bleeding from the eyes and ears. Legend says that if a banshee is killed before she nishes her song, the person whose death she was foretelling would be spared. However, it is also said that only blessed or silver weapons can harm them.

Stats: Fighting 5, Defence 11, Health 35, Damage 2-7 (1 dice +1) Special Rules: A banshee can only by hurt by silver or blessed weapons. In addition, anyone hearing the banshees death song must make a Magic roll (Diculty 12) or lose an additional 1-6 Health each combat turn (1 dice). Typical Native Climate: Spirit world. However, they can be encountered anywhere there is life. Encounter Numbers: 1 Treasure: None Creature Type: Undead Threat Level: High


BasiliskA basilisk is a reptilian creature that grows up to 2 metres long. They are born when a lizard or snake egg is hatched by a cockerel. The baby basilisk cracks out of its egg and devours its mother, before going on a feeding frenzy. Basilisks look