windows 2008 r2: remote desktop services: vdi - ... introducing remote desktop services (rds)! ws03

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  • Howard Chow Microsoft MVP Session Code: VIR307

  • Agenda

    Remote Desktop Services… What’s that?!

    Remote Desktop Services - VDI Drilldown


  • Introducing Remote Desktop Services (RDS)! WS03 WS 2008 WS 2008 R2

    Terminal Services Terminal Services Remote Desktop Services

    Terminal Server Terminal Server RD Session Host

    TS Session Directory TS Session Broker RD Connection Broker

    TS Licensing Server TS Licensing Server RD Licensing Server

    TS Gateway RD Gateway

    TS Web Access RD Web Access

    RD Virtualization Host

  • Remote Application Access

    RDS & VDI – an integrated solution

    Remote Application Access

    Hyper-V support for virtual desktops

    Single discovery, broker & publishing infrastructure

    SCVMM Support

    RemoteApp & Desktop Connections

    RemoteApp & Desktop & Web Access

    RD Gateway Security Improvements

    True multiple monitor support

    Multimedia Support & Bi direction audio

    2D and 3D remoting for DirectX 10.1

    (DXGI 1.1)

    Platform & Management New API, Connection Broker Extensibility,,

    Powershell Support, Best Practices Analyzer

    RDS New & Improved

  • RDS & VDI – An Integrated Solution

    Remote Desktop Gateway Server

    Remote Desktop Connection Broker

    Remote App Server

    RemoteApp & Desktop Web Access Server

    Virtual Desktop 1



    Hyper-V-based Remote Desktop

  • Aero Glass for Remote Desktop Server Uses have the same new Windows 7 look and feel when using Remote Desktop Server

    RemoteApp & Desktop Connections RemoteApp & Desktops icons integrated into start menu etc

    Icons refreshed & updated automatically

    Multimedia Support & Audio Input Experience rich multimedia redirection

    Use VoIP applications and speech recognition.

    True multiple monitor support Use up to 10 monitors of any size or layout with RemoteApp and Desktops

    Applications behave like users expect – e.g. PowerPoint installing them locally

    RemoteApp™ Language Bar Support Configure applications that use alternate language settings (e.g. right to left languages) from the local language

    Full Fidelity RemoteApp & Desktops

  • Integrated Single Sign On. only a single logon for RemoteApp & Desktop connections

    Forms based logon for RemoteApp & Desktop Web Access

    RDS and VDI – An Integrated Solution Single broker to connect users to sessions or virtual machines, out of the box solution for VDI scenarios with Hyper-V

    RemoteApp & Desktop Connections Centrally managed list of applications and desktops (RDS & VDI)

    Automatically published, refreshed & integrated with Windows 7

    RemoteApp & Desktop Web Access Integrated with RemoteApp & Desktop Connection management tools

    Provides access to applications & desktops from Windows 7, Vista & XP

    Remote Desktop Gateway . Session & Idle timeouts to enforce policy and authorization refresh

    Pluggable authentication and consent signing

    Remote Application Access

  • RDS – New and Improved

    Unified Admin and User experience for RD Session Host (1 session per user)

    RD Virtualization Host (1 VM w/desktop OS per user)

    Two options for VM-based desktops Pooled virtual desktop

    Permanent virtual desktop

    Richer remoting experience (multi-mon, multi-media, bi-directional audio, rich graphics)

    Better App Compat thru AppV for RDS

    Scalable VM management thru SCVMM

    Improvements in RD Session Host

    VMs with Client OS (VM-per-user)

    RD Connection


    Pooled VMs

    Sessions with Server OS


    Single Image

    RD Virt HostRD Session Host

    Personal VMs

  • Golden Image

    User 1

    User n

    Day 2 Day n

    Day 2 Day n

    Day 1 Day 2 Day n


    Personal Virtual Desktop:

    Golden Image



    User 1

    Pool Day 1 Day 2 Day 3


    User 1

    User 1

    Pooled Virtual Desktop:

    Pooled vs. Personal Virtual Desktops

    User Profiles



    Microsoft Confidential

  • RDS Role Services (Components)


    XP / Vista: IE

    Win7: RemoteApp & Desktop Connections

    RD Web Access

    (feed & web access)

    RD Client


    RD Connection.




    Host Remote Desktop


    Retrieve List of Desktops

    Retrieve List of Remote apps /




    Host Hyper-V



    RDVH Agent

    RD Gateway

  • VM

    RD Redirector

    RD Connection Broker




    RD Virt Host

    1.Connect to MyPersonalDesktop

    2.Get Target Machine

    5.Return Target Machine

    4.Query/ Start VM

    6.Redirect To Machine



    3. Query Personal Desktop for User

    Conn Broker in VDI deployments

  • RDS Deployment Options

  • RDS Deployment Options

    RD Session Host (aka TS)

    • Low cost image


    • Easiest admin management

    • Least resources required

    • Good compatibility for

    legacy apps

    Pooled Virtual Desktop

    • Medium cost image


    • Easier admin management than


    • Less Resources than personal

    • Better compatibility for legacy


    Personal Virtual Desktop

    • High cost image management

    • Administrator access (user can

    install programs)

    • High Resource cost

    • Compatibility for legacy apps

    Mix & match options

    Microsoft Confidential

  • RD Virt Host and AppV – Better Together

    Problem Solution

    Badly written Apps store user state outside user profile

    AppV – redirects user state to User Profile

    Reduce cost of App deployment/management

    AppV - Streaming makes it easier to centrally deploy and update applications AppV – Silo reduces test effort

    Support multi-workload (role based assignment of apps )

    AppV – User based app assignment, Silo reduces app conflicts and can allow multiple versions of apps to be deployment.

    Microsoft Confidential

  • RD Virt Host and SCVMM – Better Together

    Problem Solution

    Scalable approach to create Guest OS in VM

    SCVMM’s VM creation is Template based, IC’s auto-installed, Scriptable.

    Track and manage large number of VMs

    SCVMM VM library

    Microsoft Confidential

  • RDS and VDI – An Integrated Solution Single broker to connect users to sessions or virtual machines, out of the box solution for VDI scenarios with Hyper-V

    Unified user connection experience

    Centralized Management of RemoteApp and Desktop Connections

    Centrally managed list of applications and desktops (RDS & VDI)

    Automatically published, refreshed & integrated with Windows 7

    VDI Summary

    Personal and Pooled Virtual Desktops Permanent VM per user assignment through Active Directory

    Temporary VM per user assignment on RD Connection Broker

    Connection Broker Extensibility Orchestration plug-ins – e.g. VM preparation, VM placement

    Policy plug-ins – e.g. load balancing, security etc


    Sessions On-Demand & Community

    Resources for IT Professionals

    Resources for Developers Microsoft Certification and Training Resources

    Microsoft Certification & Training Resources


  • Resources For more information on Microsoft Virtualization including:


    Product Downloads

    Case Studies

    ROI Calculators

    Solutions with Partners


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