Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop ?? Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote ... GPU •Platform ... Presentation Virtualization Platform Single Instance

Download Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop  ?? Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote ... GPU •Platform ... Presentation Virtualization Platform Single Instance

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Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services Session Virtualization and VDI Microsoft RemoteFX Citrix XenApp 6 on Remote Desktop Services Extending the Microsoft platform New features in XenApp 6 The Top 10 RD Web Access RD Gateway RD Connection Broker Active Directory Licensing Server RD Virtualization Host RD Session Host RD Client RAD Connections App-V for RDS App-V for RDS Session Virtualization Challenges: Remote Desktop server siloing Server under-utilization Solution: Enable any applications to run side-by-side on any server simultaneously Case Study: Russell Investment Group Consolidated servers by over 40% Low cost image of management Best user density Limited desktop personalization Good compatibility for legacy apps Medium cost image of management Good user density Better personalization than sessions Better compatibility for legacy apps High cost image of management Good user density Best desktop personalization Better compatibility for legacy apps Session Virtualization Virtual Desktop Pools Personal Virtual Desktops Customers will mix & match options - based on end user needs Full-Fidelity User Experience Session Virtualization & VDI An Integrated Solution Remote Application Access Hyper-V support for virtual desktops Basic inbox connection broker Single discovery and publishing infrastructure RemoteApp & Desktop Connection RemoteApp & Desktop Web Access RD Gateway security improvements True multiple monitor support Multimedia support & bidirectional audio Enhanced bitmap acceleration Platform & Management Enhancements New API, Connection Broker Extensibility, Windows PowerShell Support, Best Practices Analyzer Description Rich, local-like end user experience for server-hosted desktops and applications over the LAN Hardware graphics acceleration and virtual GPU Platform capability designed to enable partner solutions such as Citrix XenDesktop and HDX Benefits Increase user productivity with full-fidelity remote user experience Supports broad range of client devices including low-cost thin clients Works with VDI and higher-density session virtualization NEW in WS08 R2 SP1 Content independent intercept & rendering Single GPU for multiple Hyper-V guests CODEC designed for text and image content Single CODEC for VDI and RDS sessions HW and software manifestations by design Screen deltas sent to client based on network and client availability Utilizes CPU/GPU parallelism Allows for light-weight client devices Differentiating Innovation Install and maintain applications once in the datacenter, not on every desktop Enable flexible work scenarios such as hot-desking and work from home Deploy applications to devices that cant run them natively, or that require hardware upgrades to run them Keep data safe in the datacenter to help eliminate the risk of laptop data theft Help simplify the burden of regulatory compliance with centralized tracking Quickly connect remote workers with a full desktop or the critical applications they need from a Web page Provide users with secure access to remote applications from outside the corporate network Help Secure Data and Applications Accelerate Desktop and Application Deployment Increase Remote Worker Efficiency Citrix XenApp 6 on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Stability Extensibility Connectivity Security Windows Server increases the breadth of the solution XenApp drives depth of App Delivery Citrix XenApp On-Demand Application Delivery Self-Service Applications Any Device Anywhere High Definition Experience Secure by Design Enterprise Class Scalability Microsoft Windows Server Remote Desktop Services Presentation Virtualization Platform Single Instance Management Self-Service Applications Any Device, Anywhere Enterprise-class Infrastructure Comprehensive load management >1,000 server scalability Simplified Graphic Workflow development Environment Centralized Client Plug-in Management Delegated Administration Administrative Logging Advanced Server Health Monitoring Integration with Desired Configuration Management Integration with Multiple 3rd Party Management Systems Centralized Resource Monitoring Application Performance Monitoring Custom Branding Support in Web Interface Broad Server Platform Support for Web Services Support for Novell eDirectory Policy-Based Control of Bandwidth Usage Policy-Based Control of Audio Policy-Based Control of TWAIN Device Support Policy-Based Control of Application Deliveryt Comprehensive Server Configuration Zone Preference and Failover Broad Database Engine Support Preferential Load Distribution Virtual Memory Optimizations Secure by Design Application password management Session recording and activity logging Centralized Access Policies Adaptive User Access Active Directory Federation Services Support Anonymous Access Integrated SSL VPN Single Instance Management Content publishing Centralized Publishing Single Image Provisioning Single, Auto-updating client Unified Application Delivery Application Scheduling Proactive Performance Monitoring User Self-Provisioning Retention of Printer Properties Controlled Security Rights for Client Printers Client Printer Provisioning Network Printer Provisioning Generic Universal Print Driver Driver Replication Driver Compatibility Control Printer Bandwidth Limit Print Traffic Routing SmoothRoaming Server to Client URL redirection Microsoft ActiveSync Support Scanner Support Profile Management Click-To-Call Application Folder Management Automatic Reconnection Disconnect or Close All Applications User Controlled Network Optimizations Priority Packet Tagging High-Latency Network Support Web Browser Performance Optimizations Adobe Flash Performance Optimizations WAN Performance Optimizations Session Reliability Graphics Display Optimizations High Definition Experience Heterogeneous Client Support Joint Collaboration Agreement Microsoft RemoteFX in Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 enables a local-like, rich experience for virtual desktops Receiver for Windows, MAC & Linux Smartphone support iPhone iPad Android Windows Mobile New plug-ins Single sign-on WAN acceleration EasyCall voice services Microsoft App-V Dazzle self-service storefront for PC and Mac Microsoft App-V integration Built for WS08 R2 Simple, fast product installation Single, intuitive app management console Seamless Microsoft management integration HDX RealTime collaboration for OCS and VoIP softphones HDX RealTime CD quality audio HDX Plug n Play for Windows portable USB devices Access on-demand apps from any device from a single universal client Description Universal client support for Mac operating systems Benefits Enables simple and intuitive access to Windows applications from a Mac Allows people the ability to easily choose from where and how they work Gives IT control of cost, performance, and availability of IT services delivered securely over the network Universal SmartPhone support Easy and secure access to apps from any mobile platform Self-service enterprise app store Easy-to-use interface for subscribing to applications from your Mac Microsoft App-V integration Flexible option for application delivery Description Publish App-V packages directly from XenApp AppCenter Manage App-V client plug-in using Citrix Receiver Subscribe to App-V packages using Citrix Dazzle App-V and other XenApp delivered application types can interact and share data Benefits Delivers Citrix or Microsoft virtual applications from a single point of management HDX RealTime collaboration Collaborate in real-time to improve productivity Description Real-time audio and video collaboration using Microsoft Office Communicator (OCS) and VoIP softphones WebCam support for Windows portable devices Benefits Enables users to communicate and collaborate easily in different locations or time zones using a range of different communication options Increases telecommunications cost efficiency and employee productivity HDX RealTime audio Higher quality audio at lower bandwidth Description Enhanced audio codecs reduce bandwidth consumption of audio streams Improved audio quality for VoIP softphones with echo cancellation Benefits Provides users high performance, CD quality audio Consumes 90% less bandwidth for audio streams HDX Plug-n-Play Seamless access to USB devices and compatibility for graphics apps Description Dynamic plug-n-play access to Windows portable USB devices such as POS devices, 3D mice, webcams, headsets, microphones, digital cameras, scanners Enhanced color and monitor support for apps that require multiple monitors and 32-bit color depth SmartCard support for Windows 7 client devices Benefits Enables seamless access to Windows portables USB devices and peripherals Improves compatibility for graphic-dependent applications Built for Windows Server 2008 R2 Easier management, improved performance Description Purpose-built on Windows Server 2008 R2 Benefits Simplifies provisioning and automation Reduces power consumption across your entire farm Simplifies management of complex RDS environments Verified to scale out to 1,000 servers and over 100,000 sessions within a single XenApp farm Simple product installation Install XenApp in half the time Description Automated pre-requisite install Zero-configuration install Role-based set up wizards Benefits Reduces deployment time and complexity Leverages group policies to automate configuration scenarios Simplifies creating or provisioning of virtual images Worker groups Assign policies to worker groups Publish apps to worker groups Configure new servers in seconds with simple drag-and-drop Eliminate configuration drift and human error Integrated policy controls Configure session, server, user, device, load and printing policies in one console Console extension also accessible via Group Policy Editor Seamless Microsoft management integration Streamline management and improve efficiency Description Policy based management of XenApp through Group Policy extensions Automated management workflows with new PowerShell 2.0 commands Benefits Enables fast app rollout and management with seamless Active Directory integration Reduces administrative effort of automating management tasks Delivers virtual applications through Microsoft System Center* * Coming 1H10 Management Pack for SCOM Provides monitoring, alerts and knowledge for XenApp Integrated in the SCOM console Included at no charge Citrix Connector for ConfigMgr Enables autonomous application install and server updates Zero downtime for maintenance Publish XenApp desktops and applications from ConfigMgr console Manage multiple XenApp farms from a single ConfigMgr console Available now Created by Microsoft and Citrix Includes analysis of application virtualization capabilities: App-V Extensibility Connectivity Security Windows Server increases the breadth of the solution XenApp drives depth of App DeliveryCitrix XenApp On-Demand Application Delivery Self-Service Applications Any Device Anywhere High Definition Experience Secure by Design Enterprise Class Scalability Microsoft Windows Server Remote Desktop Services Presentation Virtualization Platform Single Instance Management More cost effective management Simplified complexity and scale Increased user acceptance Proven solution Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Microsoft VDI Citrix XenApp Citrix XenApp on Remote Desktop Services: Feature Analysis Citrix XenApp 6 Tech Talk Series! Clients RD Virtualization Host RemoteFX HW Encoder RemoteFX-Enabled Hosts RemoteFX Encoder/Decoder GPU RD Virtualization Host RemoteFX SW Encoder RD Session Host RemoteFX HW Encoder RD Session Host RemoteFX SW Encoder


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